Looking for the latest products and technologies to manage your dairy? Get a sneak peek at the innovations on display at World Dairy Expo here.


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Hoofsure Endurance XL
As part of a hoof maintenance program, Hoofsure Endurance XL reduces lameness and hairy heel warts. The new fast-acting formulation increases speed of action to one minute with a scientifically proven proprietary blend of organic acids, essential oils and wetting agents to clean and care for hooves and aid in the control of foot rot.

The wetting agents ensure ingredients penetrate by removing dirt and allowing up to 500 walk-throughs in a 50-gallon footbath. The product is for use in footbaths (1 to 2 percent) and as a topical spray (25 percent). To optimize results, prevent with footbathing and control with topical spray.

The product is proven in-field to be more effective than copper sulfate and formaldehyde. It is non-carcinogenic and non-toxic, safe for the animal, producer and environment, and will not contribute to soil toxicity on your land. It does not contain antibiotics. Available in 55-, 15-, 5- and 1.25-gallon drums.


Website: Provita Animal Health Naturally
Booth: EH1306


Art’s Way commercial forage box
This rugged box is built to withstand the extreme forage season. Stainless steel sides, hydraulic end gate, densilite flooring, tough 667X apron chain and four standard beaters make up this industrial-sized box. Its 22- or 24-foot lengths with front, rear or combo unload options give you more than 1,500 cubic feet of capacity with extensions.

It trails easily in your field with standard flotation tires and three-ply spring suspension and maintains control with hydraulic brakes. With an impressively efficient front unload, you will want to upgrade your blower and rear unload in under a minute. Stop by to see the massive end gate and our full line of new equipment.

Website: Art's Way Ag 
Booth: TM 736-738

Automatic feeding system – Triomatic T40
This is the only automatic feeding system with circular knives. Other systems mill or grab and disturb the feed structure. The Triomatic T40 with cutting system easily cuts silo blocks and bales, leaving the remaining feed structure intact. Save up to 50 percent on power consumption. The circular knives require only 0.5 to 1 kilowatt-hour per load, are easy to change, and maintenance costs are very low.

Also, the new Triotrac self-propelled mixer feeder comes standard with a telescopic cutting-loading system with discharge height of up to 19 feet, in-height adjustable cabin and ecodrive system for even greater fuel efficiency. The mixing system with horizontal-flow principle results in perfect mixing and includes telescopic cutting-loading system for preservation of feed structure.

It has the largest discharge capacity of any self-propelled vehicle and features all-wheel steering and all-wheel drive as standard. Optional lift axle; capacity of 600 to 860 cubic feet.

Website: Trioliet
Booth: TM 660-662 and EH 2206-2207/2306-2307

John Deere 0 Series round balers, MegaWide HC2 and Plus2 accumulators
With the industry’s first 5-foot pre-cutter and fully integrated round bale accumulator, John Deere has set out to revolutionize the way you bale.

The introduction of the 0 Series round balers with MegaWide HC2 brings an unprecedented boom in productivity thanks to a high-capacity feed system delivering a 155 percent increase in tonnage per hour at incredible speeds of up to 12 miles per hour (compared to previous and competitive models).

Pair that with a self-cleaning drop floor designed to clear plugs in a matter of minutes from the comfort of the cab, and you can push your baler as far as the crop and the conditions allow. The industry-exclusive Plus2 accumulator takes your operation to the next level with the ability to strategically place bales, cutting collection times by as much as 50 percent and protecting crop regrowth from multiple passes. Compatible with our 7, 8, 9 and 0 Series round balers.

Website: John Deereohn Deere
Booth: TM M,N,OO

LVI introduces Dairy Bedded Pack Composter
The LVI Dairy Bedded Pack Composter provides dairymen with a reliable composting machine for their bedded packs. Creating a soothing environment for a cow is an essential factor for milk production. Easily attached to a tractor via the three-point hitch, this machine pulverizes and churns the bedded pack into soft, comfortable conditions.

By composting the bedded pack, the farmer can minimize manure storage expenses by extending the life of the bedding material. The company is now offering the composter in two models representing two widths. Weighing in at 1,800 pounds is the DBPC 750 with a 7.5-foot working width.

The DBPC 1100 weighs 3,500 pounds and features an 11-foot working width, accommodating larger holding pens. Both models are standard with front-mounted ripper shanks which allow for a deeper and more aggressive composting action, tilling up to 19 inches deep. Recommended power-takeoff horsepower is about 10 per foot of working width.

