The Center for Dairy Excellence is offering scholarships to help dairy producers take advantage of two dairy educational opportunities available in Pennsylvania – the AgBiz Masters Program and the Middle Managers Conference. The scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who register.

AgBiz Masters: $75 scholarships are offered to the first 25 dairy producers who register for Year 1 of the AgBiz Masters program. The reimbursement scholarship will be refunded to the AgBiz participants upon successful completion of the program in March 2012. AgBiz Masters is an interactive, educational learning series designed specifically for young and beginning dairy producers. The full registration cost for the two-year program is $225, and the registration deadline is Oct. 31.

The Middle Managers Conference: $50 scholarships are available to the first 20 producers who register for the Middle Managers Conference, hosted by the Penn State Dairy Extension Team on Nov. 8 at the Central Hotel and Conference Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The conference helps dairy middle managers develop practical skills that they can use to make their dairies better places to work and more successful businesses. The conference registration fee is $97 per person. PD


—From CDE BiWeekly Bulletin