Electronically monitoring cows for heat detection can reduce labor, increase pregnancy rates, decrease days open and limit the need for hormone treatments. With the new CowScout system from GEA Farm Technologies, dairy producers can benefit from electronic activity monitors and receive more accurate breeding information, no matter where they are, via internet, smart phone or text messaging.

“CowScout allows today’s dairies to simply use an internet connection to access heat detection data for their herd,” said Steve Pretz, GEA Farm Technologies U.S. national sales manager for milking and cooling products.

“Data is shared utilizing cloud technology – making it accessible anytime, anywhere, and it is transmitted continuously, so dairy producers always have the latest information and they can make timely breeding decisions.”

When a cow or heifer is in heat, activity levels increase and the CowScout monitor sends a signal to a nearby wireless receiver.

The receiver notifies the internet-based herd database which animals are active. The CowScout database, in-turn, sends a message to a computer, a mobile device, or both – depending on pre-set preferences – alerting herd managers precisely when a cow reaches peak heat.


“CowScout offers dairy producers a simple, accurate and flexible heat detection program that fits any management style – and works with any brand of milking equipment or parlor configuration.

"It is also an excellent choice for heifer raising operations. Installation components are minimal and there is no complex software,” adds Pretz.

The CowScout activity monitoring system is fully-supported and installed by GEA Farm Technologies dealers carrying the WestfaliaSurge product line. PD

—From GEA Farm Technologies news release

Photo courtesy of GEA Farm Technologies.