ANIMAL HEALTH Semex’s Elevate program delivers female Immunity+ test

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A trait with no equal, the Immunity+ sire lineup was introduced five years ago. This award-winning genetic technology was developed by Bonnie Mallard at the University of Guelph, and now Semex is excited to offer a genomic test that ranks and selects cows based on their individual Immunity+ genomic test results through its Elevate testing program.

With this testing program, there’s no more guesswork as to which cows will better resist disease. Armed with both genomic information and these results, producers are able to make faster genetic progress toward a stronger, more disease-resistant herd, reducing losses and drug use.

Immunity+ heritability is 30 percent, similar to that of milk production. Semex is excited to be the only A.I. company to deliver uncompromised herd health gains that can be made by identifying both female immune response and utilizing these sires.

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UdderLife OptiShield teat sealantUdderLife OptiShield teat sealant

Genex introduces UdderLife OptiShield teat sealant, an off-white, antibiotic-free, sterile paste containing 65 percent subnitrate in a mineral oil base. Available in ready-to-use syringes, the product is administered in the teat canal at dry-off, after the last milking, to prevent new intramammary mastitis cases.

When administered, it settles in the lower portion of the streak canal, forming a physical barrier that mimics the cow’s own natural keratin plug. This barrier blocks new bacterial infections that cause mastitis. This teat sealant tube does not contain air, so the paste stays in the lower streak canal.

Additionally, this teat sealant requires only a partial insertion, which means less employee error of placing the tube too far inside the teat.

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Control flies with Cyanarax Control flies with Cyanarox Insecticidal Bait

Cyanarox Insecticidal Bait is the latest fly bait to join the Starbar lineup to help dairy operators control nuisance and disease-spreading house flies. This ready-to-use granular bait is both highly attractive and highly effective, able to control up to 95 flies with a single pellet.

The bait can be applied indoors in a bait station and outdoors in common areas where high fly densities are most apparent. Fly baits offer the most effective control when used in a rotation of products with different active ingredients, as well as different modes of action.

It features the active ingredient cyantraniliprole, making it ideal for use in a rotation with QuikStrike Fly Bait and Golden Malrin Fly Bait to form a formidable, three-pronged rotational approach to manage against resistance. The bait is available in a case of four 4-pound buckets or as a 28-pound bucket.

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RespoSan Breathe Easy provides calf respiratory relief

RespoSan Breathe Easy improves a calf’s respiratory function by expanding its lung capacity. This innovative product utilizes a combination of essential oils and herbal extracts (cinnamon, eucalyptus and peppermint) to help the calf breathe deeply.

Deep breathing is essential for defending against viral infections in a calf’s early life. A calf’s lungs reach full functionality after a year. Within its first year, every respiratory disease acquired by the calf results in a loss of functional lung tissue. This loss impacts the long-term health and economic performance of the animal. Currently, mortality rate for calves with untreated respiratory diseases is around 33 percent.

In addition to improving respiratory function, this product also contains vitamins and electrolytes, which provide a nutritious and quick energy source for calves during stressful periods.

It can be added to feed in powdered form, in milk or milk replacers.

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TechMix introduces Calf Renova and Calf PerkTechMix introduces Calf Renova and Calf Perk

TechMix recently added to its calf product portfolio by launching two new calf products helping you protect the future of your herd. Calf Renova, a natural scour recovery solution in an easy-to-use capsule, is designed to quickly address enteric health issues and support recovery. By helping to clean the gut and restore beneficial bacteria, it makes calf health a priority.

Calf Perk is an easy-to-use, immediate energy boost for newborn calves that naturally increases body temperature and respiration rates to perk them up and get them on their feet. It was formulated with the help of industry experts to be used in difficult calving situations.

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Find my Cow from CowManager

Find my Cow is the latest addition to the smart cow monitoring solutions from CowManager. This new feature comes with a user-friendly cow locator device, which fits in your pocket and enables you to find cows in the barn and outside on pasture.

It does not require additional beacons and calibrations and is backward-compatible to all CowManager operational systems. Searching for cows in heat, sick cows, cull cows and cows in wrong pens on dairies from 10 to 10,000 or more cows will now be an easy and fun task, and it will save time you can spend elsewhere.

