Taurus adds a new Powerhouse Taurus Service, Inc., announces the debut of 76HO0437 Windy Knoll View Powerhouse EX-93. This Outside son of Stardust Peggy x Pala exhibits an impressive type profile without a single negative in his proof. He is +2.54PTAT +2.09 UDC +2.02 F&L. Powerhouse is siring daughters with extreme size and strength with a deep, open rib structure. He also scores 2.93 Strong for fore udder attachment and 2.79 High in rear udder height. A breed leader at +3.5 PL and low SCS (2.90), along with having positive values for milk, fat and protein pounds and percent, Powerhouse is the new bull to consider with +1568 TPI.

76HO0279 Mr. Level also holds steady in his position as #1 fat bull in the breed at 110 pounds +.23% while having a slight increase to +1279 Milk, and a no-holes Type profile while being 6% Calving Ease. Lee sons of Tobi: 76HO0422 Trace and 76HO0424 Trey along with her Durham son 80HO0308 Titan continue to solidify their proofs as great component improvers with solid type and F&L improvers.

76HO0330 Heatherstone V Redwood *RC remains a health trait king with scores of +4.9 PL, 2.59 SCS and 7 CE.

ABS releases 13 new sires
ABS Global added 13 new sires to its active lineup with the recent release of the August 2006 sire summary data. The graduates include nine exceptional Holsteins, three exciting Jerseys and one outstanding Ayrshire.

“The 13 ABS new-release sires are a great addition to our globally strong lineup,” Scott Bentley, global dairy product manager, said. “They offer the complete package of production, type and health and management traits that produce profitable daughters for dairy producers around the world.”


Type leader 94HO11020 BKB AFFIRMED-ET*TL*TV comes to the lineup through the ABS and St. Jacobs ABC Judge’s Choice Program. AFFIRMED hails from a great pedigree, as he is a Comestar Lee out of the globally known Shoremar S Alicia-ET EX-97. AFFIRMED transmits high type, as his daughters are tall and strong with great style and balance throughout. He is also a superior udder and foot and leg standout, being over two points for each composite.

The BW Marshall son 29HO11012 Wa-Del CASHMERE-ET*TL*TV exhibits many of the traits of his famous relative CONVINCER, including style, angularity and outstanding feet and legs. With 2.16 Udder Composite and over two points on almost all udder traits, CASHMERE will produce consistent daughters with long-lasting udders.

29HO11089 By-My COLEMAN-ET*TL*TV sires moderate-sized dairy cows that stand on a tremendous set of feet and legs and a deep heel provided by his unique sire stack of ELLIPSIS x Prescott x Blackstar. Udders are well above the hock with an exceptionally high, wide rear udder attachment. With a low calving ease (6%) and ability to produce profitable daughters, COLEMAN will be a bull to use in heifer pens.

29HO11014 Langs-Twin-B DonDEE-ET*TL*TV is a DEBUT son and hails from the world-famous Meier-Meadows EL Jezebel-ET family. He excels in siring tall, strong, deep and open cows, being over two points on almost all of these traits. At +2.06 Feet and Legs Composite, DEE daughters track extremely well when viewed from the rear. DEE can be used in heifer pens and is an excellent source of components.

A highlight of the ABS new graduates is 29HO11153 Bomaz HOMESTEAD-ET*TL*TV. With over +2.25 for both udder and foot and leg composite, high type and milk components, this Hershel son provides the “total package.” HOMESTEAD also excels in health and management traits, where he is +2.65 on Somatic Cell Score and +2.5 Productive Life.

ABS udder improver 29HO11007 Ronland Jemimas JUNIOR-ET*TL*TV transmits high, wide rear udders, snug fore udders and low Somatic Cell Score. This Rock Solid Sire will produce consistent daughters with moderate size, long-lasting udders and correct feet and legs.

94HO11033 Windy-Knoll-View Rubens PRO*TL*TV hails from the famous Windy-Knoll-View Ultimate Pala family. This sire will produce daughters built for longevity through his high productive life and low SCS. With 2.13 Udder Composite, this Rock Solid® (100 daughters in 60 herds) sire will have great uddered daughters.

