As temperatures begin to rise, dairy producers know their cows are susceptible to heat stress. Even in relatively cool regions, heat stress can negatively affect cow comfort, health and performance. Stu Rymph, technical support dairy nutritionist for Purina Animal Nutrition, says understanding the visual signs of heat stress is the first step to developing strategies to help your cows cope with the heat.

Q: What is heat stress and what are the visual signs?

Q: What are the effects of unmanaged heat stress?

Q: What abatement strategies do you recommend for heat stress management?

Q: What nutritional strategies do you recommend to aid in heat stress abatement?


Q: Why is heat stress abatement important?

To learn more about managing heat stress, talk with your Purina representative or visit

Season 5, Episode 17

Stuart Rymph, Ph.D., CCA, PAS

Technical Support Dairy Nutritionist

Purina Animal Nutrition

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