The new locator can be used by a variety of employees, each with unique needs to find a cow or multiple cows quickly.

Website:  CowManager
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SenseHub from Allflex Livestock Intelligence SenseHub Young Stock Application for health monitoring

Allflex Livestock Intelligence launches its SenseHub Young Stock Application. This application provides advanced health monitoring of dairy calves up to 6 months old, enabling a producer to detect the onset of health issues very early, sometimes even before clinical signs appear.

Early detection of health events is essential for intervening while an issue is still minor, which helps preserve the calf’s growth curve, improve treatment decision-making and reduce mortality rate. A producer can streamline their management and operations in order to enhance the quality of the dairy herd and reduce treatment costs from the very beginning of their animals’ lives.

The Young Stock Application is available in eartags that can be applied to a calf after birth at the same time it receives identification tags.

Website: Allflex
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smaXtec health monitoringsmaXtec health monitoring, from the inside

smaXtec’s unique solution focuses on comprehensive health monitoring of dairy cows. The bolus, a sensor inside the cow’s rumen, measures and interprets multiple parameters continuously. Whenever there is need to take action, alerts are sent automatically via app or email.

This way, the farmer always knows the health status of his or her cows – even when no symptoms are yet visible.

The smart and self-learning analytic tools give farmers insights into individual cow and herd health. By identifying physiological changes immediately, smaXtec detects diseases long before the first clinical signs are visible. This enables farmers to react rapidly and improve both herd health and productivity.

As customer Konyn Dairy in Oregon says, “Shortly after introducing [it] on our farm, the number of cows in the hospital pen was reduced by 30 percent. Additionally, the somatic cell count has been significantly reduced.” In addition to health monitoring, smaXtec gives information about estrus and calving. Available at JMB North America.

Website:  smaxtec
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Agro Air Dynamics introduces Cyclone F4

Agro Air Dynamics introduces Cyclone F4

Agro Air Dynamics is excited to introduce the new and improved 72-inch Cyclone F4 recirculating fan. The new fan uses sheet-molding compound (SMC).

This creates a smooth inside and outside surface for better air flow and less dust buildup. Belts and tensioners have been eliminated. The new direct-drive motor means no more maintenance. Direct-drive motors are more efficient and will help save on electrical costs. Blades are available in aluminum or a virtually indestructible nylon. Direct-drive motors are now also available for the exhaust fans.

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Mini Flash 2.0

Mini Flash 2.0 milk pasteurizing system

The Mini Flash 2.0 is a pasteurizing system that consists of a raw milk storage tank, high-temperature, short-time (HTST) pasteurizer, flexible milk output for various calf feeding systems and a self-cleaning clean-in-place system. Its design will integrate flawlessly with a robotic milking system or traditional parlor.

The programmable logic controller touch screen allows the user to program what time to automatically pasteurize into their Milk Taxi or dispensing system. After pasteurization, it automatically washes the entire system, making sure it is clean every day, every cycle.

The pasteurizing cycle uses a revolutionary dual-plate system that both heats the milk to pasteurizing temperature, then returns it to 104ºF through its regeneration section, extracting heat from the outgoing milk and transferring it to the cold, incoming milk, thus making it 40 percent more efficient than other traditional batch or non-regeneration systems. This HTST system is the most efficient pasteurizing method on the market.

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Lely showcases Astronaut A5, Vector, Juno and Luna

Lely North America will be showcasing the new Astronaut A5 robotic milking system, the new Vector automatic feeding system, the new Juno feed pusher and new Luna cow brush at World Dairy Expo.

The Astronaut A5 milking robot features a user-friendly interface that frees up valuable time for producers. The latest technology has been applied to the robotic arm, which is now more durable and energy-efficient.

The Vector features improved feeding results. Boasting a better cutting and mixing result, cattle will have even less chance of sorting the feed because of it.

The new Juno feed pusher has even greater smart technology for maximum feeding efficiency, while the new Luna cow brush is driven by cow touch. Lely invites you to see how these new products can improve efficiency on your operation.

