Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) has been working overdrive this fall to provide consumers with a better understanding of what’s behind the Blue Cow logo and 100% Canadian dairy. Here’s a quick look at how DFC is connecting with consumers young and old to ensure the values of our nation’s farmers are well understood.

Environmental partnerships

In 2021, we partnered with several sustainability-focused organizations helping Canadian dairy farmers make impactful changes on the farm. These innovative partnerships support a range of innovative projects being undertaken by our partners in different regions all across Canada.

DFC launched several promotional initiatives to help showcase how farmers are working with these partners to create a greener future for us all.

For instance, the national not-for-profit organization Cleanfarms is helping dairy farmers reduce on-farm plastic waste by connecting them to programs that repurpose this would-be refuse. To help highlight their cutting-edge work, DFC released a series of animated videos called From Farm to Recycled, detailing the Zero-Plastic-Waste Strategy for Agriculture program in a consumer-friendly way. DFC used organic social media, including relevant farmer influencers and our very own TikTok influencer Daisy, to promote the partnership to a Gen Z audience.

DFC also partnered with Ducks Unlimited Canada, a mainstay in Canadian environmental protection, which is working with farmers to enhance on-farm biodiversity. DFC highlighted some of the partner farms for organic video content for social media, showing what kind of work goes into restoring and preserving local biodiversity.


Virtual farm tours

In collaboration with no fewer than nine universities across Canada, DFC launched a series of virtual dairy farm tours for post-secondary dietetic and nutrition students. The events were designed to debunk myths and misconceptions about dairy practices for the next generation of food and nutrition experts, the very people who provide dietary recommendations to consumers.

Throughout the month of October, more than 400 students participated in these interactive tours, seeing how Canadian farms operate under strict regulations and safety systems to produce high-quality milk. Students learned about the absence of artificial growth hormones and how farmers responsibly use antibiotics, testing to verify that no residues make it into the milk before it leaves the farm.

Encouraging Canadians to choose Canadian dairy this holiday season

Food plays a major part of the holidays, but as imports and plant-based products take up more space in the market, DFC is reminding Canadians that nutritious, high-quality products made from 100% Canadian dairy are close at hand to help create those magic moments with friends and family. Our holiday campaign reminds shoppers that DFC’s Blue Cow logo stands for quality, local foods and dedicated farmers. It’s a quick way they can know they’re buying local at the busiest time of the year.

The digital and TV campaign links the Blue Cow logo and proAction pillars with Canadian dairy so that more shoppers know how our products align with their values. The goal is to help consumers feel good about sharing their holiday favourites with friends and family this season.

Online Sustainability Hub

As an extension of their fall marketing campaign that shone a light on composting as a tangible step toward fighting climate change, DFC unveiled a new Sustainability Hub to answer consumer questions and showcase the everyday sustainability efforts taking place on dairy farms across the country. When Canadians hear our farmers say they are committed to reaching net zero by 2050, we want the tactics already being adopted on farms to come top of mind: best practices related to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing soils, caring for animals, embracing technology and more that farmers have been working on for decades.

Through this centralized online destination, Canadians can learn about our sector’s current progress and the strategies farmers use on their way to net zero. They’ll see that our dairy farmers are naturally committed to caring for the environment and are motivated to run farms as efficiently and sustainably as possible – to succeed as a business and because it’s the right thing to do.