December 24th is a busy night for Santa! Here’s why you should leave cookies and a glass of milk out for the big guy.

There you have it. Show this math to your friends. That jolly old elf needs fuel and it’s our job to get it to him. So this Christmas Eve, make sure you put out a big ol’ glass of milk and a bunch of cookies. Santa loves chocolate chip…and frosted sugar cookies…and Snickerdoodles…and peanut butter cookies…and oatmeal cookies…and Oreos…and gingerbread men…and maybe some Fig Newtons…and Nilla Wafers…and butter pecan cookies…and a sleeve of those Girl Scout Thin Mints (if you still have some of those in the freezer)…and some animal crackers, but please leave the heads on…

Have a Merry Christmas!


Click here or on the image above to download a PDF of the "InFocus" image from the latest issue of Progressive Dairyman magazine and see why Santa needs cookies and milk. (PDF, 1.3MB)PD