Website: LVI Manufacturing
Booth: EH S03

McLanahan releases bedding dryer for fast, efficient sand or manure drying
The McLanahan bedding dryer is ideal for dairy operations bedding on reclaimed sand or manure solids. High temperatures in the dryer quickly and efficiently reduce moisture and kill pathogens responsible for causing mastitis and poor milk quality.

Field tests have shown the bedding dryer produces sand with a moisture content as low as 2 percent, making it ideal for dairies struggling with a chronic subclinical mastitis problem or stubbornly high SCC. Sand is processed at a rate of up to 90 TPH and manure at 18 TPH, eliminating the labor and time requirements of air-drying. The material can be reused almost instantly for an abundant, sustainable supply of clean, dry bedding.

Website: McLanahan
Booth: TM 654-655

New Holland introduces four new models of machinery
New Holland Agriculture will showcase the all-new RF series fixed-chamber round baler, the ProCart Plus wheel rake, the DuraCracker crop processor for the FR series forage harvesters and the BigBaler 330 Plus large square baler. Each new model is designed with New Holland’s goal of practical innovation in mind to provide versatility, productivity and efficiency for dairy farmers.

The RF round baler’s simple but durable design creates well-shaped bales in a wide range of conditions while offering versatility to small dairies looking to bale wet or dry crop; the wheel rake helps increase productivity, offering heavy-duty features and extended raking widths; the crop processor delivers the widest rolls in the industry for reliable chopping even at high crop throughputs; and the large square baler was designed with heavy-duty features to take baling to a new level of productivity and efficiency.

Website: New Holland Agriculture
Booth: TM 630-642

New 2400 Series II vertical mixer sizes from Patz Corporation
Market demand and customer input has inspired Patz Corporation to add two new mixer sizes to the 2400 Series II line. We now offer 650- and 750-cubic-foot mixers with a twin-screw design that includes our patented baffle system. These new mixer sizes will also be available in an extra-heavy (XH) version.

Options of either a 1,000 rpm stop-and-shift two-speed gearbox or direct drive are available. The 650 and 750 vertical mixers are built on a narrower platform comparable in width to our 3600 Series II mixers. Our vertical mixer lines offer quality products that produce a consistent TMR from start to finish, regardless of batch size.

Website: Patz
Booth: TC 850-880


BaciFlex covers against clostridia
BaciFlex is a family of regionally customized, non-medicated direct-fed microbials containing multiple strains of Bacillus subtilis to alleviate the threats posed by clostridia. It is specifically formulated to provide the optimal coverage based on the clostridial strains identified through Papillon’s detailed sampling, screening and profiling procedure.

Its cutting-edge Bacillus technology defends against toxigenic and non-toxigenic clostridia. It reduces the frequency of digestive upsets and deaths on dairies and provides nutritional benefits that improve ruminal efficiency and milk production. Research shows it increases both energy-corrected milk and energy-corrected dry matter efficiency in lactating cows. BaciFlex-Calf has been proven to increase pre- and post-weaning performance of dairy calves.

Website: Papillon
Booth: EH 1316.

Bio-Vet releases QuadriCal AC
Bio-Vet Inc. has released a new formulation of calcium boluses: QuadriCal AC, an all-calcium bolus. Four types of calcium – calcium chloride, calcium propionate, calcium lactate and calcium sulfate – provide for rapid, intermediate and sustained calcium release. Each three-bolus feeding contains a minimum of 54 grams of total calcium.

Studies have shown over 40 percent of all cows and over 50 percent of second-plus-lactation cows in the U.S. have low blood calcium around calving time. Research indicates a minimum of 50 grams of calcium is needed to significantly raise blood calcium levels. This is the newest addition to a complete line of calcium products, and it is available in an 80-count box of individually packaged feedings.

Website: Bio-Vet
Booth: EH 1503-1504

Globimax Colostrum fills the immune gap
At birth, a calf has a poorly developed immune system; the placenta does not allow the transfer of antibodies from the mother to the fetus during pregnancy. Therefore, it is of vital importance to provide young animals with antibodies by feeding colostrum. The frequent problem: poor colostrum quality (low concentration of antibodies) resulting in immunoglobulin deficiency.

