Agri-King introduces Dairy Tri-Max and Dairy VT-MaxAgri-King has recently introduced two new VTM products to their key dairy program: Dairy Tri-Max and Dairy VT-Max.

Both products contain a proprietary blend of bioavailable trace minerals with Tri-Max, containing a specific blend of probiotic bacteria in addition.

These VTMs were designed to collaborate with the company’s new proprietary net energy program. The new energy system allows for more accurate estimates of the net energy in individual feedstuffs. This program will benefit those seeking a more accurate energy-balanced feed ration for their dairy animals.

Midwestern Bioag introduces Winterking III
Available for spring 2016 seeding, Winterking III is the newest generation of Midwestern Bioag alfalfa varieties. It has been selected for high forage yield, high milk per acre and improved digestibility, as well as fast recovery for optimum performance in aggressive harvest management programs.

An independent study showed that over three cuttings in Wisconsin, this new product yielded 12 percent more than the previous generation seed and generated 2,000 more pounds of milk per acre. This new, highly disease-resistant genetic package will produce quality, nutrient-dense forages for your livestock.


The benefits of this new alfalfa variety include a yield of 7.1-ton weighted average from three cuttings in Wisconsin, milk per acre of 19,797-pound weighted average from three cuttings in Wisconsin, multi-foliate leaf expression of 86 percent, fall dormancy rating of 4.0, winter-hardiness index of 2.0 and disease resistance index of 30/30.

Protocol Natural’s Matrix relieves heat stress
The new Matrix feed additive is the dairy industry’s first all-natural vasodilator product that helps cool dairy cows by acting directly on the lining of blood vessel walls to make them widen or dilate. By widening the vessels, blood flows through more rapidly and provides more oxygen while helping dissipate body heat.

It contains natural plant extracts, live and naturally occurring, host-specific strains of beneficial bacteria, active live yeast, highly refined yucca extract, Aspergillus oryzae (DFM), natural toxin fighters and natural parasite control.

Feeding the new product consistently results in 5 to 10 percent increased milk yield, 3 to 7 percent increased gross efficiency and an average return on investment of 6 to 1. It is fed to dairy cows at only 1 to 2 ounces per head per day. Baby calves also benefit at only 0.5 ounces per head per day.

Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition announces Energy Booster K (EB-K)
Milk Specialties Global introduces the newest addition to the Energy Booster line of rumen-inert dry fats, EB-K. The new product combines the saturated free fatty acids of the company’s product line with potassium carbonate.

The hygroscopic (attracts water) potassium is coated with the water repellency of the product line, creating a superior-handling product. The new product is ideal for fresh cows and seasonal heat stress when feed intakes are low and the demand for energy and potassium is high.

MegAnion is new-generation anion supplement
MegAnion is a new-generation anion supplement manufactured as an extruded organic complex that has significantly greater nutritional value, a higher chloride content and lower DCAD than other anion supplements.

Recent research conducted at the University of Minnesota assessed the impact of the new product on mineral and electrolyte status in periparturient multiparous transition cows.

The study compared the new product treatment to a control treatment with traditional anionic salts. Both treatments had equivalent DCAD levels and nutrient content, except a difference in chloride and sulfur content between treatments.

The study found that both treatments decreased urine pH and maintained blood ionized calcium levels well above the required calcium threshold for a healthy and productive cow.

Research shows the new product is an effective DCAD supplement. Decreasing DCAD during transition has proven to help dairy producers sustain dairy cow health and improve profitability.

ADM introduces LegenDairy and Destiny dairy programs
For dairies, the road to a profitable lactation is highly influenced by nutrition.

The new LegenDairy calf and heifer development program from ADM provides premium calf milk replacers, starters, growers and heifer development nutritional options that include advanced technologies from the company in combination with precise nutrient balance to optimize health, development and performance.

From the far-off dry cow to the close-up cow, Destiny, the company’s dry and transition cow program, enables producers to navigate their herds’ destiny for a profitable lactation through the use of precision nutrition.

It incorporates the company’s technologies and leading industry technologies into a scientifically based, precise nutritional program so producers can position their herds for a healthy, smooth transition to a profitable future.

Ecosyl Products Inc. introduces new inoculant, Ecocool
A new inoculant for forages and high-moisture grain has been developed by Volac to maximize aerobic stability at feedout and complement its existing Ecosyl inoculant. Ecocool will be officially launched at World Dairy Expo.

The product has been proven to provide feeds up to an additional four days of stability, thereby providing producers higher-quality feed and significantly reducing the risk of yeast and mold growth. It has full approval under the EU Regulation 1831/2003.

Ecosyl productThe new product features a combination of two bacterial strains: PJB/1, a new strain of Lactobacillus developed by Volac, and the globally recognized L plantarum MTD/1, which has for more than 25 years been proven to reduce dry matter losses as well as giving improved fermentation and animal performance. The product will be available in the company’s signature ready-to-mix bottles.

HarvXtra alfalfa now with Roundup Ready technology available
HarvXtra alfalfa with Roundup Ready technology is the first biotechnology-derived trait designed to provide harvest flexibility and ease the yield-versus-quality trade-off currently faced by alfalfa producers, while maintaining alfalfa’s important agronomic characteristics.

Lignin is a structural component in alfalfa that makes the plant less digestible and increases as the plant matures.

