Name: Elizabeth Karides
City, state: Severna Park, Maryland
Reign year: 2021-22

Summary of yourself and your ag/dairy background:

I got my start in dairy at age 8 when I joined the Anne Arundel Dairy Leasing 4-H Club. Since joining, I have gotten to lease and exhibit dairy heifers at livestock shows and have competed on Maryland’s Dairy Bowl team at the 2021 North American International Livestock Exposition.

Schmitz audrey
Editor / Progressive Dairy

How your reign started:

After being crowned my region’s dairy princess, I competed against the other regional dairy princesses in Maryland for the state title. The competition consisted of an interview with out-of-state judges, a milk toast delivery, a presentation of a promotional skit and our answers to a final question at the coronation.

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Your promotion activities over the past year:

My promotional events have consisted of giving presentations at pre-kindergarten and elementary schools, presentations for civic organizations like Lions Clubs and Toastmasters, conducting radio interviews and submitting articles about milk’s nutritional value to numerous newspapers all over Maryland.

Specific promotion activity you are most proud of from your reign:

I am most proud of my interview with the Baltimore-based WCBM radio station. I discussed the. nutritional value of real milk and the commendable work ethic of dairy farmers. Dairy farming is an honorable livelihood, and having the chance to advocate for it for thousands of listeners was a pleasure.

What you think it takes to be successful at promoting dairy:

To be a successful dairy promoter, one should be skilled in public speaking and be able to converse with people of all ages and backgrounds. It is also great to be creative when figuring out new ways to share the dairy story and having an open mind when taking on new experiences.  end mark


PHOTO: Elizabeth Karides delivers a milk toast at the 52nd Taste of Maryland Agriculture networking event. Photo courtesy of Headshot photo provided by Elizabeth Karides.