Genex Cooperative, Inc. introduced NuLife ReBOUND and NuLife Oral Electrolyte to Midwest cattle producers in fall 2011 and has now expanded product marketing throughout the U.S. ReBOUND is a source of direct fed microbials (DFMs) that helps maintain normal appetite and digestion in cattle. NuLife ReBOUND also helps maintain fiber digestion and nutrient utilization, thereby maintaining dry matter intake and production.

ReBOUND, available in paste, powder and capsule forms, can be fed to dairy or beef cattle during times of stress or daily maintenance.

When given as directed, NuLife Oral Electrolyte helps replace lost fluid and electrolytes, helps correct acidosis and provides a readily available source of energy. The electrolyte powder can be mixed with, or fed in conjunction with, milk or milk replacer.

“In marketing the NuLife products,” explains Tom Bjelland, Genex vice president of strategic market development, “we wanted to bring a real quality product to our members and customers.

"Careful evaluation showed ReBOUND is not only a source of DFMs but also helps maintain performance during periods of stress. Both ReBOUND and the oral electrolyte have been readily welcomed by our dairy and beef producer members and customers.”


The NuLife products are manufactured exclusively for Genex by Vets Plus, Inc.

"This has been an exciting year for the NuLife ReBOUND and oral electrolytes lines, and we are very eager to continue to expand sales throughout the U.S.,” said Don McKillip, Vets Plus, Inc. national accounts manager, who oversees the CRI partnership. PD

—From Genex news release