Buying trends sweep the internet weekly – Stanley cups, health supplements, the latest new Milwaukee tools, fanny packs disguised as cross-body bags, the Ninja Creami. Your favorite influencer has likely influenced you to buy a new gadget or two, or you’ve at least clicked on the link to their favorite product and been tempted with a discount code.

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Editor / Progressive Dairy

Dairy has not escaped the influencing trend – in fact, it’s been the focus of a nutrition beat. Cottage cheese and Greek yogurt boast a healthy portion of protein (25 grams and 17 grams per cup, respectively) prompting health-conscious consumers to create unique recipes incorporating the dairy products. This trend follows suit of a larger one: tracking macronutrients.

While the dairy industry has always understood the importance of a balanced ration for peak performance, the public has struggled to grasp the concept when it comes to personal nutrition. Diets that focus on eliminating food groups or restricting caloric intake have reigned supreme over the American people for years, until a recent buzz surrounding tracking macronutrients (macros) took the stage. Macros consist of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. A balanced diet should include healthy portions of each. A focus on intake of protein-based products resulted in a search for high-protein, satiating foods; enter dairy products.

Cottage cheese can be used in pancakes, cake, ice cream, pasta sauce, you name it. Greek yogurt is a great staple in smoothies, sauces and more. Health coaches, nutrition experts and homemakers caught on to the buzz – posting new recipes incorporating dairy products. These influencers finally realized what the dairy industry has known all along: Dairy is a healthy, versatile source of nutrition. While this isn’t exactly new to our industry, or those who remember that cottage cheese was marketed as a health food in the 1960s-70s, it is new to an entire generation that spends their time on TikTok and Instagram.

The trend has made its way into dairy markets as cottage cheese increased volume sales by 13% in late 2023 and Greek yogurt sales increased by $2.8 billion in the same year. On TikTok alone, #cottagecheese has over 470 million views, with #greekyogurt amassing 37.6 million.


“Okay… you’ve convinced me to try cottage cheese after 52 years,” commented one user on a video of a cottage cheese-based queso dip. “At this point, my diet is like 80% cottage cheese,” said another. “Greek yogurt as a dessert is top tier, honestly,” raved a comment on a yogurt-based frozen treat tutorial.

Versatility is a primary factor, but perhaps the driving force behind increased consumption of these dairy products is the ease of application. Throw some cottage cheese on your avocado toast for an extra protein boost. Add Greek yogurt to your overnight oats for a creamy texture. Dairy products provide a quick, nutritious boost to any meal.