56752-newproducts-Hydraulic-PTO-for-John-Deere-8R.jpgPhoto courtesy of Laforge. 

Laforge introduces aftermarket hydraulic drive PTO for John Deere 8R Series tractors

In 2022, Laforge introduced a new hydraulically driven power takeoff (PTO) to the market. The PTO is compatible with the John Deere model year 2011 and newer 8R Series tractors. It is the first of its kind available for aftermarket installation and use with the 8R tractors.

The advantages of this PTO solution are the following:

  • Choice of rotation speed, continuously adjustable from 540 to 1,000 RPM by adjusting the feed oil flow
  • Choice of the direction of rotation during the installation on the tractor
  • Possibility to separate the PTO speed from the engine speed: significant fuel savings, especially for applications with front hoppers, spraying systems or front fertilizer spreaders

After three years of development, this optimized mounting allows for excellent performance, even when performing in demanding crop conditions.

This hydraulic front PTO is compatible with the PR5.5/8R front three-point hitch and all versions of John Deere 8R series tractors that have been manufactured since 2011. It can be mounted on any tractor with a hydraulic flow of more than 53 gpm. Its deployment on other tractor models can be studied according to demand. The PTO and three-point hitch combination are available to order at all Laforge dealers for 2023.

Photo courtesy of New Holland.

New Holland launches new T5S and upgraded T5 Utility Powershuttle

New Holland is expanding its range of T5 tractors, with the new T5S mid-size utility models and with the upgraded T5 Utility Powershuttle. The target of this new range is to provide the 90- to 120-hp segment with new, robust, powerful and easy-to-use machines that ensure the maximum level of performance and productivity to get the job done, in all conditions.

Both T5S and T5 Utility Powershuttle are extremely versatile tractors with a wheelbase of 2,350 millimeters and a weight of approximately 4 tons, offering a high performance and easy-to-use features. These models further enhance the broader T5 range from 80 to 140 hp, to include the T5 Utility DualCommand, T5 ElectroCommand, T5 DynamicCommand and T5 AutoCommand.

The new subranges have very performing engines in common, together with ATS and hydraulic systems, but differ in overall dimensions, weight, axles and tire offering, and they have a significant difference in the cab.

Both models feature a FPT F5 Stage V four-cylinder engine with 3.6-liter displacement. The optimized design of the turbocharger and pistons guarantees strong performance and fuel efficiency, with maximum power delivered at just 1,900 rpm and best-in-class maximum torque (450 Nm for the T5.100S and 506 Nm for the T5.120 Utility Powershuttle) delivered at a low 1,300 rpm, with excellent torque rise of up to 47% for rapid recovery under load.

The tractors incorporate an exhaust aftertreatment system that integrates a diesel oxidation catalyst, diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction unit in a single, maintenance-free, compact solution that fits completely under the hood, ensuring perfect visibility and maneuverability, high ground clearance and easy loader installation.

The tractors have a 600-hour engine service interval, and all daily maintenance can be easily carried out only from the left-hand side.

The T5S features a choice of 12x12 or an optional 20x20 creeper mechanical or powershuttle transmission for smooth and rapid direction changes without using the clutch. On the other hand, the upgraded T5 Utility Powershuttle comes with a Powershuttle-only transmission that ensures smooth and rapid direction changes without using the clutch.

Both T5S and T5 Utility Powershuttle mount a hydraulic system that features twin pumps: a 36-liter-per-minute pump dedicated to the steering and a second one with up to 82 liters per minute for the services. The new MegaFlow pump is able to ensure faster loader cycle times and fast raising and lowering of implements. Complementing this is a 540/540E/1,000 rpm electro-hydraulically engaged PTO with soft start activation, eco-function and ground speed ability. Up to three hydraulic remote outlets can be specified, all with push-pull system for easy connection. T5S and T5 Utility Powershuttle tractors can be ordered with an integrated front loader-ready package from the factory, and further options include factory-fitted front hitch and PTO.

In brief, this new series of New Holland utility tractors are bursting with new features, the most comfortable and spacious cab with best-in-class visibility, cleaner and responsive engines, stronger linkages and high hydraulic capacity. In the world of utility tractors, New Holland continues its leadership and innovation, offering sustainable solutions aimed at satisfying customers’ needs with the goal of improving performance and productivity, together with maximizing operator comfort.

Photo courtesy of Evolution Wheel.

A new standard for pivot irrigation and traction

Evolution Wheel is excited to announce our newest domestically manufactured tire, the EWRS-PIVOT XT airless irrigation tire for center-pivot irrigation systems.

Known for being a leader in innovative, top-quality airless technology for heavy equipment, Evolution Wheel develops airless tires for operators to work longer, more efficient hours. With extensive engineering, R&D and rigorous testing, their products create a new quality standard for any application. That new standard is extreme traction when it comes to center-pivot irrigation.

Every farmer has that problem area in the field with soft soil or soil that has high amounts of clay. Towers will often get stuck in these areas, causing a whole bunch of problems that have to be addressed. To get through these areas, farmers require a tire with extraordinary traction capabilities to travel through this type of soil.