Website:  Lely
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New fan options available from Artex Barn Solutions

Artex Barn Solutions is proud to announce new direct-drive fan options on our large recirculation and exhaust fans. Built with fully enclosed IE4 PM motors and designed to run with variable frequency drives, these direct-drive fans are more efficient and lower maintenance than our quick-change belt options.

Direct-drive fan options are now available in 72-inch Storm Fans, 72-inch and the new 84-inch Breeze Fans, as well as our 60-inch, 72-inch and new 84-inch exhaust fans. Choose the standard aluminum blade or upgrade to nylon blades, which operate seamlessly at higher speeds and higher static pressure.

Website: Artex Barn Solutions
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Agromatic has new parlor pit flooringAgromatic announces new parlor pit flooring

Agromatic Inc. is proud to announce the release of Paseo, our new parlor pit flooring. It brings with it Kraiburg’s proven quality and durability standards. At 1.25 inches thick, it provides extra cushioning and added footing for parlor workers, which makes working long hours more comfortable.

Interlocking edges create a practically seamless finish and make clean up easy. Installation is quick, as no anchors are required.

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Hi-Gest alfalfa from Alforex Seeds

Alforex Seeds expands 2019 Hi-Gest alfalfa offerings with new AFX 460

To meet increasing demand for Hi-Gest technology, Alforex Seeds is introducing AFX 460 at World Dairy Expo. This patent-pending variety provides a new option that fits all U.S. dormant production areas. It is a companion product to Hi-Gest 360 and builds on the high yield, improved fiber digestibility and agronomic reputation that has made it popular among dairymen.

These varieties are conventional, developed through focused breeding for high yield and a 5 to 10 percent increased rate of fiber digestion, compared to other conventional varieties, which improves animal intake.

These varieties also increase the extent of fiber digestion by 5 to 10 percent (as measured by UNDF 240) and raise forage crude protein by 3 to 5 percent for higher-testing, higher-value hay, which can mean 2.5 more pounds of milk per cow per day when fed versus other conventional varieties.

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Redmond Minerals introduces SR65 Course

Redmond Minerals’ SR65 Course is a product for soil use made from a 2-to-1 ratio of Redmond volcanic ash clay conditioner and premium natural sea salt. Through customer feedback and research, we have determined the most effective application rate is 200 to 300 pounds per acre.

Compared to our SR65 Standard blend, this product has been designed to decrease dust by 75 percent and can now be broadcasted at a 50-foot-wide spread pattern.

The conditioner increases the soil’s ability to store and release water and nutrients as needed by microbes and plant roots. The natural sea salt gives energy to the soil microbes, increasing their activity level. Both ingredients contain over 60 naturally occurring macro-, secondary and trace minerals in nature’s perfect balance and proportion.

Benefits include enhanced forage flavor, feed quality, yield and milk production. Whether used to elevate current fertilizer programs or as a complete program, this product can be a solid foundation for any fertilizer program.

Website:  Redmond Agriculture
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1618pd wde o t farmsLinPRO-R Organic increases omega-3s in organic grass-fed milk

The opportunity to provide an all-natural omega-3 value alongside the grass-fed description for milk is now available with a land-based organic feed ingredient, linPRO-R Organic.

Years of omega-3 research, alongside our recently granted organic certification, will allow your dairy to increase omega-3 levels in milk, consistently and naturally. Coupled with this value-added omega-3 enrichment to the milk are operational benefits for your herd relative to immunity, conception and milk production.

This is a supplemental fat and protein source produced by O&T Farms, a proven leader in the omega-3 animal feed ingredient market. Our combination of flaxseed, with several other ingredients, produces a stable, free-flowing product easily added to grass-fed diets.

Organic grass-fed milk, containing approximately 150 percent more omega-3s than conventional milk, will continue to gain popularity with consumers. Omega-3s provide human health benefits such as lowering the risk of heart disease and improving brain and eye health.

Website:  O&T Farms
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Micronutrients USA and Kemin Industries introduce world’s first product containing six essential trace minerals

IntelliBond Vital 5 Cr is the first product containing six essential nutrients – zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt, iodine and chromium – for improved dairy cow health and performance. This product combines the technologies pioneered by two world-class U.S. manufacturers – IntelliBond trace minerals from Micronutrients USA and KemTrace Chromium from Kemin Industries.

