AB Neo (a division of AB Agri Ltd.) has introduced two new items, OptiPartum-C and Axcelera-C, to its product lineup.


When OptiPartum-C is added to the postpartum ration, it boosts intake and helps to unlock the true performance of the cows' diet.

Research shows that when using this postpartum product, there is:

  • Reduced use of protected fat with milk yield
  • Improved body weight during the postpartum period
  • Improved fertility associated with reduced body condition loss during the postpartum period

Adding this product to the postpartum ration optimizes dry matter and energy intake and unlocks limiting factors in cow performance – enabling them to utilize energy where they need it, be it milk production, body condition or fertility.

A remarkable feature of this product is that it contains only one-third of the energy value of fats, and research shows that it can replace 50 percent of protected fats in a ration.


The product uses proprietary formulation and process technology that works through the synergistic combination of naturally occurring appetite enhancers and uniquely activated ingredients.

Its two main benefits include:

  1. Stimulates higher dry matter intake
  2. Removes limiting factors in the ration

For best results, use the product as recommended:

  • Prepartum: Three weeks before calving, introduce 50 g of the product per head per day to the ration.
  • Postpartum and beyond: If using protected fats, replace 50 percent of the fats in the ration with this product. Minimum 100 g per head per day to be added to the ration.
  • If not using fats, then add 200 g per head per day.


Axcelera-C, the world's first accelerator for cows, is offered to calves from day three until weaning. Trials show that with this product, calves grow faster, have faster rumen development and can wean earlier, with reduced growth check at weaning. The product also reduces the incidence and severity of nutritional scouring.

The product applies unique formulation and process technology to create a highly palatable, high lactose accelerator for calves. It is very easy for farmers to use, does not require any mixing and is aggressively consumed by calves.

Enhanced lifetime performance for beef and dairy cattle is achieved when the product replaces starter feed for the first three weeks and thereafter at 150 g per head per day on top of starter feed.

For more information, visit the AB Neo website. PD

Axcelera-C and OptiPartum-C will be launched on Sept. 1, 2015.

—From AB Neo news release