A BW Marshall son, 29HO12308 ABS REVOLUTION-ET*TL*TV combines style and balance with profitable production. His dam, Mayerlane Rud Bubble VG-86, is a ninth-generation VG or EX and the mother of REVOLUTION’s full brother R-E-W Buckeye. REVOLUTION is a foot and leg improvement bull with a +2.22 Feet and Legs Composite, siring daughters with a correct set to the rear legs and a deep heel.

29HO11084 B-Y-U BW SCRIMMAGE is backed by a great type and production family as his fourth dam, Sher-Est S-Wind Saturday EX-90, has a 4-year-old record of 41,000 of milk with 4.6 percent fat, 1,914 pounds of fat, 3.2 percent protein and 1,340 pounds of protein. SCRIMMAGE combines high production with a balanced linear pattern to earn his +1624 TPI.

One of the three new Jersey sires at ABS is 29JE3327 Molly Brook Mannix FAME-ET. He brings a very appealing package to dairy producers looking to increase longevity yet maintain production as he is +1.9 Productive Life, 2.91 Somatic Cell Score and +1322 Milk. His daughters are tall with tremendous height and width to the rear udder attachment.

29JE3312 Sunset Canyon MEMORIAL-ET excels in all of his health and management traits, being +2.3 Productive Life, 3.10 Somatic Cell Score and +1.2 Daughter Pregnancy Rate. He sires tall, strong daughters that produce milk with great fat and protein components. MEMORIAL sorted female semen is available.

29JE3325 Long Distance PARATROOPER-ET is a Paramount son that will sire dairy daughters with high, wide rear udders that produce high-quality, high-component milk. With this production and +1.5 Type, he is a must-use bull in the Jersey breed. Like MEMORIAL, PARATROOPER has sorted female semen available.

The final new release for August is 29AY7646 Galney-EPC Ripken RAVEN. This Ayrshire bull can provide high production (+1575 Milk) and high fat and protein components. RAVEN daughters have great frames as they are tall, strong and open cows.

Accelerated Genetics announces quarterly sire updates
The genetic lineup at Accelerated Genetics heats up after receiving results of the August 2006 genetic evaluations. Key sires added new information and improved their rankings for several traits. Also, many PACE graduates enter the active marketing lineup.

This evaluation saw a change in the calculation of Net Merit. The main changes are the inclusion of stillbirth data, updated economic values for Fat and Protein yield and a new method of crediting animals for Productive Life (PL). Stillbirth is the incidence of dead calves at birth or within 48 hours of birth. Two traits are evaluated on sires – Sire Stillbirth (SSB) and Daughter Stillbirth (DSB). SSB is the effect a sire has on his own calves. DSB is the incidence of his daughters having dead calves. PL now credits animals beyond 10 months of lactation and beyond 84 months old. The values have 1.4 times more variation than before. Accelerated Genetics’ top sire for PL is 014HO02586 Sailor, now at +6.0PL.

Fat and Protein Yield saw an update in the economic values that contribute to NM. Protein Yield is reduced significantly to account for current pricing. High Protein Yield sires are reduced by $1.26 per pound of protein. Also, PL has an increased value in NM to account for replacement heifer costs in recent times.

The highlight of the evaluations in Holsteins is 014HO04099 Billion. Sired by BW Marshall and from a Duster dam, Billion excels in many of the health traits. At +4.0 PL 2.70SCS +0.1DPR 7% SCE and 7% DCE, Billion is a natural fit for producers selecting for this kind of information. Billion’s production information climbed over 400 pounds of milk, 6 pounds of fat and 7 pounds of protein. He increased on PTAT as well. At +1892 TPI, Billion ranks fourth in the breed. His NM at +548 ranks in the top 10 of the breed. Use Billion on daughters of Pyrex, Boss, Iron, Juror, Ford, Galleon, Champion, Lon, Outside, Durham, Blitz, Roy, Garter, Throne, Morty, Stormatic, Finly and Oman. Look for Billion to be an international sire of sons.

