Supreme Internationa 1900TR

Supreme International 1900TR

The Supreme International 1900TR – the ultimate pull-type vertical TMR feed processor. Large capacity and low horsepower requirement on a narrow tridem steerable braking axle. With our standard two-speed, autoshift transmission, this unit requires only 250 horsepower to run. Featuring three of our patented augers, patented tub design and the added benefit of our heavy-duty planetaries, you get a reliable and easy-to-run processor that produces a great, thorough mix. Front door with conveyor, side and rear commodity door options are available and many more options to suit every need. This processor is ready to get the job done every day.

H&S 4200 Series Hydra-Push

H&S 4200 Series Hydra-Push

As a farm equipment manufacturer, H&S Manufacturing takes the time to listen to what customers want in a product. That’s why the new 4200 Series Hydra-Push manure spreaders feature what our customers have been asking for: constant velocity PTO, optional fit-around screen extension for vertical beater models and an optional manual or electric adjustable hydraulic variable-speed pusher control. The 4200 Series includes 425 and 550 bushel models with horizontal beaters or vertical beater models with the new rear bottom drive monoblock gearbox.

H&S also has the new 1200 Series ground drive models (25, 50, 80 bushel) and the new 2200 Series PTO drive models (80, 130, 175 bushel). Both feature a bonded poly floor to reduce main apron drag and powder-coated panels. All of our spreaders are made with the same quality you can expect from an American-made product.


Truck Supervisor 2.0

Truck Supervisor 2.0

Truck Supervisor 2.0 is the latest technology in automating your drive-over truck scale system to gain control of your feed inventory. Integrating seamlessly with Feed Supervisor, you can manage feed deliveries, feed sales, harvested loads, milk trucks, disposals and more. During harvests, enjoy single-pass weighing with stored tare weights, and drivers never need to leave the cab. When your ticket has been saved, a green traffic light on the remote display lets you know you can leave. Feed sales and deliveries utilize RFID cards to allow drivers to simply swipe in and swipe out for a gross/tare/net ticket. No data entry is necessary for the drivers, and the loads are immediately logged in the computer for future review. Truck Supervisor 2.0 uses an intuitive touchscreen display to offer clear and simple instructions for all users. Print detailed load reports, harvest results and track feed contracts with ease.

Trioliet Solomix 1 VLH

Trioliet Solomix 1 VLH

Trioliet upgraded the single-auger TMR mixer range, the Solomix 1 VLH New Edition. The Solomix 1 VLH-S, for instance, has some improved features like a wide discharge chain conveyor of at least 34 inches and an in-height adjustable chain extension to easily feed into bunks. That very wide chain conveyor ensures a quick and continuous discharge of the perfectly mixed ration. Like the double- and triple-auger mixers, the Solomix 1 is available with different kinds of discharge units, like a conveyor belt, conveyor chain and a curved conveyor chain. Now these machines are standard equipped with twin stream augers (7/8-inch flighting/ 1-inch wings) giving quick mixing and discharging conditions. This in combination with the strong drive line makes it a machine built to last.

Fiegl STF 30000 Truck Line Top

Fliegl STF 30000 Truck Line Top

Fliegl offers the perfect vehicle for your slurry logistics with its new three-axle semi-trailer transport barrel STF 30000 Truck Line Top. Due to the special tank and chassis design, an unladen weight of approximately 5,900 kilograms can be achieved with high standard equipment at the same time. Due to the low dead weight, a volume of 30,000 liters can be transported in the stainless steel tank, while complying with the permissible total mass (depending on the tractor). The special tank design and the frame made of fine-grained steel contribute to the center of gravity that is shifted far down. Thanks to the stainless steel tank with an additional paint finish on the outside, a very long service life can be guaranteed.

The air suspension unit with disc brakes ensures high driving comfort and is equipped with an automatically lockable steering axle and a lift axle as standard.

