Chances are every one of us knows people who think they’re always right. It’s pretty tough dealing with them, isn’t it? At some point, it’s usually just easier to give in or give up. Of course, thinking that you’re right and actually being right are two completely different things. And if you’re a parent who has teenagers, this scenario probably describes a day in your life right now. Fortunately, the older we get, the more self-aware we become and it’s easier to accept when we’re wrong. Nonetheless, hopefully you’re right more often than you’re not.

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Now, if you’re honest and willing to admit that you think you’re never wrong, what do you think the real problem could be? And no, it’s not that you’re surrounded by a bunch of idiots!

Although you could probably make a long list of all the “real” problems that come with thinking you’re always right, the real problem is that you don’t give yourself the opportunity to stop and start over when you’re wrong.

You see, we’re all pretty similar. Like everyone else, you’re going to make some bad decisions. But sometimes, out of sheer stubbornness, it’s easy to defend a poor decision and follow it down the path of many more.

Essentially you try to convince yourself that your previous decisions were right all along. Similar to telling a lie, one bad decision leads to another.


Whether it’s out of ignorance or foolish pride, you’re compelled to defend your position and justify your decisions to yourself and those around you. And what’s the best way to do that? Repeat them! In Vegas they call it “throwing good money after bad.” And as most experienced gamblers will tell you ... at some point, you just have to cut your losses.

Ultimately, most of your current and future decisions are built upon your previous ones. If you’re unable or unwilling to admit that your earlier decisions were wrong, you risk making a long string of costly mistakes that could have easily been avoided.

The reality is that no one is right all the time. Be honest with yourself and admit what everyone else already knows. It’ll be okay ... you’ve been wrong before. PD

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