Another BW Marshall son that increased well was 014HO04026 Airraid. By adding five more classified daughters, his type is elevated to +2.66PTAT, making him an elite sire in this category. Keep in mind he is +1672M and is +2.44 UDC and +2.10 FLC. Airraid’s dam is an outstanding Manfred daughter that is still producing well today. Airraid is being used as a sire of sons, as his TPI would indicate. Increasing to a TPI level of +1806, Airraid is an elite sire that is in high demand. Look for Airraid to complement daughters of Sailor, Juror, Ford, Pyrex, Lon, Fired, Rudolph, Mtoto and Outside.

At +3064 PTAM 014HO03831 Marion is still a heavy hitter for milk production. Marion’s TPI of +1826 puts him in the top 10 of the breed. Marion’s calves are on the ground and look outstanding. Look for his sons to be sampled next year. This Addison son from a Formation dam can be used on daughters of Ito, Galleon, Lon, Potter, Lynch, Die-Hard, Orion and Throne.

014HO03597 Potter had an increase in NM, in part because of the changes but also because of his tremendous PL DPR and stillbirth data. Potter sons are being sampled today by many of the A.I. organizations and his genetic impact will continue with his next generation of granddaughters. Potter increased in TPI to +1696, putting him in the top 50. Potter is an excellent choice on daughters of Dutch Boy, Foundation, BW Marshall, Durham, Aaron, Emerson, Blitz, Forbidden, Garter and Champion.

014HO04110 Scoop has been a fine addition to the lineup since graduating in May. He is an elite top 100 TPI sire with a somewhat different pedigree, being sired by Orion. Scoop is an outstanding foot and leg specialist and udder improver. This calving ease sire should mate well with daughters of Matt, Doug, Sailor, Delman, Tredway, Alfie, Outside, Moe, Trent, Adam and Amateur.

A new 6% SCE sire is 014HO03738 Matt. Now with over 900 calves and 91% Rel., Matt is a great choice for virgin heifers. Matt has solid credentials for production type and health data plus a unique pedigree, being a Mtoto from a Hunter dam. Use Matt on daughters of Malik, Galleon, Lon, Nelson, Veto and Potter.

014HO03217 Lon*CV is a great successful second-crop Pace graduate. Now at 99% Rel., he has never looked better. He is the third-highest UDC bull greater than 90% Rel. for type. His best linear traits are front and rear teat placement, udder depth, udder cleft and foot angle. For producers looking for improved health traits, Lon is +0.9DPR 2.79SCS and is +1.6PL. Lon should work well on daughters of Dutch Boy, Tredway, Nelson, Britt and Champion.

Another successful second-crop Pace graduate is 014HO03332 Fired. This Rudolph son is not extreme for production but excels in all of the health traits, including SCE (6%). +3.4PL 2.66SCS and +1.6DPR, making Fired a logical choice for many producers. Use Fired on daughters of Diamond, Ranger, Joker, Forest, Veto and Buck.

014HO04063 Danza is an excellent addition to the already powerful, proven lineup. This Ricecrest Marshall son is a great udder improver while giving a boost in components, being plus in percents and +57F and +43P. His best linear traits are fore udders along with udder depth and front teat placement. Danza should complement daughters of Sailor, Juror, Ford, Capri, Pyrex and Champion.

Another addition is 014HO04013 Darksky. This Pace grad has excellent credentials, being particularly good for type, frame strength, width and feet. His daughters also have snug udders that are well-attached. Darksky has a unique pedigree, being an Orion son. Use Darksky on daughters of Pyrex, Philip, Britt, Noah, Litening, Tredway and Joker.

014HO04079 Dee graduates to the lineup and is the second highest sire for PTAM at +2361. At 7% SCE, he can be recommended on virgin heifers. He improves dairy form, foot angle, udder cleft, front teat placement and rear teat placement. He is sired by BW Marshall and is from a Winken dam. Dee should work well on daughters of Boss, Iron, Juror, Ford, Lon, Fired and Potter.

