Scott Pilgrim Mondovi, Wisconsin Territory Sales Manager Van Beek Natural Science

Please describe your agricultural background
I grew up on a dairy farm near Boyd, Wisconsin. I was very active in FFA and have been employed in the dairy industry throughout my career.

What education are you bringing to this position?
I gained most of my knowledge with hands-on learning. Listening to the challenges of dairymen and what they need and expect is the best teaching anyone can experience. I currently have three siblings running their own dairies, and I learn from the experiences and challenges they face on a daily basis.

What territory will you cover?
I will be working throughout the state of Wisconsin.

What are your new responsibilities?
I will be implementing sales training and providing technical support to our distributors. I will also assist the product development team with testing and developing products to fit producer’s needs to increase their profitability.


What previous positions have you held?
I have managed a chemical and animal health route sale in northwest Wisconsin.

What excites you most about working in this new role?
I am very excited to be able to provide producers with high quality products and work with a company that provides excellent customer service and knowledge to their producers and distributors. I also enjoy getting on the farm to talk with different dairymen and herdsman to hear their success stories with the Van Beek products.

How will you be of most help to producers in your region or area of expertise?
I will be able to provide producers with alternatives to antibiotics. With Van Beek products, I will be able to help producers prevent clinical issues and reduce subclinical issues in dairy cows and calves, as well as lower involuntary cow losses. This, in turn, will help by increasing the producer’s bottom line.

What goals would you like to accomplish while in this position?
I would like to get full distribution of Van Beek products throughout the state. I would also like to help Van Beek to be known as the leader in alternative animal health products.

Why did you choose this company?
Van Beek is a very well respected family oriented company with high quality products. Van Beek cares about their customers and employees. PD