The Red Angus Association of America(RAAA) has worked closely with Brad Brandenburg of Tyson to develop this premium pricing structure specifically for Red Angus genetics to be harvested through Tyson processing plants.
“Tyson Cattle Procurement is excited about the response from our Choice+ Grid,” said Brandenburg. “It shows our continued commitment to high-quality cattle, while recognizing and satisfying our customer’s needs for a superior source-verified product. This is proving to be a marketing option that shouldn’t be overlooked.”
RAAA, along with the help of John Butler from the Beef Marketing Group (BMG) of Kansas, has sample tested the Choice+ program and it is proving to be a competitive option for cattle feeders to generate premiums for cattle enrolled in the FCCP.
The result is a grid that identifies Red Angus-influenced cattle. It rewards the genetics and management practices that are used to produce high-quality, predictable Red Angus beef. Cattle must be enrolled in the RAAA’s FCCP. The grid rewards cattle based on a high percentage of Choice, upper 2/3 Choice or higher quality grade. The cattle must also fit other criteria of the grid in order to receive a premium.
“This is an exciting time to be in the Red Angus business," RAAA Director of Breed Growth Myron Edelman said. "Producers utilizing Red Angus genetics now have a competitive marketing option that rewards cattle with superior carcass performance.

“The ‘Angus’ premiums associated with the grid are definitely in favor of the producer. Red Angus is very fortunate to have strong ties with feeders and packers that are capable of guiding Red Angus toward a competitive position in the market place by utilizing Red Angus in premium product lines.”
Red Angus stakeholders who choose to utilize the Choice+ grid must first enroll their calf crop in the FCCP. Enrollment is free and the only cost to producers is the 99-cent tag. To enroll, contact Red Angus Marketing Programs at (940) 320-8316 and answer a few simple management questions over the phone. end mark
—From Red Angus Association news release