014HO04131 Wrangler is a BW Marshall from a Honeycrest Patron Tanya-ET. Tanya has had several successful sons, and Wrangler does not disappoint her success. Wrangler has an impressive FLC of +1.92 and improves udders (+1.76UDC). At 7% SCE, he too can be used on heifers. Use Wrangler on daughters of Boss, Iron, Blacktone, Philip and Palmer.

For the Red and White Holstein enthusiasts, 014HO04075 Fiasco-Red (96% RHA-NA) graduates from PACE. Sired by 014HO01971 Veteran and out of a dam that is sired by 014HO01625 Phideaux, Fiasco-Red offers a refreshing choice for Red and White breeders. Use Fiasco-Red on daughters of Blaze, Tribute, Marmax, Talent and Perfect-Red.

Another Red and White Holstein sire being marketed at this time is 198HO00094 Elayo-Red (87%RHA-I). Elayo-Red is proven in Italy and has many daughters in his production and type evaluations. Sired by the German bull Stadel and out of a Factor dam, Elayo-Red should improve strength feet and legs and udders. At +1632 TPI, he is one of the highest-ranked sires for this. Elayo-Red should mate well with daughters of Reubens, Paradox-Red and Tribute.

Accelerated Genetics has four of the top 30 JPI sires that are active and at 70% Rel. They are 014JE00366 Blair (+208), 014JE00365 Rebel (+201), 014JE00396 Rampant (+187) and 014JE00394 Letterman (+186).

The Jersey breed adapted a new JPI formula for this evaluation. More weight is put on PL and DPR and less weight is put on protein yield. Minimal re-ranking occurred.

Select Sires adds outstanding new graduates to Holstein lineup
Select Sires recently introduced an updated lineup of 92 Holstein bulls, which features six new graduates, to dairy producers after reviewing the USDA’s quarterly release of genetic evaluations. The outstanding lineup includes two new sons of the popular sire father 7HO5375 Mara-Thon BW MARSHALL-ET and an exceptional type-improving Red bull.

“This exciting group of bulls features elite sires meeting specific market needs. Select Sires has the largest group of BW MARSHALL sons available, including two new graduates who perform extremely well for TPI™,” said Blaine Crosser, vice president of dairy sire product line and sales management for Select Sires. “All of Select’s new graduates offer an outstanding and broad variety of genetic options for our customers.”

Topping Select’s lineup for TPI among new graduates is the BW MARSHALL son 7HO7482 Jafral Marsh BINKY-ET. Scoring an impressive +1846 TPI, BINKY is second among Select’s lineup for TPI. He is an elite component sire (+.13% Fat +.02% Protein 81% Rel.) and has exceptional udder linears (+1.73 Udder Composite 78% Rel.). BINKY is a calving-ease specialist at 6% CE (70% Rel.), making him an excellent choice for heifers.

Dairy producers will also like 7HO7231 Pintail-Point Hrshl DAVE-ET for his outstanding milk production. DAVE debuts as Select’s No. 2 sire for Milk at a tank-filling +2,099 (85% Rel.) and ranks No. 8 in Select’s lineup for Net Merit $ (+458). DAVE combines favorable components (+77 Fat +53 Protein), freestall-friendly type and top production for a total performance TPI of +1703 (82% Rel.).

7HO7872 KHW Kite ADVENT-RED-ET is the hottest Red bull in the industry. He has already produced three national spring show winners and several very good 2-year-olds. ADVENT-RED is an incredible type sire (+3.01 PTAT +2.50 UDC +1.79 FLC 66% Rel.) with extreme components (+.13% Fat +.04% Protein 82% Rel.). He hails from an Excellent (91-2E) 7HO5157 Regancrest Elton DURHAM-ET*CV daughter that has five generations of Excellent dams behind her.

Breeders looking for total performance and Net Merit $ improvers have two new options in Select’s lineup, 7HO7396 Velvet-View-KJ STRUCTURE-ET and 7HO7475 RI-VAL-Re 2113 Majesty-ET. STRUCTURE scores +1656 for TPI and is over +1.30 on all composites, including +1.32 UDC and +1.35 FLC (84% Rel.). He also boasts high components (+.10% Fat +.00% Protein) with +1,033 Milk. STRUCTURE’s combination of components and solid management traits makes him Select’s fourth-highest BW MARSHALL son for Net Merit $ at +$355.

