If you've attended any spring conventions this year, you may have received a copy of a new silage production manual. The 100-plus-page booklet was produced by DuPont Pioneer and released this spring. We asked the company why it compiled the information. Responses are from DuPont Pioneer's Communications Coordinator Caitlin Keck.

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Editor and Podcast Host / Progressive Dairy

Q. Why did Dupont Pioneer create this new handbook?
KECK: Our dairy and livestock experts created the Pioneer Silage Zone Resource manual to provide customers access to industry-leading research, agronomic information and nutritional expertise. It also offers a range of information on plant genetics, crop-specific forage additives and silage production.

Q. How would you suggest producers use it?
KECK: Producers should reference the manual based on the crop and production cycle in which they’re interested. It provides concise and relevant year-round information on the five most important aspects of silage, including how to plant, grow, harvest, store and feed it.

Q. Which chapter/section do you think dairy producers will be most interested in reading this year?
KECK: The "Grow" section (on page 26) would be a good refresher for dairy producers as we get into the growing season. It is an overview of corn and alfalfa development stages, insects, diseases and management tips. Depending on the environmental conditions this year, producers may also be interested in the drought-stressed corn section (on page 45).

Q. Will there be something like an app to access on-the-go in the future?
KECK: We are working on an eBook version with additional features to allow easy, on-the-go access to the manual in the future.


Q. How can someone get a copy?
KECK: Producers, students, universities and extension staff can request a copy of the manual using our online order form: www.pioneer.com/silagezonemanual PD