On the first day of work, your new hire is giving you his or her best. The employee wants to impress you and is looking to you for guidance. So why don’t producers give the new employee their best?

Time and time again, we see farmers hire on the spot or too quickly, designate a time for the new employee to show up the next day and then push them out to sea. No welcome, no communication and no direction. One-third of new employees will leave within the first six months. This is not a number successful business owners want to experience. What is missing? A warm welcome, effective communication, clear guidelines on responsibilities and effective training. Studies have shown that a new hire who has a great orientation experience will be nearly 70% more likely to stay.

Why not consider a different approach? Put your best foot forward by creating a new hire day that will be impactful and meaningful. Your goal should be to have your new hires leave their first day feeling great about their choice to work for you. Provide the right training, information, tools and guidance they need to be successful. And although day one is extremely important for a successful on-boarding experience, continuing the process of being an employer of choice is crucial to securing qualified, happy, long-term employees.

Providing effective feedback to your new hire at 30, 60 and 90 days will allow all parties involved to measure the success of training, communication and job satisfaction. Remember, your goal is to hire great, train better, listen and communicate effectively for improved employee retention.  end mark

Liz Griffith