RI-VAL makes the breed’s Top 100 TPI list at +1692 (83% Rel.) and is an elite milk and yield sire (+1,788 Milk +65 Fat +52 Protein 86% Rel.). He also ranks among Select’s Top 20 for Net Merit $ at +406. His 7HO2236 Emprise Bell ELTON*CV-free pedigree makes him a good mating for DURHAM daughters and granddaughters.

Rounding out Select’s list of new graduates is 7HO7566 Mr Reagancrest DEX-ET. DEX, a Donnandale Skychief-ET son. He appeals to dairy producers looking for high-component sires with outstanding type conformation traits. He also fits the cheese market at +.14% Fat and +.03% Protein (86% Rel.). Outstanding linears support his +1.79 PTAT and +1.85 UDC (79% Rel.). Backed by a unique sire stack and 7HO1897 To-Mar BLACKSTAR-ET-free pedigree, DEX provides plenty of mating options. He should also be considered for use on heifers, with 7% Calving Ease (73% Rel.).

Semex delivers with August 2006 proofs
Semex USA’s Power Line features bulls specially selected to help dairy producers attain specific breeding goals. These sires showed their strength in the August 2006 genetic evaluations.

Semex is proud of its 100 percent CVM-free product offering; all bulls are tested free of this hereditary defect found in the Holstein breed.

200HO04779 R-E-W BUCKEYE (BW Marshall x Rudolph) is the Holstein breed’s highest-ranking Bellwood Marshall son at +1899 TPI. Buckeye, the complete package at +1862 PTAM, +2.41 PTAT, +2.21 UDC and +2.05 FLC, also offers 6% Calving Ease and 7% Daughter Calving Ease. Progeny will be long-lasting and trouble-free at +2.86 SCS and +2.40 PL. Field reports indicate Buckeye daughters are becoming even better as they progress through their second lactations. Buckeye is a graduate of Semex USA’s Premier Young Sire program.

200HO01584 Diamond-Oak FROSTY (BW Marshall x Sand) is a high-component BW Marshall Premier graduate from a tremendous cow family. He comes in on the August TPI chart at +1721 and promises abundant production at +1799 PTAM.

Yet another product of the Semex USA Premier program, heavy hitter 200HO00044 Stouder MORTY (Formation x Aerostar) provides 99% reliability as he adds over 4,500 daughters, climbing nearly 100 pounds to +1835 PTAM.

200HO03280 Gillette FINAL CUT (Inquirer x Storm) offers an impressive Canadian pedigree and exceptional components. A calving ease sire, Final Cut jumps to +2.33 PTAT. Daughters have sensational openness of rib, with high, wide rear udders that exhibit strong median suspensory ligaments.

200HO03274 Braedale BAM BAM (Igniter x Storm) jumps to +2.34 PTAT and +2.34 UDC. He is an extreme component improver at +.30% Fat due to the Gypsy Grand influence. Bam Bam infuses his daughters with stature, angularity and youthful udders.

200HO03121 Hartline TITANIC (Storm x Leadman) reclaims the Number One LPI position in Canada. This international sire of sons continues to please producers worldwide at +2.09 PTAT, +2.28 FLC and +1703 TPI, with 6% Calving Ease and an ultra-dairy daughter group that pays the bills.

Also ranking high on the LPI chart is 200HO01677 Regancrest DOLMAN (BW Marshall x Emory). He converts stateside to +1612 TPI, +2.62 PTAT, +2.54 UDC and +2.16 FLC, also including a unique 165 aAa in his portfolio. Daughters are silky, long-bodied and eye-catching with great udder texture and overall balance. Dolman is from the heart of the famous “Dellia” family.

072HO01758 Comestar LHEROS (Mason x Blackstar) continues to build upon his exciting second-crop success, adding 5,170 daughters. Lheros presents a no-holes type proof; daughters have tremendous strength and power.