Evolution Wheel’s newest product, the EWRS-PIVOT XT, is designed as a specialized version of the EWRS-PIVOT Series, optimized for the areas in the field that cause the most problems. The highly aggressive tread design with extra large lugs and void space allows for much better traction. The large lugs paddle through sticky soil while the void space helps the soil from sticking to the rubber. The addition of small ribs within the void space helps release mud from the surface of the tire as it compresses and expands.

Virtually all pivot tires on the market have a convex profile where the center of the tire bulges out. This pushes mud from underneath the tire out forming deep ruts in the field. Like the original EWRS-PIVOT Series, the XT version has a concave profile that holds mud underneath the tire, preventing ruts from forming in the first place.

The EWRS-PIVOT XT airless pivot tire also features a wide tread for increased surface area. This means the full surface of the tread contacts the ground to maximize flotation.

All Evolution Wheels products, including the EWRS-PIVOT XT, are segmented for serviceability. The rubber is segmented and attached to the high-strength steel rim with a series of nuts and bolts.

Once mounted on the tower, the rims never need to be changed. If a rubber segment is damaged, it's as simple as replacing it with a new one. When the tread is finally worn, a retread kit is available consisting of a full tire's worth of segments. The operator can replace all worn segments without removing the tower's rims, eliminating the need to haul damaged or flat tires in and out of the field.

From cutting the steel for the rims to mixing the rubber for the segments, Evolution Wheel owns the entire manufacturing process for all its products. This allows them to control the quality of their tires. Making sure they provide only the highest-quality options on the market. With a highly skilled team of engineers, technicians and chemists, they tailor each tire for the highest performance in any given application.

For the most effective results in the field, the company recommends installing all towers with the EWRS-PIVOT Series, placing the XT only on towers traveling through the most problematic areas in the field.

A tire with an aggressive tread design, a segmented airless construction and a wide concave profile creates a very competitive option on the market. Providing both flotation and traction to limit ruts and get through problem areas, helping farmers forget about stuck pivots or damaged tires and focus on the more important tasks at hand.

Photo courtesy of New Holland.

New Holland extends baler offering with new BigBaler 1270 Plus Density and premium Pro-Belt baler

New Holland extends its Big Baler Plus range to five models with the introduction of the new 120 x 70 centimeter-section BigBaler 1270 Plus Density, which complements the existing BigBaler 1270 Plus. The baler has been restyled to match the new styling introduced on the flagship BigBaler 1290 High Density. It features reengineered and upgraded components to produce bales with up to 10% greater density than the BigBaler 1270 Plus. This means fewer bales per field for the same crop amount, reducing the cost for farmers and contractors to handle, transport and store bales.

Designed to pack more material into each bale flake with every stroke, a reinforced plunger leads the way. Upgrades mean it is capable of 27% greater force than the unit on the BigBaler 1270 Plus. To match the increased material feed supplied by the upgraded plunger, bigger density hydraulic rams deliver a 113% force increase (more than double) on side density doors and 25% more force on the top doors than those on the BigBaler 1270 Plus. This ensures that the bales are compressed to the highest possible level. In addition, the tension rails feature side density doors with increased stiffness, while the top density door incorporates a heavy-duty top beam. The bale chamber compression system also features two density levers pushing the side doors, ensuring equal force distribution on the doors. Wear plates on the bale chamber floor and front sides are standard equipment on Plus Density units to maximize durability and minimize cost of ownership.

The BigBaler 1270 Plus Density uses the same award-winning LoopMaster knotting system as all other BigBaler models. This makes the second knot in a loop style, resulting in an increase of up to 26% in overall tensile strength for reduced breakages compared to a standard double knotter. It also eliminates twine offcuts, potentially saving 6 kilometers of twine waste in the field in a 10,000-bale season. The new model is available with both Packer and CropCutter version with a short cutting length of 39 millimeters.

New Holland Agriculture extends its variable chamber round baler offering with the new Pro-Belt Series. This premium round baler is a versatile, high-performance and durable baler that delivers excellent bale shape in all crops and conditions. It has been developed to meet the specific needs of contractors and farmers who clock up a high annual use of their balers. Its dependability is a key success factor for them, as it performs equally well when the harvesting windows are anticipated or postponed. It stands out for its exceptional productivity in all crop conditions, delivering high bale density that helps maintain the nutritional properties of the freshly harvested crop.

The new baler has been developed for reliability and durability, with a split gearbox for high mechanical efficiency and robustness and a streamlined design with fewer, stronger components and moving parts. The heavy-duty 520-millimeter-diameter rotor in combination with the active drop floor provides constant feedback to the operator, enabling them to maximize productivity with high throughput and non-stop feeding. It performs equally well in silage and dry straw, producing consistently high bale density and perfectly formed, firm bales for easy handling and stacking. With a capacity up to 30 tons per hour and 140 kilograms per cubic meter in straw, the Pro-Belt will enable customers to bale their crop faster, finishing their field in less time with fewer bales.

The New Holland Roll-Belt range adopts the new "Natural Flow" styling of the recently launched Roll-Bar and Pro-Belt ranges. In addition, the Roll-Belt and Roll-Bar ranges now feature an upgraded version of the Bale Command II Plus monitor that delivers enhancements on diagnostics and tracking of daily activities, maintaining the ease of use that is its hallmark.