In this episode, host Kimmi Devaney is joined by Kevin Korbel and Jamieson Lindquist, who together own an ice cream business called Udder Buddies in Minnesota. Learn about how and why they started this business and how they use it to promote agriculture and help other dairy farmers.

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Season 6, Episode 16

Here is the episode breakdown:

  • [~0:50] About Udder Buddies and what inspired Korbel and Lindquist to start this venture
  • [~3:55] Making ice cream at the University of Minnesota’s pilot plant
  • [~11:40] Distribution
  • [~14:15] Overall marketing efforts
  • [~16:40] Events
  • [~20:05] How they use Udder Buddies to promote agriculture and help others
  • [~23:10] About their agriculture backgrounds
  • [~25:05] Target audience
  • [~31:30] The most important lessons they learned 
  • [~35:35] The most enjoyable part of this business for Korbel and Lindquist
  • [~38:55] Helpful resources
  • [~40:10] Future growth and goals
  • [~43:45] How to connect with Udder Buddies online
  • [~44:50] Logo development and how they came up with the name “Udder Buddies”
  • [~48:30] What they would change if they could start over today 
  • [~50:30] Rapid-fire questions

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