Alltech Hosts 2nd Annual Gator Giveaway With more than 120 attendees, Alltech’s Gator Giveaway held on April 19 provided a chance for local producers to come together and be rewarded for their dedication to sustainability and efforts to feed the world. Attendees from all across the province came for the possibility of walking away with a 2012 625i John Deere Gator. Ty Yeast, Canadian managing director of Alltech, started the program off by expressing the importance of customer appreciation, elevating exposure and bringing excitement back to the agricultural community. This support was reciprocated by long standing relationships with customers such as those in attendance. Yeast stated, “I love the way the Alltech Gator Giveaway provides a small way for us to say thank you and helps drives agriculture forward. We want to help our technologies on farm thereby helping you.”

After a brief discussion of the latest industry challenges and trends, the winner of the Alltech Gator Giveaway was rewarded to Philip Waldner of Delta Colony, near Austin, Manitoba.

Plans for next year’s giveaway have already begun and Alltech is excited to see the campaign expand in 2013.

—From Alltech news release

Four new Merlo dealers across Canada

Manulift EMI, the Canadian importer of Merlo telehandlers, has concluded four major dealership agreements throughout Canada -- expanding its primarily Eastern Canadian operation to a national level.


The company will achieve its expansion plan, which was started in 2010, by strategically targeting and signing dealership agreements with dynamic businesses established and recognized in their respective region.

Manulift has recently signed agreements with:

  1. Valley Sales & Service Ltd, located in St-Andre, New Brunswick. Specialized in the sales and service of agricultural and industrial equipment, they offer high end products to assure quality and liability to their customers. They are the first dealer in the Maritimes.
  2. Anderson Equipment Sales, located in Belleville, Ontario. Like Manulift, this is a family business focused on providing the best products to their customers and offering the very best in service. They are very confident for the success with Merlo’s agricultural products; especially with dairy producers, who have an existing need for such versatile equipment.
  3. Delta Power Equipment serves the very South-Western region of Ontario with four locations. They are aware of the growing need for telehandlers that have quality and are versatile.
  4. E. Bourassa & Sons, serving the South-Central and South-East areas of Saskatchewan. They believe in specialized staff to support today’s technology and customer requirements while providing all solutions to their farming and ranching producer partners.

To ensure growth and to support new dealers, a start up plan has been jointly established with all the Manulift EMI departments.

This plan includes a 90 day period during which Manulift EMI is providing the tools and training for the sales, parts and mechanics departments. Afterwards, the new dealers will be able to operate the Merlo dealership autonomously along with the continuous support and expertise of Manulift EMI.

—From Manulift EMI news release

Holstein Canada’s Annual General Meeting
Dairy producers from across Canada attended Holstein Canada’s 129th Annual Meeting at the Keystone Center in Brandon, Manitoba, on April 21.

Elected officers of the Holstein Association of Canada for 2012 include Glen McNeil as president and Richard Bosma as vice-president/board chairman, as well as directors Orville Schmidt, Ron Boerchers, John Buckley and Ron Sleeth.

Holstein Canada maintained a strong financial position throughout the 2011 year and reported an operating fund surplus of $279,472.

As expected, operating revenue of $11.8 million decreased slightly compared to the previous year. This was mainly due to a modest decline in registration and classification activity. Junior memberships increased by 3 percent; however the overall number of memberships decreased by 1 percent as predicted.

Operating expenses increased by 1 percent over the previous year for a total of $11.5 million.

President Paul MacLeod talked about the member input sessions and the decision not to proceed with amalgamation with Canadian Dairy Network.

He discussed the importance and value of meeting and listening to members in this process. The passion Holstein Canada members show indicates how much they care about the industry and the association.

MacLeod reiterated the importance of Holstein Canada continuing to look for efficiencies and opportunities. He also stressed the importance of Canadian genetic improvement services and the need to continue developing the Canadian Holstein cow to be profitable, efficient and eye-appealing.

MacLeod concluded by stating that Holstein Canada was proud to host the 2012 World Holstein Conference in November.

Board Chairman Glen McNeil presented the board of director and finance reports.

Holstein Canada maintained a solid financial position and performed very well in 2011. For 2012, modest growth in the areas of registration, genotyping and classification are expected.

Chief Executive Officer Brian Van Doormaal presented the administrative report outlining key business highlights for 2011. Registration and classification activities were down slightly but Holstein Canada had just completed two consecutive years of record breaking results in both areas.

