SCR Engineers Ltd. announced on Jan. 28 that starting from February, its cow intelligence solutions for heat and health monitoring will be available in the CRV Ovalert program. This means that farmers who use Ovalert will be able to opt for SCR Heatime Solutions.

SCR, which was recently acquired by Allflex, a manufacturer of livestock ID tags, develops advanced solutions for dairy farming and is well-known for its systems for cow monitoring. The addition of the company’s technology enhances Ovalert users' ability to customize indicators regarding the fertility, health and nutrition status of their herd. This includes the ability to measure the rumination activity of their cows and to use this data in their management strategy for health and feeding applications.

"With all its herd improvement expertise, CRV is the ideal strategic partner to give farmers access to advanced solutions for cow monitoring," says Yariv Avisar, CEO of SCR.

"CRV wants to be a leading party in herd management, and to this end, we're keen to cooperate with innovative partners in this field," says Jos Koopman, director of CRV West-Europe. PD


—From SCR Engineers Ltd. news release