Bolifor MGP+ and Bolifor Mag33 magnesium supplementsYara Animal Nutrition is introducing two new magnesium supplements to the North American feed market.

The main advantages of Bolifor MGP+ and Bolifor Mag33 in a ruminant diet are high solubility, which ensures high digestibility, great palatability with a neutral taste or slightly salty to ensure consistent feed intake and excellent handling properties – free-flowing, non-irritant and not dusty.

In addition, the particle size of the granules blends very well into mineral feed, and the size does not negatively impact digestibility due to the high solubility.

The Mag33 product is unique on the market with high magnesium (33 percent) and low phosphorus (2.5 percent). It fits into the future environmental thinking and strategy with the most potential to have a competitive advantage.

This product concept is liked by nutritionists aiming to keep phosphorus low while providing a significant amount of sodium. It is highly palatable and is a great fit into mineral mixes.
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Lactivate 3-in-1 Formula for Transition Cows
With milk prices hitting lows not seen since 2006, the nutritionists at H.J. Baker Animal Health and Nutrition decided to find a new nutrient solution to help dairy operators improve milk production and reduce costs.

Lactivate 3-in-1 formula

The result is Lactivate 3-in-1 Formula For Transition Cows – a first-of-its-kind protein/amino acid concentrate based on the theory of protein balancing rather than traditional energy balancing.

By front-loading cows with highly digestible proteins and rumen-protected lysine and methionine prior to calving, Lactivate can help ramp up milk production levels more quickly than with traditional energy-balancing formulas.

Protein balancing most often results in increased milk volume and improved milk components over a longer period of time without as much body wasting from the animal. So it improves outputs and allows for faster bounce-back.
Website: H.J. Baker Animal Nutrition
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NovaMeal bypass protein
NovaMeal is a multi-faceted new ingredient that provides valuable digestible nutrients in one convenient package, ultimately saving money. It contributes high amounts of digestible protein and fiber to the dairy cow’s diet with a low level of unsaturated fat.

NovaMeal bypass protein

The crude protein in it contains high levels of rumen-undegradable protein, which is more digestible and absorbable than other plant proteins. If protein isn’t absorbed in the small intestine, it is like throwing money out the back end.

Research published in the Journal of Dairy Science and on-farm demonstrations have proven that this product can be fed with high inclusion rates, resulting in improved milk components and improved profitability for the dairy.
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ADM introduces customizable feed solutions platform and Allure Robot Pellet Program
ADM Animal Nutrition has launched a new customizable feed solutions platform for livestock producers that helps animals adapt to nutritional stresses, enhances animal well-being and productivity, and ultimately helps increase profit potential for producers.

The company’s unique solutions platform, developed in alliance with Austrian-based ANCO Animal Nutrition Competence GmbH, is made up of the feed additive Anco Fit, which incorporates Gut Agility, an activator that empowers animals to be more robust and efficient in the face of dietary challenges and stressors, and CitriStim, a proprietary, unique, whole-cell yeast product with scientifically proven efficacy.

These two additives are used in combination with an adsorbent to counteract a wide variety of on-farm nutritional challenges.

Also new is the Allure Robot Pellet Program which provides a portfolio of standard and customized robotic milking feed options. These feeds are specifically formulated to help acclimate cows to robotic milking systems and provide the nutrition required to balance the partial TMR.
Website: ADM Animal Nutrition
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Reduce labor with SilostopMax
Silostop, global leaders in oxygen-barrier technology, introduce SilostopMax. It is a 3.2-mil orange-on-black film that stops the entry of oxygen into ensiled crops and combines the benefits of surface cling and oxygen barrier into one strong film.

Published research studies have shown that dry matter losses are reduced, surface spoilage is eliminated, and aerobic stability is increased when using these oxygen-barrier films. While the two-layer system is generally regarded as best practice, increased labor costs have driven the demand for a one-layer option.

This new product answers that need. The UV-stable product reduces labor time by eliminating the need for a dual-layer system, and it is easy to handle and apply. It is recommended that it be covered with a Silostop Open Net to protect the film from damage. It is available now at all product distributors.
Website: Silostop
Booth number: AR 450, 451

Biomin introduces updated formulation, Biofix Pro
Harmful metabolites can naturally occur in feed ingredients and often lead to reduced performance by compromising animal health. Biomin Biofix Pro, an updated formulation of the original feed additive Biofix, offers a three-pronged approach to counteract these metabolites.

This includes the unique proprietary mixture of plant and algae extracts which improves immune function and supports liver health.

The mix also enhances gut wall integrity and protects beneficial intestinal bacteria from damage by toxic metabolites. In addition, this updated formulation contains a blend of mineral adsorbents that effectively bind endotoxins released by gram-negative pathogens, reducing their negative effects in the animal.

This can help your cows combat the challenges they face during every visit to the feedbunk.
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Bioblend reduces phosphorus in land-applied manure
Excess phosphorus is a great concern for many dairymen. The Pro-Act bioblend process drops solids and phosphorus to the bottom 10 percent of the lagoon or tank to be removed separately, so that 90 percent of the manure can be applied with 2 pounds or less of phosphorus per 1,000 gallons.

This allows application of enough manure to give crops the nitrogen they need to grow without applying too much phosphorus. We will have a 1,500-gallon tank of real manure at our booth to demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment.
Website: Dairy Pro-Act Biotech 
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RumiLife Electrolyte M
Genex Cooperative Inc. introduces RumiLife Electrolyte M nutritional supplement, a ready-to-use oral electrolyte specifically formulated for mature cattle. This product helps maintain normal hydration, electrolyte balance and dry matter intake during periods of stress.

RumiLife Electrolyte M

When cattle are going through a stress event, producers can use this product in whichever method best adheres to their protocols. It is an extremely versatile product that can be added to a drench for sick, fresh and dehydrated cows, added into a TMR, top-dressed onto feed or even added directly to water tanks during times of heat stress and before/after transport.
Website: RumiLife
Booth number: AL 218-225; IL 325 

Victus Transition and Victus Calf
DSM Nutritional Products Inc. introduces two new vitamin supplements: Victus Transition (for transition cows) and Victus Calf (supplement for milk-fed calves).

The first features a blend of specific nutrients, including Rovimix beta-carotene, balanced for transition cows and in a convenient package, while the other product for calves also contains vitamins normally lost during pasteurization and is dispersible in the ration of milk-fed calves.
Website: DSM
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