Specialized egg proteins can be used to fill the immune gap as egg antibodies (IgY) can serve as an immunological support for calves. Globimax Colostrum contains, besides other valuable components, specific egg proteins. It supports the calf in case of insufficient colostrum quality or quantity.

A trial conducted in Germany evaluating weight gain of calves that received normal colostrum or enhanced colostrum showed 17.8 percent higher daily gain in the enhanced colostrum group (999 grams) compared to the control group (848 grams) (p less than or equal to 0.0001), suggesting calves receiving it start life in better condition.

Website: ew nutritionusa
Booth: EH 2405

Manage mycotoxins with Biomin PROcheck
Mycotoxins are harmful metabolites which can naturally occur in feed ingredients and may lead to reduced performance by compromising animal health. Biomin PROcheck is a premium quality mycotoxin risk management program designed to safeguard the health and performance of your animals.

This comprehensive program consists of five components to help producers manage mycotoxin challenges including tracking and monitoring of feed and feed ingredient samples, support with a suite of analytical tools, on-farm consultancy including differential diagnosis, practical training and tailor-made solutions.

Website: Biomin
Booth: EH B1

Reveal real-time forage analysis
Reveal analysis is a new, real-time forage analysis service from Cargill. It is the most convenient, cost-effective and precise instant forage analysis available to dairy farmers, giving them a practical solution to manage dry matter variation on their farm. Simply scan forage samples, reveal dry matter content immediately, and refine the diet for consistent intake and performance.

This analysis service enables dairy farmers to instantly check the dry matter of their forages by utilizing SCiO, the world’s smallest microspectrometer, to transmit scans to the company’s Elk River Forage Lab calibrations in the cloud. Direct access to the global dataset of feed ingredients, one of the largest in the world, ensures a high degree of precision from our proprietary calibrations.

Website: Cargill - Reveal
Booth: EH 3401-3502

RumiLife CAL24 nutritional supplement
RumiLife CAL24 nutritional supplement is a uniquely formulated calcium supplement that helps promote adequate calcium levels in cows during the first 24 hours after calving and other times associated with calcium deficiency. The product contains highly bioavailable sources of calcium and magnesium to span all areas of calcium regulation.

It contains 100 grams of calcium: a mixture between calcium chloride for immediate release and Calmin, a combination of naturally found seaweed-derived calcium and magnesium, for sustained release. It also contains vitamin D to support active and passive transfer of calcium into the bloodstream.

The boluses are missile-shaped and have a smooth coating so both Jersey and Holstein cows can easily swallow them. The unique components of the nutritional supplement allow producers to feed two boluses consecutively. This breaks the barriers of a 12-hour dose and eliminates the need to catch a cow again to give additional boluses.

Website: Genex
Booth: EH 1605-1606.

Sealpro Titanium oxygen silage barrier film
Sealpro Titanium is the newest addition to Connor Agriscience’s line of oxygen silage barrier films. It saves feed dollars with a strong, 2-mil construction. It partners with CoverPro black/white. How much have you spent in growing your crop? Why throw a sizable portion of that investment away in rotten feed?

Pitching is dangerous, and feeding it makes cows sick. This product was developed by Connor Agriscience, a leader in oxygen barrier films. We are a small, family-owned business with lifetimes devoted to dairy. For over a decade, we’ve solved forage issues and helped dairy farmers survive. We teach money-saving forage making and management methods.

Website: Connor Agriscience
Booth: AR 490-491


Two new products from Artex Barn Solutions
Artex Barn Solutions is proud to announce two new products at this year’s World Dairy Expo. Their new, patent-pending BioFlex freestall mounting system was built on the success of their most popular system, the BioRail. The first flexing, steel stall mounting system of its kind, the BioFlex is a rigid solution … with a bit of flex. It maintains the good habits seen with fixed stalls while offering the flexibility often seen in composite stalls.

Also new at this year’s expo, the booth will feature the new 84-inch standard exhaust fan. Designed to optimize wall space, this new 84-inch fan offers higher energy efficiency with increased air flow and minimal increases in power. Featuring the same easy-to-clean, durable, corrosion-resistant design, this fan has a quick-change belt system and minimal maintenance needs.

Website: Artex barn Solutions
Booth: EH 2017

Cattle Integrity Series from Accu-Steel
Accu-Steel’s new cattle building design offers even more options for cow comfort.

The Cattle Integrity Series is complete with an expansive alley, feedbunks, concrete waterers and a manure scraper system. It is offered in 38 feet and any other measurement between 50 feet and 98 feet wide, and virtually any length.