Calf Care

Bio-Vet introduces BaseLyte Liquid and Calf BaseLyte

Calf BaseLyte powder and BaseLyte Liquid formulas are electrolyte/nutritional supplements containing balanced electrolyte salts with dextrose and glycine to maximize sodium absorption in dehydrated, scouring calves. They contain alkalizing agents to help calves manage acidosis during diarrhea, along with water-soluble B vitamins lost during dehydration. Both feature all metabolizable base (acetate and propionate) alkalizing agents.

BaseLyte Liquid is extremely convenient, with little to no mixing needed. Convenient pumps are available to eliminate need for measuring. Just pump and go.

Calf BaseLyte powder mixes easily and is readily consumed by calves. Calf BaseLyte powder also provides beneficial intestinal organisms and prebiotics to support healthy gut microbial balance. Available in multiple sizes from convenient individual feeding pouches to 250 feeding bulk bags.

Both formulas meet recommendations of leading university calf experts.

Colostrum Car Center

Colostrum Care Center

The Colostrum Care Center from Calf-Star is a leading-edge colostrum processing center designed to offer complete handling of colostrum, from cow to calf. Its leading-edge technology offers bagging, pasteurizing, cooling, rewarming and feeding of colostrum, all in one package. Borrowing from our Milk Jug Geo-Thermal technology, we use both sides of the refrigeration system to cool and heat the water baths used to pasteurize, cool and rewarm the colostrum. This technology provides the means to carry out the complete process of preparing colostrum for feeding calves in the most efficient and economical means.

The Colostrum Care Center requires 220VAC, cold water supply (softened preferred) and air supply.

Agri-Plastics launches Dual XL Hutch

Life is a balancing act. We in the dairy industry have to be mindful of our marketplace. Many purchasers of our milk products prefer calves to be raised and prosper in an enhanced environment. Agri-Plastics has taken the lead in producing such a housing system. We have balanced cost-effectiveness and growth efficiency using a companionship platform. The new Dual XL hutch addresses the standards that govern us. The Dual XL Hutch boasts a larger inside growing area to achieve this efficiency and comfort. Our new Dual XL Hutch supplies the space that allows calves to commingle at a young age. Buddying two calves in one hutch promotes companionship and competitiveness. Research has proven that this helps calves achieve optimal growth. Efficient growth equals positive return on investment. Couple these benefits with one of the best warranties in the industry, and get a winning combination with the Dual XL Hutch.

Feed and Nutrition

Form-A-Feed launches MultePli

New from Form-A-Feed, MultePli is a special combination of rumen-active enzymes developed to enhance microbial protein production via fiber and starch digestibility of forages and grains. Proprietary enzymes work directly on the breakdown of fiber (ADF and NDF portions). This increases microbial attachment for further digestion and better feed utilization. It also increases starch availability for rapid energy release and microbial growth. Field demonstrations of MultePli found that milk protein yield was significantly higher and fecal starch was lower. MultePli improved fiber and starch apparent digestibility, which can ultimately increase farm profitability, especially during times of high commodity prices.

InGrained from Tracer Minerals

InGrained from Tracer Minerals

InGrained is a uniquely designed liquid foliar fertilizer to provide bioavailable nutrients directly to your crops. Tracer Minerals formulated InGrained with extensive review of the biochemical pathways within plants with a focus on alternative absorption and utilization routes within the system. This foliar-applied product is stable and electro-neutral, giving the advantage of being nonreactive in a tank mix with several well-known products and still be absorbed more effectively and efficiently into the plant. This product is applied at relatively low volumes with big plant impacts that can be measured by yield and nutrient content. This product has been tested in a wide variety of crops, farming practices and locations. Maybe it is time to think differently about nutrition.

DeTerra 365 for beef and dairy cow rations

DeTerra 365 for beef and dairy cow rations

DeTerra 365 is an excellent anti-caking agent for use in beef and dairy cow rations. It contains both calcium montmorillonite and clinoptilolite, is free of heavy metals and dioxins, and is mined in the U.S. DeTerra 365 maintains high quality control and an economical price point.

