Genex Cooperative Inc. has announced a 35 percent increase in Jersey semen units sold during 2014 compared to 2013.

“It is exciting to report this continued growth in the Genex Jersey program,” states Leah James, Jersey marketing advisor. “It was only a short time ago – in October 2012 – that the Genex board of directors approved a Jersey initiative. … The progress made in the last two years has been significant.”

The year-end analysis also shows Jersey producers’ increased demand for GenChoice sexed semen. For the first year ever, Jersey sexed semen outpaced Jersey conventional semen in total units sold. In a year-over-year comparison, Jersey sexed semen sales increased 59 percent.

“One of the drivers of GenChoice sales was the availability of our PregCheck+ sire fertility rankings,” explains James. “The fertility rankings … are based on pregnancy check data for quick and accurate fertility estimates.” PD


—From Genex Cooperative Inc. news release