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 Animal genetics

HerdOptimizer combines genomic testing with mating program
HerdOptimizer is a program that combines genomic testing with CRV’s package of tools, including genetic consultation and the SireMatch mating program, to help producers manage their herds more effectively.

It evaluates 19 fundamental U.S. traits – then amplifies that by adding more than 20 proven CRV HerdBuilder traits. These traits include udder health, subclinical and clinical mastitis, hoof health, ketosis, calf survival rate, robot efficiency and more.

Behind each trait is years of research by top geneticists published in peer-reviewed journals. With this cloud-based web application, each producer is able to create their own customized breeding goals.


This allows producers to make whole-herd improvements in production, efficiency, longevity, health, fertility and conformation. With the help of a genetic consultant, farmers can easily apply the genomic results to their breeding program, management system and replacement heifer lineup – unleashing the power of their herd.
Website: CRV - HerdOptimizer
Booth number: AL 105