EvoNIR from Dinamica Generale

EvoNIR from Dinamica Generale

EvoNIR on tank is an innovative solution introduced by Dinamica Generale consisting of a NIR analyzer installed on the tub of the TMR mixer. The analyzer connected to the scale DG8000IC and consequentially to DTM Core, cloud feeding management software, allows for:

  • Real-time adjustment: The comprehensive system analyzes the quality and recalculates the quantity to be loaded of each component based on the actual value of the dry matter content.

  • H2O adjustment: After loading the last component of the recipe, the TMR can be analyzed. Based on the real-time analysis, the system calculates how many gallons of water must be loaded to reach the TMR’s target dry matter.

  • TMR homogeneity: Constant monitoring of the TMR homogeneity during mixing. The system alerts operators once the target homogeneity has been reached.


Chr. Hansen, a leading 146-year-old global bioscience company, is introducing a new product, Bovacillus. Consisting of two strains of different species of Bacilli – Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis – Bovacillus is a special type of probiotic. Bacillus spores can survive harsh conditions within the gastrointestinal tract, such as pH variations, bile salts and enzymes. Following germination of the spores, active organisms support the normal functions within the tract as well as a balanced microbiome.

Both strains of Bacilli were selected based on their capacity to produce high quantities of digestive enzymes. Bacillus organisms have been used as probiotics for farm animals for several years, where they have supported normal performance and health. We’re excited to introduce this new product, which is thoroughly documented in a large number of studies.

The resilience and versatility of Bovacillus allows this effective probiotic to be used in a broad array of applications for cattle.


QuickLock Heater 4.0 from Minitube USA

Safeguard your reproductive performance using the redesigned QuickLock Heater 4.0 warming A.I. and embryo transfer devices, so that thawed semen and/or embryos are held at their optimal temperature.

Features include adjustable temperature, easy-to-clean material, power bank source allowing flexibility and reliability.

The interval between thawing and using your specimen adds risk to the success rate of each service. Handle embryos and semen consistently the same way, every day.

Animal Health/Monitoring

Allflex introduces new monitoring eartag

The new monitoring eartag from Allflex helps producers quickly locate cows that need attention at a glance. The tag features a new, multifunction LED indicator light that flashes at different speeds to identify heats and onset of illness. This enables easier visual location of cows that need attention, increasing labor efficiency and reducing lockup time for the entire herd. Another improvement is the extended five-year battery life. This can translate into fewer tagging events and reduced disruption for tag maintenance.

Milk Moovement Custom Alerts

Milk Moovement Custom Alerts

Milk Moovement Custom Alerts let you stay up-to-date on your farming operations. Receive real-time email, text message or phone call alerts when your pickup or lab data is available. We know every farm is different. That’s why Milk Moovement Custom Alerts give you the flexibility to focus on what matters most to you. For example, want to keep on top of your herd’s somatic cell count (SCC)? Set conditions to receive an alert when your SCC rises over a specified value or is a specific percent greater than your farm’s average SCC. It’s that simple. Share this information with your farm support staff by adding them to your Milk Moovement account. Milk Moovement’s Custom Alerts are like having a full-time farm hand managing your data every day. Focus on what you do best, and let Milk Moovement worry about the rest.

HerdMonitor from Genex

HerdMonitor from Genex

Genex HerdMonitor cow monitoring system lays the foundation to a successful tomorrow by bringing you real-time solutions today. With 24/7 monitoring, including identification, rumination, fertility detection and cow positioning options, HerdMonitor takes your management to the next level.

HerdMonitor is highly flexible and designed to fit any farm type and size. It’s easy to install, scalable and flexible to expand with your other automation solutions. Plus, it operates locally on your farm and is cloud-based. Access via web browser, no need to install software or applications on your devices.

HHR5000 dual RFID reader

The HHR5000 is an easy-to-operate, hand-held reader for ISO 11784/11785 transponders. It is designed to be used under “real life” conditions and combines great reading performance and enhanced computer features with ease of operation. HHR5000 is a modular unit which consists of handgrip with Lilon battery; main unit with keyboard, touch LCD screen or grip for smartphone attachment (both versions communicate with smartphones, tablets or PC over BLE interface); and antenna with ISO module that reads HDX, FDX and NFC Reader (optional).

lely Horizon

Lely Horizon

Lely Horizon brings future farming to your fingertips. Lely’s new farm management system elevates data by forecasting performances and offering a clear path to operational optimization. Lely Horizon optimizes your farm’s flow by providing insights at just the right time and place.

