Barbara Hanselman Bloomville, New York The Daily Star recently published an article about a change proposed by Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. to the current dairy insurance program. New York dairy farmer Barbara Hanselman spoke in favor of Schumer’s proposal, which would have dairy cooperatives pay 75 percent of the premium that farmers would need to pay if they want dairy insurance. Click here to read The Daily Star article.

Lawnhurst Farms
Stanley, New York
Don Jensen III was featured by the Brighton-Pittsford Post for the farm’s use of an anaerobic digester. About 1,400 cows make manure at Lawnhurst Farms, and the farm receives food scraps from Wegmans grocery stores in the Rochester area. The digester produces enough electricity to power the 2,000-acre farm and five facilities, including the family’s houses. Additional energy is sold to their local utility company.

Click here to read the Brighton-Pittsford Post article.

Jim Stahler
Murray, Kentucky
Seventy-year-old dairy farmer Jim Stahler was profiled in Murray Ledger & Times for his decision to exit the dairy business. Stahler’s Dairy and Poultry Farm was the last dairy farm in Calloway County, Kentucky. Once he’s done saying goodbye to his herd of Jerseys, Stahler will concentrate on his ministry work.

“There’s a very, very strong correlation between the ministry and agriculture,” he said. “I don’t see how you can be in agriculture and watch things grow – whether they’re plants or animals – and not have a strong faith in God.”


Click here to read the Murray Ledger & Times article.

Steve Hoffman
New Ulm, Minnesota
MPR News profiled dropping milk prices in Minnesota. Steve Hoffman, who operates a 140-cow dairy farm in New Ulm, discussed how he is trying to adjust to lower milk prices by cutting back on ration ingredients and waiting to purchase a used tractor.

Click here to read the MPR News article.

Larry Stap and Larry DeHaan
Lynden, Washington
Whatcom County dairy farmers Larry Stap and Larry DeHaan also spoke with the press about declining milk prices. The Bellingham Herald interviewed the farmers about their plans to manage the change. DeHaan spoke in favor of U.S. dairy exports, as he was quoted as saying, “Exports are our future.”

South Lakes Dairy
Tipton, California
The Schakel family of South Lakes Dairy, a 5,800-cow operation, was recognized in the Visalia Times-Delta for their 2015 Member of Distinction award from the Dairy Farmers of America. Fred Schakel started the dairy with 90 cows more than 50 years ago. Today, Fred’s son, Ryan, and son-in-law, Manuel Rodrigues, help manage the dairy.

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