The makers of the Handy Camel (similar to a large chip clip that can be used for feed and other oversized bags like soil) recently released a new product, the Renegade Broom.

This Italian-made broom with a retractable handle (for short or tall use) and innovative rake-shaped bristles is available to consumers at the Handy Camel website.

The broom is a side-sweep or “pull” broom instead of a “push” broom. The broom’s curved bristles reach deep into the smallest nooks and crannies, allowing the consumer to sweep and rake with ease. Because of the minimal effort required, the broom is ideally suited for difficult surfaces like driveways, paving, tiles, stones, garden beds and grassed areas. This broom is also ideal for outdoor settings, including grass, gravel and livestock areas.

It is available in two different sizes – a 35 or 45 cm (13.8 or 17.7 inch) head. For more information, visit the product website.  PD


—Compiled by Progressive Dairyman staff from company emails