World Dairy Expo’s award-winning trade show is a platform for launching new products and cutting-edge technologies for the dairy industry.

With 835 commercial exhibitors, businesses from across the country and around the globe take their space in the Exhibition Hall, Outdoor Trade Mall, New Holland Trade Center, Arena Building or Coliseum to promote their latest and greatest devices and developments. Read on to find out what’s new at the expo this year.

Peach Teats offers three- and five-teat hanging calf feeders
Peach Teats announces the release of the three- and five-teat hanging calf feeders, made in the U.S.

peach teatsThe new pink feeders are made from durable molded plastic and come complete with the company’s nipples, metal hanging brackets and the company’s E-Z Adapter so the teat can be pulled through the hole or threaded on using the adapter.

Golden Calf offers 5 percent off Calf Hero colostrum system and new calf jackets
Based on the highly successful ColoQuick, the new Calf Hero is the next generation of the company’s colostrum management system.


Also, the company will release a redesigned calf jacket. The new calf jackets are made at the company’s factory in Wisconsin. Using unique and innovative materials, they have created an extremely durable jacket that will keep the calf dry and warm and simplify maintenance. Jackets are available in three sizes, distinguished by three colors for easy storage.

Milkade, fat-soluble vitamin supplement for milk-fed calves, now available
Stuart Products Inc. introduces Milkade, a liquid, fat-soluble vitamin supplement especially formulated for calves fed pasteurized colostrum and whole milk.

The unique formulation contains 50,000 IU of vitamin A, 50,000 IU of vitamin D and 500 IU of vitamin E per milliliter. Administer 0.25 to 0.5 milliliters per day to calves fed pasteurized colostrum and whole milk.

Unlike other supplements, the source of vitamin E in the product is alpha-tocopherol, the same form found in colostrum and milk. University research has shown that fat-soluble vitamin status of supplemented calves is dramatically improved.

Within one week of supplementation, vitamin D status of calves was increased approximately tenfold, and vitamin E status was improved approximately threefold.

SmartCare for calves – optimal immunity, health, performance
SmartCare is an all-natural, nutritional health product for pre-weaning liquid calf diets starting at 1 day old.

SmartCare is part of the Diamond V calf program, which also includes Original XPC and promotes a healthy balance of microflora in the gastrointestinal tract, balanced immunity through antioxidants and production of butyrate, and rapid rumen and intestinal development through endogenous volatile fatty acid production.

Controlled challenge studies with enteric pathogens show that calves fed the company’s calf feeding program, including the new product, benefit from balanced immune system and better health, more rapid rumen and intestinal development, greater feed intake, better feed efficiency and better bodyweight gain.

New Calf Solutions brand unveiled
Milk Products of Chilton launches a new brand, Calf Solutions. Calf Solutions brings you a full line of whole-milk enhancing products designed for commercial dairies and calf ranches.

With more producers than ever turning to pasteurized whole milk as the main source of nutrition for their calves, the Calf Solutions products help ensure accurate and complete nutrition in every feeding, formulated to maximize calves’ lifetime productivity potential.  PD