On November 15, the board of directors of the National Dairy Producers Organization, Inc. passed a resolution in support of H.R. 2813. The bill, also referred to as the “Milk Import Tariff Equity Act,” was introduced by Rep. Peter Welch to the House of Representatives on Aug. 5, 2011.

Bill Rowell, Chair of the National Dairy Producers Organization, Inc. explained that the language of the legislation will work in conjunction with the efforts of the National Dairy Producers Organization, Inc. “The chief importance of the bill is that it closes the loophole in the language on milk protein concentrates (MPCs),” he said.

The loophole allows for the free flow of MPCs, Caseins and Caseinates into this country, without being accounted for as dairy products.

According to a press release, distributed from Welchʼs office, “The Milk Import Tariff Equity Act would simply close this loophole and ensure that milk protein concentrates are regulated at the same level as other dairy products.”

Between 1998 and 2002, approximately 318 billion pounds of U.S. produced milk protein was displaced by imports. At the time, MPCs werenʼt included in legislation.


“Foreign producers have taken advantage of this oversight and increased exports at a rate higher than is allowed for other dairy products,” states the release.

In their Contract with Producers, the National Dairy Producers board pledged to “work to correct deceptive milk importing practices that dramatically impact the value of milk produced domestically.” Welchʼs bill addresses the need for more accurate regulation and closes the unfavorable loophole on MPCs.

“Welch is a skilled legislator and works in line with the bipartisan effort,” Rowell said in his comments supporting the proposed bill. “This legislation recognizes the importance of getting closer to where we need to be.” PD

—National Dairy Producers Organization press release