Portable manure separator ideal for concentrated operationsThe Plug and Play Portable Manure Separator by Bauer North America is a space-saving option for farms with high animal density but limited distribution area.

Portable manure separator ideal for concertrated operations

With a footprint of just 7-feet-4-inches-by-3-feet-3-inches, it offers dairy producers the flexibility to perform manure separation where it’s needed most.

All essential components – separator, pumps, controls, tubing, cables – are incorporated into a single compact unit small enough to be mounted on a forklift. Output is approximately 177 cubic feet (5 cubic meters) per hour for dairy slurry, yielding an impressive dry matter content of up to 36 percent depending on separator configuration.

The product is operational after just a few steps and disconnects quickly for efficient separation at multiple locations on the same farm or at multiple farms.
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New SL 100 Series manure spreaders from Kuhn Knight
The redesigned Kuhn Knight SL 100 Series ProTwin Slinger manure spreaders set the standard for fast, efficient spreading. They provide next-level performance and reliability to give you the maximum return on your equipment dollars.


SL 100 Series manure spreaders

The unique twin-auger design and exclusive body construction allow the spreader to handle the widest variety of wet and dry materials compared to any spreader on the market. The all-new, fully adjustable shroud improves material breakup for more consistent, accurate spreading.

The SL 114, with a wider discharge, provides faster unloading than the previous model. A new hammer design provides more wear surface on the bottom edge to extend hammer life. The new SL 100 Series manure spreaders are available in 1,000- to 2,400-gallon capacities.
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Dryhill Mfg. introduces DH480 Mighty Max Lagoon Pump
Developed based on customer input and with a remarkable pumping performance of more than 6,600 gallons per minute, the Mighty Max holds true to its name.

Dryhill Mfg. Mighty Max Lagoon Pump

The affordable machine boasts a 28-inch impeller, capable of cutting its way through thick-crusted manure in the toughest lagoons, to outperform the competition. It comes to the forefront of manure handling with superior performance, using less fuel to get the job done. It’s not hard for a farmer to save valuable time and money.

Custom operators and farmers using the pump are reporting remarkable results, saying it pumps faster without any more horsepower at 1,000 rpm, getting the job done faster and with less fuel. One dairy farmer reported that at 540 rpm, it worked the tractor with all that it could handle, pumping 1.5 minutes faster than others.

And a Pennsylvania pumper reported that the horsepower-to-gallons-per-minute ratio was better than any previous pumps.
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Booth number: TC 941

New Holland introduces baling innovations
New Holland introduces new baling innovations. Upgrades to roll-belt variable-chamber balers increase productivity and baling performance.

New Holland introduces baling innovations

Functional improvements offer continuous day-to-day operation, improving crop storage and the nutritional value of a fed round baler.

The new IntelliBale system, which can be specified on Isobus class 3-compatible T6 AutoCommand tractors as well as T7 AutoCommand and full powershift models, will automate tractor functions in accordance with baling activity and offers more uniform bales.

Also debuting at the World Dairy Expo is the latest generation of the company’s reputable flagship balers, the new BigBaler 340 Plus. It features a 31.5-inch-longer baler chamber over the prior model, delivering up to 10 percent higher density in perfectly formed bales for stacking and transport, maintaining this high bale quality throughout the day.

The increase in density means more crop per bale, improving productivity and allowing for more time in the field.
Website: New Holland Agriculture
Booth number: TM 630-642

Supreme International SPSL30T
Supreme International is excited to launch the all-new self-propelled, self-loader vertical TMR processor, the SPSL30T. It can load feed ingredients through its 150-horsepower milling cutter, speeding up all aspects of the feed mixing process.

Supreme international SPSL30T

The new processor boasts a capacity of 1,108 cubic feet, a 240-horsepower tier 4 Iveco diesel engine, two-stage HD planetaries with hydrostatic auger control, four-wheel hydrostatic drive and steering with crab steering capability, and a top speed of 40 kilometers per hour (24.85 mph).
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