Patz to display new products at World Dairy ExpoPatz Corporation will display its 1800N Series vertical mixers. These 87-inch-wide (2.2 meters), low-profile mixers are designed to accommodate facilities with narrow doors and tight feed alleys, promote safer road travel and ease overseas transport. Available in single-, twin- or triple-screw trailer units.

The mixer’s 10-inch knife – made of steel – is aggressive, allowing more bale movement between the screw and baffle during processing. The knife is available for the company’s twin- and triple-screw vertical mixers.

Also, the company will demo the Smartsense V3.0 Control Panel for intellichain and intellicable scrapers. It is the new UL/CUL-certified control panel that is able to send notifications via email or text message and operate additional machinery via an auxiliary relay function.

New Z2 No-Tear Tagger
The all-new Z2 No-Tear Tagger is unlike any other tagger on the market today. The result of more than 15 years of research and development, it is the first tagger with a dual-action kick-back jaw and flip-out pin.

These two innovations work together, making it virtually impossible to tear the animal’s ear when applying identification tags. Eartag retention starts with proper application. Tearing the ear even slightly during tag application can lead to poor tag retention.


The new product’s lower jaw holds the female tag securely for accurate insertion, while the unique flip-out pin holds the male tag in place and releases as necessary to help prevent torn ears, even if the animal moves its head. Also, the unit’s ergonomic handles are designed to provide more leverage and better operator control.

KIOTI Tractor debuts all-new, next-generation CK10 models
Built with a Tier 4-compliant Daedong eco-friendly diesel engine, four new CK10 models provide a powerful yet environmentally friendly option for operators of the low-maintenance tractor series.

These models come available with manual or HST transmission and dual-pedal operation. New models include CK3510 with engine power of 34.9 horsepower (26 kilowatt), 9F/3R manual transmission; CK3510H with engine power of 34.9 HP (26 KW), three-range hydrostatic transmission; CK4010 with engine power of 39.6 HP (29.5 KW), 9F/3R manual transmission; CK4010H with engine power of 39.6 HP (29.5 KW), three-range hydrostatic transmission.

The new models can be augmented with a front-end loader with up to 1,835 pounds (832 kilograms) of lift capacity and a backhoe with up to 2,817 pounds (1,278 kilograms) of bucket-digging force.

Vermeer BW5500 inline bale wrapper now available
The Vermeer BW5500 inline bale wrapper is designed to give large-volume hay operations and custom operators faster wrapping times, more operational control and airtight wrapping for better nutrient preservation.

It’s equipped with a digital controller that allows the operator to set the desired amount of wraps on bales by adjusting hydraulic flow automatically to provide the right amount of wrap at all times. The easy-to-read LCD screen allows the operator to easily track data and determine the total number of bales produced.

It has three 30-inch pre-stretchers compared to two pre-stretchers on competing models, allowing for faster wrapping and less frequent load cycles. The new inline bale wrapper is built to handle the high-volume production needs of larger operations and custom operators.

Two new tractor models from New Holland Agriculture
New Holland expands its tractor offering with brand-new models: the T7.290 and T7.315. These models feature the company’s IntelliCruise tractor-baler automation that allows the company’s BigBaler to control the tractor’s speed to maximize productivity and bale consistency.

Also, new to the line-up are the new T6 and TS6 tractor series that meet Tier 4B emissions standards while delivering uncompromising power and performance.

The Roll-Belt Series round baler now features in-cab density control and variable core adjustments in model year 2016. This technology allows operators to change the density pressure setting using the monitor inside the tractor cab for operator convenience.

New BigBaler 340 Standard and Rotor Cutter models offer the IntelliCruise Feed Rate Control System. IntelliCruise is operated with the new ISOBUS Class III compatible T7 AutoCommand tractor as an optional feature that helps operators achieve a constant feed rate or flake thickness while baling.

Calf Hutch Lifter is new from Hatfield Manufacturing
The all-new Calf Hutch Lifter from Hatfield Manufacturing Inc. takes the work out of moving individual calf hutches and large-group hutches. One person can quickly, safely and easily lift and move most brands of calf hutches and group hutches from one location to another with the new product.

calf hutch lifterAvailable in two sizes, the Hutch Lifter 2000 can carry two individual hutches or one group hutch. The Hutch Lifter 4000 can carry four individual hutches or two group hutches. Both models can be fitted with any type of loader or skid steer detach.

This is a must-have tool for any size dairy or calf ranch operation. You can expect big labor savings and a quick return on investment with a starting price of under $1,000.

H&S Manufacturing announces truck-mount Top Shot side-discharge manure spreader models
H&S Manufacturing in Marshfield, Wisconsin, has just introduced the new truck-mounted line of Top Shot side-discharge manure spreaders. Models include 5115 (1,500 gallons), 5120 (2,000 gallons), 5126 (2,600 gallons), 5134 (3,400 gallons) and 5142 (4,200 gallons).

The models feature a side-discharge expeller system, fine-spread pan, adjustable top expeller shield and side shields to cut down on the drift of material. All these features, along with a high-speed expeller, provide an excellent spread pattern.

Additional options for installation include the Digi-Star nutrient management scale system for accurate manure application and reporting, and a hydraulic locking lid that is available on the 5134 and 5142.

Kuhn North America adds new mixers, mower conditioners
The new Kuhn Knight VSL 200 Series single-auger vertical mixers feature a low-profile design, redesigned augers for quicker mixing and processing with more complete cleanout. They are available in 420- and 500-cubic-foot capacities.

The new Kuhn Knight BTC 100 Series Botec commercial four-auger mixers are available in 550- to 900-cubic-foot capacities. They provide the ultimate ration flexibility to thoroughly mix a wide range of ingredients.

The new Kuhn triple mower conditioner combination, FC 3525 D F front-mount and FC 10030 D rear-mount, gives you the ability to cut and condition up to 32’ 6” of crop in a single pass. This combination unit, backed by years of research and development, will provide you with the cleanest cut and best-conditioned crop.

The new Kuhn FC TL mower conditioners offer fast, clean mowing of heavy grasses and delicate forage crops alike, combined with effective conditioning. In addition to the finger conditioning system, they are now available with new rubber or steel roller conditioning systems.

Art’s Way offers new grinder mixer, option for manure spreader and forage wagon
Art’s Way introduces a new grinder mixer, a smart option to its V140 manure spreader and a new 24-foot forage wagon.

With smooth operation and maximum power, the company’s new 6140 portable grinder mixer offers hammermill action, ensuring that supplements are evenly blended to enhance livestock wellness. The mixer has a 140-bushel tank.

To meet the need for managed and increased transparency of manure applications, the company’s V140 pull-type manure spreader with vertical beaters is now available with a Digi-Star nutrient management system.

Working in tandem with the spreader, the nutrient management system uses on-the-go weight reading, combined with travel speed and GPS coordinates, to calculate and store the application amount for any field location.

The company’s new 24-foot forage wagon has a unitized high-strength steel box with a dynamic tolerance to flex as terrain and load varies.

36 Series vertical Maxi-Mixer feed mixer
Sioux Automation Center Inc. (SAC) has just released the new 36 Series vertical Maxi-Mixers, featuring a new mixing auger, revised discharge options and a new viewing platform.

The focus of the series is the new mixing auger, which features three-quarter flighting for extended life, a revised diameter with enhanced flight profile for faster feed mixing times with less required horsepower.

Augers can be used with knives for dairy rations that require processing or without for feedlot rations that do not. Discharge options now include side-discharge configurations and updated power discharge. The new viewing platform has a more user-friendly location and access.  PD