These rumen-friendly trace minerals have low reactivity in the rumen, resulting in improved bioavailability of trace minerals and increased fiber digestibility.

KemTrace Chromium is a safe, proven trace mineral for use in swine, dairy, beef and broiler operations. This highly bioavailable, organic source of chromium helps improve glucose utilization for increased cellular energy and function. This results in better animal maintenance, reproduction, growth and immunity. It is fed to millions of animals around the world since its introduction in 2000, and is registered in more than 30 countries.

Website:  Micronutrients
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Energrow launches Grind-Pro SeriesEnergrow launches Grind-Pro Series

Energrow is introducing the all-new Grind-Pro Series: inline automated grinding systems for dry and wet grains. Unlike hammer or roller mills, it comes fully automated and will start under load. The systems take very little power and process various dry and wet grains (i.e., corn, soybeans, etc.) into a consistently coarse grind without adjustment.

It is turn-key and integrates easily into on-demand and continuous feeding systems like robots. This minimizes installation and electrical costs and requires little to no additional storage between grinding and end use.

Producers save on batch processing time and minimize bridging risk in the augers to get farm-fresh feed to robots. Dairies can cut their external feed costs significantly. Energrow will showcase this model as part of its soybean pressing system demonstration at World Dairy Expo.

Website:  energrow
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McLanahan introduces the latest in sand-manure separation technologyMcLanahan introduces the latest in sand-manure separation technology

High-performance sand separation doesn’t always mean high cost and large herd size. McLanahan has finally created a system to separate bedding sand and create a reusable bedding product in a more economical way.

The Modular SMS 12 system separates sand from manure and produces recycled sand for bedding and, at the same time, creates a manure slurry effluent that can be used in bio-digestion. Altogether, this allows farms to be more sustainable and reduce their environmental footprint.

The system uses proven sand separation and washing technology that is quick and easy to set up and install with minimal maintenance and long life.

Website:  McLanahan
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Moisture sensor for round balers from Harvest tecNew precision moisture sensor for round balers

Harvest Tec has introduced the H2O Precision Moisture Sensor specifically designed for variable- and fixed-chamber round balers. It is an efficient, cost-effective sensing system with accurate moisture readings for round baler operators in a system that reads moisture accurately in wet silage bales as well as dry hay.

The patented side-to-side technology reads crop moisture from 6 to 60 percent, higher than any round baler sensor on the market. Moisture is measured consistently across the full width of the bale by dual moisture-sensing discs mounted on the chamber walls for maximum accuracy.

The dual opposing sensors collect five readings per second through the outer 6 inches of the round bale for the highest accuracy and provides continuous display on an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet connected wirelessly via Bluetooth with the free H2O app from Harvest Tec.

Website:  Harvest Tec
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Kuhn unveils three new machines

Kuhn unveils three new machines

Kuhn North America Inc. is excited to introduce three new machines at the 2018 World Dairy Expo, all designed to help producers reach the next level of efficiency and productivity.

The Kuhn Knight VXL 100 Series Vertical Maxx triple-auger mixers are rugged, simple-to-operate machines designed for large dairies and can be equipped with the exclusive Kuhn IntelliMix advanced mixer control system.

The Kuhn Knight PXL 100 Series spreaders are high-capacity commercial spreaders designed for heavy-duty usage. The Kuhn FC R Series triple-disc mower conditioner combination allows operators to cut and condition up to 32 feet, 6 inches of crop in one pass.

Website:  Kuhn North America
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New internet marketplace for colored-breed embryos

AMS Genetics International LLC is excited to launch a new 24-7 webshop, AllBreedEmbryos, this fall. There is a growing demand for colored-breed embryos, and this company is uniquely qualified to assist North American breeders in actively merchandising their inventory while also coordinating worldwide delivery.

Exporting embryos since 1981 has made it the most experienced company in exporting bovine embryos of all breeds. Embryos in inventory? Contact us to amplify your current marketing program and drive potential buyers to your herd. You set the price, and we take care of the rest.

Interested in adding genetic value to your herd? Creating the next breed elite? Log on to the site to find a variety of genetics at a wide range of price points. We make buying easy … your next purchase is just a click away.

Website:  AMS Genetics International LLC 
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