This style of building can accommodate a variety of foundation options, including a deep pit, which is recommended for 38, 50 and 65 feet with alley. It is ideal for feeder cattle and cow-calf operations.

Website: Accu Steel
Booth: TC866

Column Feed4All by Tags4All Global
The new design allows the cow to fully access feed with the 75-degree bracket while maintaining a strong barrier. The pipe is gentle on the cow, preventing lesions and marks on the neck as seen with some traditional steel feed rails. The new upright design allows for more “pasture-like” grazing, which aids in digestion and milk production. This product is made in Canada.

Website: GreenFreeStall
Booth: AR 410-413

Jupiter Mat offered by EasyFix
The Jupiter Mat is an all-new stall comfort product offered by EasyFix. It is made with a premium foam pad and combined with a studded underside which provides maximum cow comfort. A sloped and non-abrasive profile at the back of the mat helps keep the cow clean and comfortable. The mat also has a unique integrated pillow at front of the stall which ensures optimum positioning of cows.

Website: EasyFix
Booth: EH 1915-1916

Kraiburg Karera rubber flooring
Agromatic is excited to introduce its new “blue collar” quality product line featuring Kraiburg Karera. It is a simple and solid rubber mat for alleys, lanes and parlor decks. The quad surface is slip-resistant and easy to clean. At ¾-inch thick, its softness enhances animal health, productivity and longevity while reducing stress and noise.

Mats are puzzled on all four sides to allow for natural thermal expansion and contraction and can be trimmed to fit most needs. The high-quality rubber flooring is designed to fit your budget.

Website: Agromatic
Booth: EH2011


Acu-Polaris from Acumen Detection
Acumen Detection is the first company to bring the power and accuracy of real-time PCR into a simple, easy and user-friendly process. We have introduced a level of consistency in milk quality testing never seen before by taking the guesswork out of interpreting results.

The Acu-Polaris excels in analyzing the toughest samples and helps “see through the clutter” in samples often reported as contaminated or “no growth” with current culture-based systems. Our assay is able to determine the presence of mycoplasma and prototheca in less than three hours. These pathogens require special culture techniques and have very long culture times (seven to 10 days) in current culture-based tests.

Knowing about possible infection quickly gives the producer tighter control of herd health and increases revenues. This is the optimal solution for detecting mastitis-causing pathogens because of its specificity, sensitivity, speed and objectivity.

Website: Acumen Detection
Booth: AL 221

BouMatic launches SmartDairy NP
BouMatic is excited to be launching a new web-based software platform, SmartDairy NP. It interfaces with our SmartLite automatic detachers and the Pulse MD milk point monitoring system as well as the SmartFlo flow-through milk meter being introduced at World Dairy Expo.

This new product captures data and relays it into graphical representations of the parlor in real-time as well as offering other parlor performance reports that can be downloaded. Because this is a web-based software, you can easily log into your farm’s IP from anywhere and remote view with your tablet or smartphone and receive notifications of important alerts via an app.

Website: Boumatic
Booth: EH 3801-3909.

Find subclinical mastitis with LactiCyte-HD Somatic Cell Counter
Rapidly differentiate “yeast mastitis” (candida) and coliform mastitis (bacterial) with the newly updated LactiCyte-HD Somatic Cell Counter. In less than five minutes, it is possible for the first time to automatically count the number of yeast cells in milk samples while simultaneously determining the total number of somatic cells with reference accuracy. The counter enables you to give proper attention to the economics of milk quality.

The prevalence of yeast mastitis has significantly increased over the past decade (totaling greater than 10 percent in some countries) due to the increased and often loosely monitored use of antibiotics. Traditionally, farm samples must be taken and sent to a lab to be cultured and counted.

This can take days before results are available and proper treatment is implemented. With real-time results, identify subclinical mastitis in just a few minutes and make proactive decisions to treat affected animals in a timely manner.

Website: Page & Pedersen International Ltd.
Booth: EH 6211, IL 370

New Conewango silicone liner lasts for 8,000 milkings
Conewango will be introducing its new silicone liner, the Evolution X3, during World Dairy Expo. It is a two-piece liner and features a triangle-shaped barrel in its own stainless steel or plastic shell.

