In this episode of the Progressive Dairy Podcast, Editor Jenn Coyne visits with Brent and Nancy Wilson of Wilson Centennial Farms in Michigan. The couple and their sons, Tyler and Ben, work in partnership on the dairy and crop farm operation. Over the years, the Wilsons have been recognized for their dedication to milk quality and production, as well as regularly participating in cutting-edge industry research trials. Most recently, the family was honored as the 2023 Dairy Farm of the Year by Michigan State University’s Department of Animal Science. This episode explores the Wilsons’ legacy in the industry and their tactics as progressive dairy producers. 

Season 5, Episode 14

Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • How do you think the recognition as Michigan State University’s 2023 Dairy Farm of the Year epitomizes your dairy career and your family’s purpose as dairy farmers? [~1:13]
  • How are the Wilsons all involved on the dairy? [~1:54]
  • Wilson Centennial Farm is known for its superior milk quality and production. What credit can you give to your family and their expertise that helps you meet these benchmarks. [~8:04]
  • What management tactic or approach has helped achieve the farm goals? [~9:56]
  • Walk us through your dairy farming philosophy and how you guys have pivoted over the years to keep up with industry trends. [~13:33]
  • Why such a strong relationship with MSU and your cooperative to participate in research trials and host student interns? What are the most recent projects you’re a part of? [~16:25]
  • As a seventh-generation farm, how do you think your ancestors would react to progress you’ve made and the recognition you’ve received as a leading dairy farming business? [~20:55]
  • What’s next for the Wilsons? [~22:07]
  • How does the Wilson family make decisions for the future of the dairy? [~24:32]
  • Rapid-fire questions [~26:12]

Contact Brent and Nancy Wilson, Wilson Centennial Farms at

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