By containing less lignin compared to commercially available alfalfa harvested at the same growth stage, the new trait should provide growers with greater flexibility and a wider cutting window so they can either maintain harvest schedules and meet or exceed intended forage quality, or delay harvest a few days to obtain higher tonnage without sacrificing acceptable forage quality.

The new trait was developed through partnership between Forage Genetics International, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation and the U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center, in conjunction with Monsanto, and is expected for limited, stewarded introduction in 2016.

New Kinetic dry fat supplement for lactating dairy cows
Origo of New Ulm, Minnesota, recently launched its new Kinetic dry fat supplement for lactating dairy cows.

It is the first rumen-friendly SM dry fat dairy supplement to offer a guaranteed free fatty acid total content of at least 97 percent, as well as the ideal balance of palmitic and stearic acids for optimum body condition, milk production and reproductive performance.

While the palmitic and stearic fat content of the leading brand has varied significantly over the years based on the availability and cost of raw ingredients, the product is sold in high-quality 50-pound bags as well as 2,000-pound totes.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition introduces ProTernative Milk to the U.S.
Lallemand Animal Nutrition introduces ProTernative Milk to the U.S. dairy market. It’s a specialized formulation of the active dry yeast (ADY) probiotic, Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii CNCM I-1079, which helps reduce the negative impact of stress in pre-weaned calves.

The new product is specifically designed to achieve the highest level of dispersion in milk or milk replacer fed to neonatal calves. Each pouch contains 600 standard feedings.

A standard 5-gram feeding supplies 10 billion colony-forming units (CFU) of S. c. boulardii CNCM I-1079 per head per day. When additional stressors are present, a 10-gram feeding rate that supplies 20 billion CFU per head per day is recommended.

The strain S. c. boulardii CNCM I-1079 was scientifically selected for consistency and its unique ability to positively impact health and performance.

TracePac Gold Smart Release Crystals
Priority IAC Inc. introduces TracePac Gold, a proprietary combination of trace minerals naturally occurring in a crystalline matrix known as Smart Release Crystals.

Containing 100 percent highly bioavailable crystalline forms of copper, manganese and zinc with cobalt, iodine, organic selenium and essential vitamins, the product is the newest in trace mineral technology.

This unique formulation minimizes negative mineral interactions while maximizing the benefits of the bioavailable minerals and vitamins specially formulated for reproduction. The new product reduces the risk of trace mineral separation and mixing challenges because of its proprietary formulation to deliver consistency.

Bovachlor Gen II
The new Bovachlor Gen II was designed to minimize clinical and subclinical hypocalcemia (milk fever) in fresh cows. Most dairies have very little clinical milk fever, but subclinical hypocalcemia can be in 50 percent or more of multiparous cows; this may lead to health issues and decreased milk production.

It is made in an aromatic liquid base (with sugars to increase carbohydrate density) that is mixed with the dry ration, allowing it to soak into the ration, making it more palatable than dry chloride supplements and more difficult to sort.

This is a low-protein (no NPN) with a highly bioavailable magnesium sulfate and magnesium chloride liquid magnesium source. As with all anionic salt diets, the prefresh diet potassium level should be monitored before utilizing anionic products. Urine pH and DMI need to be monitored weekly for best results.

Ralco introduces Strong Animals brand
Strong Animals is a new brand of natural animal health products from Ralco. It provides a highly innovative yet simple approach to the market and offers products that ease modern production stress during all phases of production for healthier animals and greater profit.

This industry-leading brand provides innovative products through the Start Strong, Fight Strong and Stay Strong product lines. Start Strong products deliver foundational immune support during key stages of life.

Fight Strong products provide critical support to help overcome specific challenges. Stay Strong products defend animals against modern production stress through everyday use to promote and protect optimum health.

The new product lines are also color-coded to easily identify which product is implemented during a specific stage in life. Intuitive naming and color coding enhances communication with farm workers and ensures greater success on the farm.

Ignite Low Moisture tubs available from QLF
Quality Liquid Feeds Inc. (QLF) brings its nutrition expertise into its new Ignite Low Moisture Tub line. The product tubs are convenient and easy to use to make certain your livestock are getting what they need, when they need it.

Ignite tubs are available in 60-pound, 125-pound and 200-pound sizes. The company has an Ignite tub to fit the nutritional needs for growing dairy heifers and dry cows.

Croplan introduces SilageFirst
Croplan by WinField recently introduced SilageFirst, its newest category of high-quality, high-tonnage corn hybrids. The hybrid was created for exclusive use as silage to meet the diverse nutritional needs of dairy herds.

Most silage used in dairy operations today comes from dual-purpose hybrid corn, which can be used as silage or harvested as grain corn. However, dual-purpose corn does not fully address the nuanced nutritional needs of each dairy herd.

Comprised of diverse and top-performing genetics and tested at more than 50 of the company’s test plot locations, the new product delivers proven performance that helps farmers optimize milk outputs in relation to their feed inputs.

Simply Country Inc. launches Sproutech, FodderPro 3.0 upgrade
Simply Country Inc. introduces the fully automated fodder production system by Sproutech. From seeding to harvesting, no human intervention is required.

Systems start at 2 tons of sprouts per day, and maximum capacity is unlimited. The systems are complete and turn-key. The climate-controlled building, sprouting equipment and construction on location are included.

The company is also pleased to announce a performance upgrade for FodderPro 3.0 commercial systems. With this upgrade producers can eliminate pre-soaking, reduce sprouting time from seven days to six and increase yields. Conversion kits will be available for immediate purchase at World Dairy Expo.  PD