Designed to last for up to 8,000 milkings, the liner helps dairy producers reduce costs associated with replacing liners because only the liner itself needs to be replaced. For producers looking to promote teat-end health, it minimizes the risk of hyperkeratosis and reduces compression at the teat end. With a peak vacuum of 12 inches HG at teat end, the liner milks out quickly.

Website: Evolution-Liners
Booth: EH 1107

PulsNexusG2 pulsation monitoring system
BECO Dairy Automation is proud to introduce the next generation in pulsation monitoring, the PulsNexus G2 – the gold standard in pulsation monitoring. This state-of-the-art product not only monitors pulsation 24 hours a day continuously, it also brings an intuitive software package, easy-to-read dashboard and a decisive watchdog program that will alert dairymen with any pulsation issues.

It monitors and controls the dairy’s pulsators to very precise parameters set by each dairy, then bridges the gap between owner and milkers and gives dairymen informative reports and dashboards that are easy to read and interpret, allowing the dairyman to manage the parlor more efficiently, save on labor and help improve the milk quality of the dairy herd.

Website: Beco
Booth: EH 1601-1702

Semex releases ai24 eSense eartag
The Semex ai24 eSense by SCR Allflex eartag is compact, low-weight, long-lasting and high-performing, providing leading animal health and nutrition intelligence as well as group nutrition insights. This best-in-class cow monitoring solution saves the dairy both time and money. It combines market-leading monitoring performance with materials and components proven on cows worldwide.

Exceptionally lightweight and long-lasting, the tag preserves cow comfort and is easy to manage, with fast and simple installation and high retention. Delivering a high return on investment, with low initial costs and cost-effective ongoing use, it’s affordable, with low initial investment, high retention and a long three-year battery life. The one-step installation speeds up the tagging process, frees up the dairy team and minimizes cow routine disruption.

Website: Semex
Booth: Semex Tent


EnSave offers management services
Want to explore an energy-efficiency, solar or manure management project but don’t know where to begin? Are you bombarded with offers that all sound good – but you don’t have time to check every company’s credentials or sort out the best deal?

Let EnSave Management Services scope your project, solicit and evaluate vendor bids, navigate permitting requirements, find the lowest-cost project financing and determine the best incentives and tax breaks. The company is backed by 25 years of experience as a trusted third party helping dairies save energy and money.

Get back to your core business, and let our energy experts do the rest. We provide unbiased decision support to give you peace of mind for undertaking complex projects. Ask about our custom track for special projects or our free initial project viability assessment.

Website: EnSave
Booth: AL 150

Praedium’s Ag Learning Program revolutionizes on-farm training
Praedium Ventures works with clients to achieve socially responsible farming operations and proactively address issues often found in audits. One of the tools offered to livestock producers is Ag Learning. With this program, a custom on-farm training program is designed to be relevant and effective.

Animal care and handling courses all meet industry-accepted audit standards. And the online format provides flexibility, accessibility and accountability at each stage.

“Our mission is to provide the tools and expertise livestock producers need to meet industry standards and consumer expectations,” Earl Dotson, CEO of Praedium Ventures remarked. “Ag Learning incorporates training, testing and tracking so the owners and managers of livestock enterprises know their employees have all the information and training they need to be successful in their jobs.”

Website: Praedium Ventures
Booth: EH 6002


ABS introduces Sexcel sexed genetics
Sexed genetics have been available for many years; however, the technology used has always been the same ... until now. ABS has significantly invested to develop a unique, 21st century technology called Sexcel sexed genetics.

This breakthrough in sexing technology is gentle on the cells and enables us to deliver a product that will contribute to improved performance (note that results may vary per bull) and means more high-value female pregnancies in your herd. The advanced technology Sexcel offers, combined with superior fertility and the most profitable genetics, help you fast-forward your genetic progress and bring your herd to the next level. (Read more on page 162.)

Website: ABS - Sexcel
Booth: AL 153-155

Bag Man introduces Quatro Comfort Plus
All your favorite Quatro features now with an adjustable side gusset. The new Comfort Plus’ side gusset design makes it easier to tuck in coveralls and fits larger legs with ease. It expands up to 6 inches wider than a standard design, making it easier to get on and off.

This version is available in insulated, 13-inch calf height, sizes 3 to 15 that will fit U.S. men’s sizes 4 to 16. The brand is world-renowned for its level of comfort and durability on farms. Try a pair on at the expo and see for yourself.