The system also combines and analyzes individual cow data from Lely equipment, as well as third-party information, to further amplify the way you view information. Lely Horizon’s intuitive user interface is available on both office and mobile devices and gives you fast access to all the information you need. Bottom line, Lely Horizon will innovatively enhance the way your run your farm.

Cattle Scan

Cattle Scan equips you with a unique tool to identify sick cows two to three days before she drops in milk yield and before her activity changes. The benefits: faster recovery, reduce treatment costs, increase reproduction performance, and saving her milk production.

Our new-generation boluses with a nine-year lifetime will fit in a newborn calf, looking after your cows throughout their lives.

  • Instantaneous alerts will save your time, bringing sick cows to your attention when you are ready.

  • Unbeatable heat detection and health monitoring accuracy will watch your herd around the clock.

  • No need to buy an extra computer, monitors, software, etc. We will connect it with what you already have.

  • Maintenance-free. Once installed, it will require no extra labor from you.

  • Keep your team and veterinarian up-to-date with just a couple of clicks.

What will you do tomorrow when Cattle Scan saves your time and milk?

Cow Comfort

DOL 434 Modern Dairy Climate Controller

DOL 434 Modern Dairy Climate Controller

Secco International, Inc. in collaboration with SKOV A/S has launched DOL 434, a state-of-the-art dairy climate controller, earlier this year.

Some of the cutting-edge features of this controller include remote connectivity and climate regulation via desktops, smartphones and tablets with the FarmOnline management program.

Regulating climate in the barn can never be easier, as DOL 434 has a 10-inch touchscreen that has a very intuitive navigation with graphic icons and customizable page shortcuts.

We do emphasize versatility: DOL 434 is compatible with nearly all dairy ventilation solutions in all types of barns: natural, side, tunnel, combination tunnel and hybrid ventilation. Users can rely on the easy-to-use setup with a default dashboard according to the selected ventilation type. It is also versatile everywhere: The users can choose among 35 languages available. Future development includes THI reading and adjustment, along with heat stress alerts.

New mattress options from ACT

New mattress options from ACT

With over 20 years experience in cow comfort using superior design and the highest-quality materials, ACT is proud to expand to a full range of mattress options. Act Comfort Wave allows farmers to pair the original dual-chambered waterbed design with a resilient foam cushion. The dual-chambered waterbed design provides superior comfort, and the foam allows for enhanced comfort and hoof grip. ACT Comfort Max mattresses offer cows the comfort of latex foam and are covered with ACT’s premium ACT Cover Plus. ACT Cover Plus is an economical way to breathe new life into your existing mattress system. ACT Cover Plus delivers two layers of rubber with an inner layer of reinforcing fabric. This heavy-duty cover stands up to tough challenges and is built for durability over many years.

ACT offers long-lasting and low-maintenance products that provide cow comfort and allow for a cleaner, simpler manure waste stream.


New Purple apron from Udder Tech

New purple apron from Udder Tech

Now available in purple, this lightweight waterproof apron is comfortable and keeps you dry. Perfect for milking, washing down the parlor or any other wet job. The adjustable neck strap is soft on your neck, and the waist belt has an adjustable buckle. Available in standard length or extra-long length. Machine wash and dry.

N2Unit can cut climate emissions by 30 percent

N2 Unit can cut climate emissions by 30 percent

The N2 Unit is a revolutionary piece of technology installed on-farm to turn liquid manure into sustainable fertilizer using just air and electricity. The process reduces the climate emissions CO2 and methane and can cut climate emissions on farms by 30%. The reaction also stops ammonia emissions from livestock slurry by 50%. The result is a sustainable liquid nitrogen fertilizer providing the same yield as chemical fertilizer, at competitive cost.

N2 Applied addresses the need for a transition toward a more local food production system, where available nutrients are recycled on the farm. end mark