Devaney kimmi
Editor and Podcast Host / Progressive Dairy

Already the longest hearing in USDA history, the Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) Pricing Formula Hearing still has one week to go. The hearing is in recess during the week of Jan. 22 and will resume at 8 a.m. EST on Monday, Jan. 29 at the 502 Event Center in Carmel, Indiana. Those wishing to tune in virtually can do so by following the directions listed on the main page of the hearing website.

After a holiday recess, the hearing resumed on Jan. 16 and focused on proposal 20 submitted by the Milk Innovation Group (MIG), which aims to lower the Class I differential in all 3,108 counties of the U.S. by $1.60 per hundredweight (cwt). Most witnesses testified on behalf of MIG.


As of Jan. 22, transcripts from the beginning of the hearing on Aug. 23 through Dec. 1 (the end of week 9) are available on the hearing website along with written testimony and other exhibits.