Genotyping continues to be an important growth area for Holstein Canada. A new service called GenoID will be launched June 1. GenoID uses genomic testing to discover parentage, register animals and provide a genetic evaluation.

Other significant initiatives included the expansion of Holstein Canada’s field service staff and the commercialization of the Canadian classification system in Mexico.

Two prestigious Holstein Canada awards were presented during the annual meeting:

  1. Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind VG-88-3yr-CAN 34* (5/166) was named 2011 Cow of the Year. She was bred by Ferme Gillette Inc., Embrun, Ontario, and owned by Ferme Gillette Inc., and T-Wave Holsteins, Hokkaido, Japan.
  2. The Century of Holsteins Award (1912-2011) was presented to Ellacott Family from Moncton, Ontario, and the Wallace Family Farm from Penobsquis, New Brunswick.

A highlight for many attending the convention was the Master Breeder banquet recognizing twenty-one Holstein breeders from across Canada. Achieving Master Breeder status is one of the most coveted awards in the dairy industry today.

—From Holstein Canada news release

Alliance gives dairy producers access to new genetic testing services

Canada’s dairy producers have long recognized the benefits of identifying desired genetic traits in their herds.

Now, with the creation of a new alliance, producers will have greater access to genetic testing services that will provide clear, uniform information regarding the genetic potential of their cattle and provide insight on how to apply the data to make more informed herd management decisions.

Effective May 1, Pfizer Animal Health joined the existing alliance between the Canadian Dairy Network (CDN), the Holstein Association of Canada (Holstein Canada), the Semex Alliance and its owners CIAQ, EastGen and Westgen (Semex).

In doing so, Pfizer Animal Health brings its expertise in dairy genetics and a new genetics testing service to the Canadian market.

The new alliance will foster a collaborative approach to delivering predictive genetic information to the Canadian dairy industry, promote female genotyping and assist Canada’s dairy producers to use genetic information to make sound management decisions and propagating desired traits.

“Our organizations are committed to working together to help dairy producers increase the effectiveness of selection and herd management,” said Brian Van Doormaal, general manager, Canadian Dairy Network and chief executive officer, Holstein Canada.

“Our ultimate goal is to ensure all producers in Canada have access to genetic information and the delivery of genetic services is a crucial step in that direction.”

Genetic testing can identify the potential of young animals quickly, targeting traits such as future milk production as well as health traits such as future reproductive performance and udder health. It can also help achieve selection goals much faster than conventional breeding.

Paul Larmer, chief executive officer of Semex, said, “Genetic testing of desired traits is the next animal health frontier. The technology already provides a wealth of information but it is only the tip of the iceberg.

"We are also excited about the research opportunities that will come through this alliance – opportunities that will lead to the discovery of new health protocols and new farm management practices.”

Pfizer Animal Health’s CLARIFIDE now available in Canada
Genomic services is a new area for Pfizer Animal Health in Canada and a key part of the company’s goal of being able to work collaboratively with producers and the animal health industry, offering products, services and diagnostic tools.

In conjunction with the creation of the alliance, Pfizer Animal Health is introducing its CLARIFIDE genetics service in Canada and training dairy practitioners as CLARIFIDE Accredited Veterinarians. These veterinarians will work with producers on testing and interpretation of test results.

Dr. Melodie Chan, technical services veterinarian with Pfizer Animal Health, said,“Access to information from genetic testing is a tremendous asset for producers and we want them to have the confidence to make informed decisions.

As with any new technology, navigating the data and knowing what to do with it can be a challenge. The support of these specially trained, CLARIFIDE Accredited Veterinarians will help producers make the most of the genetic information obtained.”

Using a range of tools developed by Pfizer and Semex, CLARIFIDE Accredited Veterinarians will work with dairy producers on testing, helping them interpret the results so that they can make more informed decisions about sire selection, reproductive strategies and overall herd management.

Pfizer expects to have approximately 75 CLARIFIDE Accredited Veterinarians across Canada by June.

Producers can submit samples through the CLARIFIDE service, which will provide them with genetic evaluations provided by CDN. Through the CLARIFIDE service, producers can access customer reports based on samples submitted. PD

—From Holstein Canada news release

The winner of the Alltech Gator Giveaway, Philip Waldner from Delta Colony, with Ty Yeast, Canadian managing director of Alltech, and Kyle Klimpke, territory sales manager. Photo courtesy of Alltech.