Company president, Gerard Roney, attended the launch in person to discuss his supplement system along with the high pasture conversion and vastly improved stocking rates it offers for cattle and other ruminate operations.

3in1Feeders (the product) do this through a low-cost solution that delivers a balanced diet, maximizes rumen efficiency and saves the problems, costs and time associated with traditional feeders and feeding methods, such as feeding on the ground.

The company’s Advanced Adjustment System works by requiring cattle to lick feed out of a groove between two adjusters. Changing the position of these adjusters changes the ration that stock can consume. Any licking period is limited because livestock use the saliva on their tongue to extract feed from the groove, and this saliva decreases with each lick until the animal can no longer obtain feed – typically after five to 10 minutes of feeding.

While the feeders can limit grown cattle to 4 pounds per day, the adjustment system allows them to be opened for free-choice feeding as well.

The feeders are available for purchase fully assembled or in a flat-packed form. Visit the company’s website for more detailed information.  end mark


—From Advantage Feeders news release

Photo provided by Advantage Feeders.