200HO03101 Braedale FREELANCE (Aeroline x Grand) adds an abundance of second-crop daughters, jumping to +2.28 PTAT, +1.05 FLC and +1165 PTAM. Freelance delivers exceptional udder quality and udder health, packaged with open, angular frames and the ability to produce.

200HO03281 Pen-Col GENERAL (R Marshall x Formation) is a Premier graduate and Semex’s number one udder bull at +3.05 UDC. A terrific combination of type and production, General sires daughters that are trouble-free, hardworking members of any herd.

Genex lineup can power your profits
In August, the USDA revealed the most profit-oriented sire selection index ever. Genex Cooperative, Inc., wholly backs the revised Lifetime Net Merit $ index – LNM$ 2006 – which reflects progress in identifying and evaluating traits that affect your farm profits.

1HO7235 TOYSTORY remains the preeminent bull in the Holstein breed at +$436 LNM$ and sixth overall in the breed for Type Production Index™ (TPI). TOYSTORY combines production with a positive Productive Life (+1.3), Sire Calving Ease (7%) and now a +4 Estimated Relative Conception Rate (ERCR). As always, the star also exhibits very attractive numbers for PTA Type (+2.70) and Udder Composite (+2.89), making him the ultimate choice for dairymen around the globe.

The August sire summaries illustrated the long-term commitment by Genex to “maximize the profitability of members and customers worldwide” as 18 profit-packed, second-crop sires solidified their places in the active lineup.

Topping the list was 1HO5045 LYNCH, in the 96th percentile for LNM$. With over 29,000 daughters, LYNCH has become a global favorite. Producers around the world choose this sire because of his high LNM$ ranking backed by strong milk components (+0.09% Protein and +0.19% Fat), 6% SCE, +3.3 Productive Life and +1.9 DPR. On a side note, also in the top 10 percent of the breed for LNM$ is 37HO7169 LOTTO, the only LYNCH son available to date.

Among the outstanding second-crop sires are favorites 1HO6158 TRENT *MF, 1HO3906 GRANGER *CV, 1HO5306 BOND, 1HO5588 SOSA and 1HO6149 GARTER.

Emerging in the 97th percentile for LNM$ was 1HO7386 ZIMMER, a Dutch Boy son by a Winchester. ZIMMER offers strong production (+1400 Milk), and he is one of the best in the lineup for Productive Life at +4.1.

The Jocko Besne son from Holland Genetics, 97HO4794 PARAMOUNT, landed in the 95th percentile for LNM$. This sire improves feet and legs (+2.07 Foot & Leg Composite) and udders (+1.61 Udder Composite). Most notable udder traits include +3.3 udder height, +3.1 udder width, +2.3 udder cleft, +2.3 front teat placement and +2.3 teat length.

1HO7275 CHAN, an all-round sire, excels in conformation (+1.50 PTAT), udders (+1.68 Udder Composite) and feet and legs (+1.29 Foot & Leg Composite). He sires long-living (+3.5 Productive Life), fertile (+0.7 DPR) daughters with loads of profitable production.

New Holland Genetics sire, 97HO4813 RAMON, debuts in the active lineup at +$372 LNM$ in the 82nd percentile. A Manat x Apollo, the tremendous components specialist transmits +64 Protein and +73 Fat (82% Rel.).

97HO4803 PASCAL, a Cello x Addison son, offers over +1500 Milk, and is a sire for heifer pens with a 6% Sire Calving Ease and 6.5% Sire Stillbirth. His 1.16 PTAT complements his production and positive Productive Life.

A new high production sire is 1HO7554 STALLION, who ranks ninth in the lineup for Milk (+2097, 82% Rel.). He is a high type sire (+1.84 PTAT), fifth in the lineup behind TOYSTORY, 1HO7231 DIGMANN, 1HO7154 ENCINO and 1HO7321 MARC.

Rounding out the nine new sires is the all-round improver and component specialist, 1HO7373 DRAKE; a high PTAT (+1.17) and Udder Composite (+1.37) sire, 1HO7385 SAUL *CV; and 1HO7083 SINGE, holding the #4 spot in the lineup for Udder Composite (+2.15) behind three other BW Marshall sons. PD