Website: Bag Man
Booth: AR 414-418

Calf-Rescue Blankets
Calf-Rescue Blankets help prevent newly born, sick or at-risk calves from suffering life-threatening hypothermia. In addition to reducing heat loss from the animal and enhancing the absorption of available radiation from the sun or heat lamps, the cover will also reduce convective cooling of the animal, and it is waterproof.

The blanket can also be used as a skid to move an animal short distances. The blanket’s inner surface reflects 90 percent of a calf’s body heat back to the calf. The outer surface absorbs 94 percent of solar/heat lamp radiation, further warming the animal.

These are an inexpensive, short-term solution to help a calf get to the stage when it can get to its feet and take milk without assistance.

Inspired from marathon running blankets, rescue blankets for people and reflective mulch technology, these are a life-saver.

Website: Cool-Calf Covers
Booth: TC 898

Express Udder Hair Remover from Coburn
The Express Udder Hair Remover provides an easy, fast, economical and safe alternative to removing udder hair. It helps reduce the spread of germs and risk of mastitis by removing unwanted udder hair, leading to faster and more thorough udder cleaning and easier teat identification for robotic milking.

The unit is set up in less than two minutes, and hair removal is done by drawing a figure-eight pattern 4 to 7 inches below the udder for two to four seconds. The soft flame provides a sensation of warmth and is painless to the animal. The unit comes in two designs, making it useful for every operation. The angled burner is ideal for stanchions, and the straight burner is ideal for parlors.

Website: Coburn
Booth: EH 2703–2704; EH2801–2905; TC825-826

Merritt aluminum stock trailer now 8 feet wide
Merritt Trailer is excited to announce the introduction of our 8-foot-wide aluminum stock trailer. Since we pioneered the punch-side livestock trailer in the 1950s, being the industry leader in quality and durability has been our goal.

Our new, wider gooseneck trailers provide the dairy industry a commercial-grade stock trailer that’s built with the same materials and designs as our livestock semi-trailers.

With the large size of most dairy cattle, narrow trailers can present problems both for animal safety and maneuverability. This trailer gives handlers the ability to turn dairy cattle once they are in the trailer, and it prevents livestock from constantly rubbing against the trailer sides while being transported.

Website: Merritt-Trailers
Booth: TM 715

Protect more acres with Bird Gard Super Pro Amp 2.0
Bird Gard Super Pro Amp 2.0 bird repeller protects up to 25 acres of coverage with a user-friendly touchscreen for improved control and information. It features enhanced sound quality and a dynamic range for increased effectiveness with more difficult species. It has a USB drive for faster updates, along with three event timers, including the astronomical timer to turn on and off at selected intervals before and after sunrise or sunset.

An external mute button silences the unit for one hour and automatically resumes protecting. An optional status strobe light confirms from a distance the unit is operating at full volume.

Website: Bird Gard
Booth: AR 447

Quatro Boots to introduce new Extreme Boot
Skellerup Footwear USA is introducing a new boot at World Dairy Expo designed specifically for extreme cold conditions. The Quatro Extreme Boot features 7-millimeter CR-foam insulation and a 4-millimeter wool-felt insulator base for comfort in temperatures down to -60ºF.

An expandable side gusset with adjustable strap is designed to fit winter pants and allow for easy adjustment. Inside the boot is a stiff heel counter for ankle support, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial lining, and heel and arch support. A tractor grip rubber outsole prevents sliding in winter conditions, and a kick lug ensures simple removal after a long day on the farm.

Scheduled for release in mid-October, producers can preview the boot at any of our distributors at World Dairy Expo: Bag Man LLC located at Arena, Conewango in the Exhibit Hall or Nasco in the Main Concourse.

Website: Skellerup

The VAS Platform from Valley Ag Software
Valley Agricultural Software will launch the VAS Platform at World Dairy Expo 2017. The platform brings together data from the three pillars of every dairy business – feed, the cow and the parlor – into a single web-based interface accessible anywhere with an internet or cellular connection. This includes all computers, tablets and smartphones operated by all common operating systems (iOS, Android).

Built on the strength and experience of the only software product currently servicing more than 65 percent of North American cows (DairyComp 305), it provides immediate access to data and intelligence that allows dairies to make critical operational decisions based on real-time information.

It also establishes a common interface across the three primary disciplines within the dairy (DairyComp, FeedComp and ParlorComp) for an optimal user experience, greater reporting capabilities and greater integration of data among each discipline.

Website: VAS
Booth: EH4331  end mark