The Healthy Difference program also allows retailers to assemble essential calf health products into a highly visible display that will work in any size. 

Adam Yankowsky, AgriLabs business unit manager says, “This concept is both a merchandising tool for retailers to boost calf health product sales while being a robust information resource for producers to help them learn to improve calf health and make informed product decisions.” 

Included in the program are an informative booklet, retailer information and website that summarizes many important beef and dairy calf health best practices.  

Jennifer Trout, a veterinarian and dairy operator, worked with AgriLabs on the Healthy Difference Program. She said, “This program has a tremendous amount of information and is educational for the producer. 

"I’ve seen many producers take their calves for granted and unfortunately that can cause unhealthy stresses for the calves. If producers take advantage of the education provided by the Healthy Difference Program, their calves will be healthier and heavier, giving them a greater return on their investment.” 


She said that Healthy Difference is a great source of information for producers, as there’s a shortage of large animal veterinarians to depend on.

Yankowsky said, “We believe the Healthy Difference Program is a win-win for both calf raisers and retailers.

"Producers will now be able to find relevant calf health information in one place at a store. Retailers now have a resource they can take advantage of to build customer traffic and loyalty by providing information and helping them meet their customer’s needs."  end_mark

—From AgriLabs news release