Accelerated Genetics has strength in all dairy breeds The August 2007 dairy sire summary brings about the last of the four-times-a-year proof releases. The next evaluation release date is in January 2008 and then there will be just three releases per year. The August evaluations show Accelerated Genetics is strong in all breeds and in many areas within each breed – whether you are looking for high NM$, PL, PTAT, UDC or Total Performance sires.

In the Holstein breed, one trait Accelerated Genetics excels in is Productive Life (PL), with five sires at or above +5.0. Names like 014HO02586 SAILOR (+6.2), 014HO03597 POTTER (+5.0) and 014HO03451 ALFIE (+5.9) are second-crop sires with high reliable data suggesting their daughters will survive well in all types of environments. 014HO04148 NIFTY (+5.8) and 014HO03571 DUTCH SCORE (+5.0) are also very high in PL.

Besides being a breed leader for PL, NIFTY excels in many other areas as well. Among health trait leaders, he is an exceptional production improver, now over +1100 PTAM at 85%R. His DPR increased nicely to +2.2 as did his NM$ to +578. NIFTY also ranks 10th in TPI at +1840. He will continue to see use as a mating sire of sons.

014HO04099 Billion was another highlight of the August run. He made great increases in the health trait area of PL (now at +3.7), SCS (now at 2.59) and SCE (now at 6%). His NM$ is still impressive at +502 and is 5th in the breed for TPI at +1864.

In the Jersey breed, 014JE00408 Jimie made great strides by jumping into the top 10 for JPI, now at +207. After adding 20 scored daughters and 11 for production, Jimmie made significant increases in nearly every area. At +1.7 PTAT, +5.72 JUI and +2.8 PL, Jimmie will be in high demand with most Jersey breeders.


Summaries show profit stars and new releases for Genex
From second-crop sires to profit stars and new releases, the August sire summaries show Genex sires can make a positive impact on your bottom line.

1HO6360 WIZARD and 1HO6671 MURPHY lead an amazing lineup with more than 25 second-crop sires. These sires have stood the test of time, providing producers with profitable, hardworking daughters. Nine of the second-crop sires can be found in the 90th percentile for LNM$. They are reliable choices for producing longer-living, healthier cows which breed back, have good udders, correct feet and legs and make milk efficiently.

1HO7235 TOYSTORY, 1HO7127 SHARKY, 1HO6950 SATIRE and 1HO7154 ENCINO maintain their prestigious places in the 90th percentile. Joining them is 1HO7336 DARREN who gained +$72 as he leapt into the 93rd percentile for LNM$. DARREN, a BW Marshall x Rudolph bull, has become an all-round sire. He’s positive for health traits (+4.7 Productive Life, +2.61 Somatic Cell Score), has a +1.68 PTA Type and is over +1.00 for Udder Composite and Foot & Leg Composite. His positive components percents match today’s industry needs.

Genex has nine sires which can produce at least three percent higher conception rates than the average service sire used in your herd. At +3 ERCR or above, these sires are the obvious choice for creating more pregnancies. Choose 1HO6833 TRES, 1HO7127 SHARKY and 1HO7336 DARREN, from the 90th percentile for LNM$, to make those pregnancies even more profitable.

Polled sires available from Select Sires
With the August release of genetic evaluations, Select Sires graduates seven diverse Holstein sires with something to offer every dairy producer, including elite type, high-ranking Total Performance Index™ (TPI™), health traits and outstanding production.

7HO8193 MR LANDSLIDE-RED-ET debuts as the No. 1 PTA Milk Red and White sire and among Select’s top 10 for the entire Holstein lineup at +1,875 Milk (80% Rel.) and Protein (+52). He is the first MARMAX son to graduate as a proven sire and has the pedigree to complement many of the Red and White bloodlines prevalent in the breed today. LANDSLIDE-RED improves rear udder height (2.15) and width (2.66) and ranks among the breed’s elite TPI sires (+1550 TPI).

In the image of his sire, DURHAM, 7HO7653 Plain-O Durham ROSS-331-ET provides big-league type, standing among Select’s top six for Type at +3.27 (68% Rel.-M). He is third among Select’s lineup for Udder Composite (+2.73 UDC) and ranks among the top 20 for Feet and Leg Composite (+1.97 FLC). ROSS is a graduate of the Program for Genetic Advancement Canada™ (PGAC™) and is backed by four generations of Excellent dams. ROSS is summer’s heat stress solution. ROSS has the ability to add stature (+3.55) and pull udders snuggly to the body well (3.36 udder depth).

Nine sires added to ABS’ lineup
ABS Global added nine new sires to its active lineup with the release of the August 2007 sire summaries. The new additions to the ABS active lineup included eight Holsteins and one Jersey.

A highlight of the ABS August graduates, 94HO11486 MD-Delight Durham ATLAS*TL*TV, is a Durham son that hails from the world-renowned C Aikenbrae Starbuck Ada EX-94-2E family. With a great pair of Skychief sisters, Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94 and Shormar S Alicia EX-97, the Ada family has become one of the best high-type cow families in A.I., providing sires including 29HO11020 AFFIRMED.

