Midcontinent Livestock Supplements is far from new to the tub supplement business, but our name may be a new name to some of you. When placing your bet you want to make sure it has some great features, our tubs have a wide variety of benefits in one self-fed supplement container. What cattle producer does not want to know every individual animal is getting the same consistent consumption from their supplement program? What about not having to worry about waste that is often a common occurrence with traditional loose mineral you would feed this time of year? Or one of our favorites: the peace of mind knowing every cow is actually eating the supplementation you want them to because it’s being fed through a highly palatable delivery system? All the best nutrition in the world doesn’t have a chance to work if they will not eat it. You can achieve this by supplementing with an MLS tub! Would you like to have critical nutrition 24/7 supplied to your herd? Want to provide a little bit of supplement to get maximum benefits? It is the same answer every time… put out an MLS tub. 

Our MLS #12 Breeder Mineral allows you to enjoy all these benefits of our delivery system while providing the critical nutrition you are looking for this time of year, during calving and breed back. The predictable, controlled intake with a low cost per head per day is the way to go when thinking about mineral supplementation this season. With the addition of a full dose of Zinpro Availa® 4 organic trace minerals we can help achieve early breed back and tight calving intervals that can pay dividends with heavier weaning weights. You will further set your herd up for additional benefits by boosting overall health and achieving optimal cattle performance from conception through next year’s calf crop. Let’s not forget about your bulls, MLS #12 Breeder Mineral can also help with semen production and quality.

All these benefits of mineral supplementation sound great to producers trying to run cattle on a tight budget with increasing input costs and less time or outside labor to take care of everything. So how does one brand accomplish all these great things? It comes from years of experience in the cooking process. MLS manufactures low moisture tubs by dehydrating molasses products, meaning that the physical tub supplement properties contribute to uniform controlled consumption when being fed. The molasses base that mixes with the dry ingredients is how we achieve such a high level of palatability and predictability of intake. This uniform intake especially comes through when delivering self-fed feed additives that have been shown to improve cattle performance. You can be assured of uniform delivery across the herd for additives that can help with fly control, improved gut health, preparing immune response or enhanced fiber digestion to name a few. You will not have to worry about your herd not consuming MLS tub supplements.


When we say MLS Tubs are a sure bet we do not just mean a few of our products, we are referring to our entire offering because that is all we do! We solely manufacture low moisture tubs, so we have had a fair bit of experience at perfecting all these great benefits you get when you put one of our products out in your pasture. We have a knowledgeable team of MLS Territory Managers that can help you find the right product that will fit your specific needs. In the meantime, you can leave the cooking to us and reach out to one of them through info@mlstubs.com to find exactly what you are looking for!