New autogenous vaccines added to the lineup

“Environmental conditions are constantly in flux, giving rise to new diseases and organisms,” says J. Bruce Addison, president for Addison Labs. “When a farm encounters an organism that is unique or variant, veterinarians and producers are faced with a challenge of how to handle the situation. If a commercial vaccine is not available for the bacterium, an autogenous vaccine may be useful.”

Autogenous vaccines fit a specific need and are an option to control losses associated with disease. With this new offering of autogenous vaccines, AgriLabs is addressing problems such as:

  • Moraxella bovoculi
    • Pinkeye, associated with M. bovis and M. bovoculi, appears to be an increasing problem among cattle. A single dose of the I-Site XP vaccine protects cattle against M. bovis. Currently, no commercial vaccines are available to treat M. bovoculi. Having an autogenous vaccine constructed is a good choice.
  • Streptococcus uberis
    • S. uberis is the most common streptococcal species isolated from mastitis case submissions in the UK, New Zealand and U.S. The vaccine production process for this organism is efficient and allows the use of autogenous vaccines as an effective tool in the battle against such a formidable and significant mastitis opponent as S. uberis. All combinations of streptococcus can be included in the formulation as well as other causative autogenous bacteria. Bovine E. coli and clostridium autogenous are also available.

AgriLabs’ relationship with Addison Labs will incorporate an autogenous option using a novel Enabl adjuvant developed for use in cattle vaccines. Research shows that Enabl, which has a 21-day withdrawal period, improves vaccine stability and can provide a stronger immune response.  end mark


—From AgriLabs news release