A St. Jacobs ABC progeny test sire, ATLAS graduates into the ABS lineup as a sire of more than 100 daughters in 60 herds. ATLAS excels in type and udder traits being +3.07 PTAT and +2.57 Udder Composite. His daughters exhibit great spring of rib and width of chest floor while still demonstrating tremendous dairyness. The also carry their udders high above the hock with a deep cleft and ideal teat placement.

29HO11461 Shanghigh-JMD BW BUDDY-ET*TL*TV is a BW Marshall son backed by a deep cow family, as his maternal line includes six generations of Excellent or Very Good cows. Buddy’s dam, Shanghigh Rud Beatrice-ET, produced over 108,000 pounds of milk lifetime and was scored EX-91-2E. BUDDY daughters possess great mobility and have a strong fore udder attachment with high, wide rear udders. With a low Somatic Cell Score, favorable Daughter Pregnancy Rate and high Productive Life, BUDDY is an ideal bull to use in commercially managed operations and can also be used in heifer pens due to his 6 percent calving ease.

29HO11359 True-Blue JUNIPER-ET*TL*TV 97%I is a Juror Ford son from one of CONVINCER’s finest daughters. Morningview Cnvnr Jolt-ET EX-91 produced 107 embryos as a milking 2-Year-Old, and had an outstanding record of 54,150 pounds of milk, 2,089 pounds of fat and 1,616 pounds of protein as a 3-year-old. A foot and leg specialist, JUNIPER sires daughters with a steep foot angle that track straight ahead when viewed from behind. JUNIPER can be used in heifer pens as he has a low calving ease of 7%.

IPS graduates from successful young sire program (August 2007)
Following the August sire summaries, International Protein Sires (IPS) announced that their young sire program has received high marks with three recent graduates activated to proven sire status.

The newest IPS young sire graduate is 6HO1114 PATRIOT. This Comestar Outside son is from the Broker daughter, Jo-Clar Jess Patsy (EX-93-2E). Patriot daughters sport strong type traits with a +2.86 rating and solid linear scores for all udder breakdowns. He is very high for fat yield at +0.18%. And Patriot’s productive life at +2.0 is a natural blend of Outside combined with a powerful maternal lineage.

A Comestar Lee son, 6HO0963 BACCALAUREATE is the second graduate with an impressive +2.85 type rating and +2.15 udder composite. Baccalaureate is also known for excellent fitness traits, having a productive life score of +2.8.

Topping the list of successful graduates is 6HO0944 JOEL. Among the breed’s Top 100, JOEL is a BW Marshall son from Meier-Meadows EL Jezebel (EX-92-GMD). JOEL shows commendable type credentials at +2.29. In addition, he excels in feet and legs with a superb rating of +2.60.

A shining star in IPS’ lineup is 6HO1109 ALINO at +1702 TPI and +402 NM$. Alino’s highlights include: +2.22 type, +1837 milk along with high fat and protein. Alino is a son of Jocko Besne from a VG-87 Maughlin Storm daughter. Alino’s next dam is the highly respected Ernlo Cinderella.

Alta delivers confidence with its programs
The word confidence – it is so closely associated with another word – trust. And in the artificial insemination industry, for so many years it seemed the trust we actively sought to build was just as easily destroyed, when exciting new sires would later go on to disappoint. That’s why Alta’s program approach to genetics became such a focus. With each proof round, including the latest August 2007 release of genetic evaluation data, the impact of these programs becomes more pronounced.

In glossing over recent graduates, the real impact of Alta’s programs is confirmed by those sires already adding second-crop daughters. Sire after sire, they are delivering upon the expectations that were promised. There are many, many examples: old stalwarts like AARON, FINLEY, ADAM, THRONE, MERCHANT and BOSS.

More recently health specialists like 011HO05929 ALLY, 011HO05086 BLASTOFF and 011HO06116 ROLEX have quietly gained legions of friends. And early reports on second-crop daughters of 011HO06414 ALLEGRO and 011HO07319 SUEDE effectively continue the trend, while in the Netherlands, thousands of new 011HO07208 AltaLUCKY MIKE daughters emphasize the point. It’s precisely the kind of feedback that instills confidence and a powerful platform upon which to build trust.

Proof round after proof round, new stars have emerged that continue the building process. Perhaps most notably, it began with 011HO07464 AltaWILDMAN and 011HO07687 AltaZESTY, the first graduates of the Alta Advantage® program. They continue to be important figureheads too, but many more recent additions have joined them – some with the potential to deliver an even greater impact on the breed. A quartet of sires – 011HO08195 AltaBAXTER (BLITZ x MTOTO), 011HO07978 AltaCALYPSO (LOUIE x MTOTO), 011HO07965 AltaARMSTEAD (BLITZ x RUDOLPH) and 011HO08342 MAC (BW MARSHALL x RUDOLPH) – will each see sons enter A.I. All have daughters milking now in second lactation and in each case, their popularity continues to grow. They are leading Type sires that offer a mix of Production and Health benefits too. They are sires any A.I. stud would be proud to call their own. PD