IEC introduces new ag cover typeIndustrial and Environmental Concepts Inc. (IEC) is a designer and installer of agricultural cover systems. The company specializes in biogas collection, odor control and rainwater prevention covers, serving the dairy industry.

Its new flexible domed cover gives farmers another option; it can be used on tanks of all sizes and shapes. Affordability and equipment access are bonus features of the product’s design with an anticipated service life of 15 to 20 years.

All the company’s covers are custom-designed for local wind, rain and snowfall conditions. The tensioned cover can be easily removed if needed.

Beef Master systems from Clearspan Fabric Structures
Clearspan Fabric Structures offers a new truss-style Beef Master system to its line of fabric building solutions. The new systems come with a 4-foot feed shield that protects feedbunks, allowing livestock to feed in a controlled environment and remain sheltered from inclement weather conditions.

Covers are made from a white rip-stop polyethylene fabric that carries a 20-year warranty and allows in abundant natural light. The systems are available in 35 feet, 45 feet, 54 feet or 65 feet wide and at any length.


Miraco Livestock Waterers introduces large-capacity automatic waterer
Miraco Livestock Waterers has made headlines with the introduction of a new livestock automatic waterer to its existing range of BigSpring waterers with the new 6500.

“Today, more emphasis is being placed on operational efficiency,” says Mike Whitt, owner and president of Miraco Livestock Waterers. “To help meet this demand, we’ve introduced the 6500, a 130-gallon automatic waterer with the capacity to handle 175 head of dairy or 350 head of beef, making it the largest-capacity waterer in Miraco’s line-up.”

The 6500 is ideally suited for large dairy operations and livestock feedlots. Its major features are 2 to 3 inches of urethane foam insulation, a flat-back design for a flush fit with a wall or panel, no wrenches required to access the valve compartment, a rubber gasket for air-tight dome seal, three access panels, two large 3-inch drains, severe slope for quick draining and easier cleaning, and a five-year warranty.

Animat introduces Maxgrip rubber flooring
Animat recently introduced the new Maxgrip rubber flooring. It’s a high-quality rubber mat designed specifically to increase traction in difficult farm environments. The diamond-shaped surface has been tested and is sure to improve your cows’ confidence.

Accu-Steel offers  gable-shaped flat roof
Accu-Steel Inc. in Templeton, Iowa, has engineered a new gable-shape, flat-roof cattle shed for use with deep-pitted, open-slat cattle buildings.

The new profile is optimized for functionality and return on investment. The company’s cattle buildings are all designed with two 6-foot eaves and open-ridge ventilation to employ a chimney-effect, three-way airflow to ensure a healthier environment inside the building.

Both the HL-13 fabric cover and hot-dipped galvanized trusses resist corrosion and deterioration, ensuring a long life of service.

New holding area heat abatement system
A new automated holding area heat abatement system from CowKühlerZ is now available. Providing a comfortable environment in the holding area is no longer the responsibility of the milking crew.

Aggressive airflow, water misting and emergency cow showers are all hooked to one automated controller. The guesswork is gone, and the ideal holding area environment is provided – while saving energy.

heat abatement systemTwo new kinds of fans provide twice the airspeed of other fans, and the company’s misters add water when needed for the best cow comfort in the holding area.

The new holding area controller automates the system. It even turns on the lights and other electronics, set to your daily milking times.

Schaefer Ventilation re-launches the 24-inch mobile drum fan
Schaefer Ventilation Equipment is proud to announce the re-launch of the 24-inch Versa-Kool mobile drum fan with the same great features as the 36-inch and 42-inch models.

The 24-inch fan has a high-density polyethylene housing designed to resist dents and never rust. It has large rubber wheels mounted inside the fan profile, a 12-gauge galvanized steel base and stacking tabs for durability, easy transport and more efficient storage.

The company’s drum fans are built to last, be the best looking in the industry and move massive amounts of air at high velocities.

Agromatic introduces Cow-Welfare Flex Stall and Flex Feed
Agromatic is proud to announce the release of the Cow-Welfare Flex Stall and Flex Feed.

These stalls are designed for flexible comfort while providing just enough resistance to ensure proper lying position. Once installed, the cows enter the stall and lie down more quickly.

Average lying time increases by 1.5 hours per day, and milk production increases by approximately a half-gallon per day, according to the company. These stalls also work to control boss cows.

The new flexible feeding fence is designed to allow cows to eat in a more natural position. The design allows cows to lift their heads while chewing. With this greater freedom of movement, no rub marks or lesions form on the back of the neck. The vertical posts have 30 degrees of flex to extend the cow’s reach.  PD