GEA Farm Technologies introduces the new NCharge Hygiene Production System, a patented technology that combines automation and chemistry.

This unique system combines soft water from a dairy and a sodium chloride solution together with electrochemical activation to create an extremely active germicidal solution called NCharge Concentrate. The concentrate can then be diluted or blended with NCharge additives to create a wide range of dairy hygiene products.

The technology provides dairy producers with the ability to produce pre-dips, post-dips, footbath solution, premise cleaner, water treatment, backflush solution and clean-in-place products on-farm with the push of a button.

“The NCharge hygiene products have been put through rigorous testing, including university, National Mastitis Council (NMC) protocol and on-farm testing, to ensure their efficacy and microorganism killing power,” explains John Brooks, U.S. national sales manager for hygiene and supplies at GEA Farm Technologies.

With the system, dairies can reclaim storage space previously used for bulky totes or vertical storage silos. And, the non-iodine based teat dip formulas mean that dairies are less dependent on the price volatility found in the iodine market. Also, this system is the only on-farm production system that can create post-dips.


“The system allows for product to be mixed ahead of time, ensuring product is ready and available when needed 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” says Brooks. PD

—From GEA Farm Technologies news release