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ASV introduces new Yanmar-powered RT-50 featuring more power and comfort

ASV Holdings Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of all-purpose and all-season compact track loaders and skid steers, introduces a new generation of the company’s RT-50 Posi-Track loader, now powered by a Yanmar engine. The new machine boasts an impressive-for-its-size 53.8 horsepower, up a full 8% from the previous model. The repowered RT-50 also offers improved serviceability, allowing owners to have the Yanmar engine serviced at ASV dealers. In addition to these benefits, the new RT-50 features new comfort, visibility and performance features, elevating the RT-50 as one of the top compact track loaders in both performance and comfort in its class. The Yanmar-powered RT-50 provides construction-grade performance in a small package and is ideally suited for work in tight spaces, such as for rental, landscaping, construction, snow clearing and more.

The repowered RT-50 features a more powerful new 53.8-horsepower Tier 4, 3-cylinder turbo-charged Yanmar engine­. The machine has a high tractive effort and exceptional pushing and digging power thanks to ASV’s Posi-Power system. The compact track loader allows contractors to be more productive, with high performance thanks in part to a nimble 58.5-inch width, a 9.1-foot lift height, a 1,400-pound-rated operating capacity and a 7.1 mph top speed.

The RT-50’s industry standard quick attach fits a wide variety of attachments. New to the machine is an optional hydraulic quick attach that allows operators to change attachments from the comfort of the cab. The loader’s compact size allows it to be conveniently towed behind a 1/2-ton pickup truck, a fact that makes its performance capabilities even more impressive.

Variable auxiliary hydraulic flow comes standard, and the machine can operate efficiently at a high auxiliary circuit flow rate, powered by 13.3 gallons per minute (gpm) of pump capacity and 3,000 pounds per square inch (psi) of system pressure. ASV eliminates labor-intensive belt servicing through the use of a direct drive pump. This, along with the machine’s large line sizes and hydraulic coolers, transfers more flow and pressure directly to the attachment to help prevent power loss.

For more information on the repowered RT-50 and available options, visit ASV’s website. Contact a local dealer to schedule a demo or product walkaround.

Photo courtesy of Yanmar Compact Equipment.


Yanmar Compact Equipment introduces next-generation ViO17-1E and ViO25-6B miniexcavators

Yanmar Compact Equipment introduces a new generation of its ViO17 and ViO25 miniexcavators. The ViO17-1E and ViO25-6B are upgraded for improved operator comfort, convenience and ease of use, while retaining Yanmar equipment’s reputation for high performance and reliability in tight spaces. The ViO17-1E is best suited for residential work, landscaping and small general construction projects. The ViO25-6B also excels in those applications but brings additional power and size for benefits in building maintenance projects, irrigation, plumbing pipeline and more.

Yanmar Compact Equipment will showcase the ViO17-1E at the Equip Exposition on Oct. 18-21, 2022, in Louisville, Kentucky. The compact equipment manufacturer will share booth 1142 with ASV Holdings Inc, both under the Yanmar Compact Equipment North America umbrella. The brands will also exhibit in demo area booth 7766D. 


The ViO17-1E offers a 4,023-pound operating weight and 14.5-horsepower engine, while the ViO25-6B features a 5,908-pound operating weight and 20.4-horsepower engine. Both models feature a light footprint for minimized damage to soft, delicate surfaces in landscaping, residential and sculpting applications. Despite their small size, the models feature impressive dig depths of 7 feet, 7 inches for the ViO17-1E and 10 feet for the ViO25-6B.

Yanmar builds the ViO17-1E and ViO25-6B with true zero tail swing technology for maximum workplace performance. Zero tail swing models are designed so that no part of the cab or canopy extends beyond the track width. This helps protect both the structure the machine is working next to and the machine itself in tight spaces.

As an added benefit, the ViO17-1E has a unique, retractable undercarriage that allows operators to hydraulically extend and retract the track width. This makes it even easier for the machine to access narrow jobsites. Paired with Yanmar’s legendary and reliable diesel engines, both the ViO17-1E and ViO25-6B are made for show-stopping performance.

Photo courtesy of May Wes.


Compression-molded UHMW cutterbar skid shoes for Case IH, New Holland, MacDon drapers now available from May Wes

May Wes, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket poly agricultural parts, introduces its new compression-molded ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) cutterbar skid shoes for Case IH, New Holland and MacDon drapers. 

Manufactured from slick and durable 3/8-inch-thick virgin UHMW poly, the new cutterbar skid shoe measures 6-by-6.5 inches and fits Case IH 2162/2152/2142, New Holland 82C/83C/84C/86C and MacDon FD1/D1/FD75/FD70/D65/D60/D50/974/973 drapers. It replaces OEM part numbers 120546, 129297 and 87532221. Priced at $11 each or $105 for a 10 pack, the May Wes molded cutterbar skid shoe is much less expensive than OEM. The skid shoe is compression molded in May Wes’ Hutchinson, Minnesota, compression molding shop. The skid shoe is pre-drilled; hardware is not included.

Celebrating 50 years of service in 2022, May Wes pioneered the application of poly to the agricultural industry. The company manufactures UHMW poly skid shoes for a wide range of headers, including Case IH, New Holland, John Deere, Claas, Lexion, Caterpillar, and Gleaner/Massey. May Wes uses only virgin UHMW plastic to manufacture its skid shoes, rather than inferior recycled plastics. This results in a more durable, slicker and longer-lasting skid shoe. May Wes skid shoes allow operators to run their head and cutterbar as low as possible without pushing and piling soil, resulting in more crop in the combine, even in wet, sticky conditions.

May Wes poly skid shoes are available at the website, or order by phone at (800) 788-6483 or purchase through local May Wes authorized dealers.

Photo courtesy of Kuhn North America.


Kuhn Interceptor 8055 high-speed conservation tillage

Kuhn North America is pleased to introduce the new Interceptor 8055 high-speed conservation tillage tool for sizing, distributing and incorporating residue into a full-cut width of worked soil. Residue is mixed throughout the soil profile, aiding breakdown and preventing a “mat” of residue from being formed either on or below the soil surface. The Interceptor 8055 can be used to control green growth, particularly in the presence of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Unique to the Interceptor 8055, an innovative stability control system helps reduce the “hopping” that often characterizes high-speed, full-width tillage tools. Individually mounted Excalibur CT blades operate on a shallow compound angle to reduce smearing and compaction by limiting weight on the backside of the blade. Nine-inch blade spacing provides a full-width cutout, and the two parallel rows are arranged in a tandem layout to prevent “dog-tracking” or windrowing of residue. The distance between the rows of blades allows soil and residue to land, reducing the risk of plugging in wet conditions.

Behind the front row of blades, a heavy-duty tine harrow controls soil and residue flow to help prevent buildup in the rear of the machine and improves residue distribution across the field. Depth is controlled from the tires in the center of the machine and is adjusted from a single point. At the rear of the machine, the Star Wheel treaders and 24/7 reel attachment provide excellent leveling and clod sizing. Star Wheel pressure is adjustable, and the reel can be raised from the cab for extended run time in wet conditions. Maintenance-free features are incorporated throughout the Interceptor 8055, reducing daily maintenance and increasing machine uptime. 

The Interceptor 8055 is available in 30-foot (29-foot real-time kinematic [RTK]), 36-foot (35-foot RTK) and 40-foot (39-foot, 6-inch RTK) working widths and is designed to be used at field speeds of 8 to 10 mph.