Producers and veterinarians looking to make more informed decisions to advance genetic progress in their herds have a new educational resource from Pfizer Animal Genetics. “Using Genetics to Optimize Cattle Performance” is the first of three free e-learning sessions to be made available at to help beef and dairy producers, veterinarians and anyone involved in the cattle industry understand how to use genetic testing to accelerate genetic improvement and mitigate risk.

“Even though most cattle producers and veterinarians have heard of genomics and DNA testing, they may have questions about how the technology can help them make better decisions,” says Brad Kolstad, senior marketing manager, Pfizer Animal Genetics. “Our aim is to answer those questions through this new e-learning module, which can help participants better understand how genomic testing can accelerate the genetic progress of a cattle herd.”

The first session in the e-learning module addresses many of the questions surrounding genetic testing and the application of it through easy-to-understand videos and case studies on dairy and beef operations. The session also covers:
• The business case for genetic testing.
• Advancements in genomic technology.
• Real-world applications for cow/calf, seedstock and commercial dairy operations.

“Using Genetics to Optimize Cattle Performance” is the first of several sessions that will be available through the e-learning module. Future learning opportunities will include a webinar narrated by Richard Wallace, DVM, Pfizer Animal Health Veterinary Operations, discussing opportunities for dairy producers to incorporate testing with CLARIFIDE into their breeding program. This session will qualify for continuing education (CE) credits for veterinarians. PD


—From Pfizer Animal Genetics news release