The applicator gun allows cattle producers to more easily and accurately deworm their cattle against damaging internal parasites.

The durable gun is made of metal and holds up to tough conditions and the wear and tear of handling cattle. It also features a dial-a-dose system that gives producers the option to easily adjust dosage units for different cattle weights. The gun is made specifically for use with Synanthic.

Synanthic is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic effective for the removal and control of lungworms, roundworms and tapeworms in cattle. Synanthic is a low-dose product, requiring just 5 mL per 550 pounds of bodyweight. With the new dial-a-dose system, producers are able to quickly adjust between 3 and 15 mL, providing more accurate dosing and reduced product waste, with less processing time and stress.

WD-40 specialist

WD-40 Specialist debuts

Weak, ineffective products make farmers spend more time trying to get their jobs done. To help solve this problem, WD-40 Co. is introducing WD-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser, a powerful, easy-to-use non-aerosol designed to safely clean tools, equipment, machinery and more.

This product is safe for use on multiple surfaces – and it’s also EPA’s Safer Choice certified, meaning it’s safer for workers and the environment. For convenience, the new non-aerosol degreaser comes in five delivery systems, ranging from the 24-ounce spray bottle to the 55-gallon container.


Here are some potential product usages:

  • Cleaning any greasy farming tool or equipment, like wheels on a tractor.
  • Cleaning sensitive metals like aluminum, copper, chrome, etc.


VaxMate stores vaccines in summer or winter

Protect your herd and investment with the Pierce VaxMate. Manufactured by ranchers for ranchers and veterinarians, VaxMate keeps your vaccines between 35.6 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer or winter.

VaxMate will sound an alarm when the temperature is out of the set temperature boundaries. The manufacturer recommends setting it between 35.6 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

The container keeps your syringe cool, clean and out of the sun while loaded with vaccine or medicine. Syringes get very hot when left out in the sun.

Stainless steel instrument tray and stainless steel syringe holders are included. A drain plug can connect to a hose for washing hands. A sharps container is also available.

If VaxMate saves one cow or one calf by keeping your vaccines effective, it has more than paid for itself.

Jacky Bin

Jacky Bin 1000L hits markets

Improvements in technology and farming have made it possible to store feed for animals in an enclosed and movable containment bin. The 1000L Jacky Bin can provide additional support to this system by providing a method of portable storage for granular feed associated with farming and agriculture while protecting the contents from weather, unwanted pests and animals.

The specs:

  • Made of a food grade polymer with ultra smooth interior
  • A strong, galvanized steel frame providing years of use in harsh conditions
  • Large 35 cubic feet capacity can contain approximately 1,500 pounds
  • Stainless steel/poly discharge hatch mechanism that is at an angle for easy use and discharge no matter how full or empty the bin
  • Fully enclosed fork truck pockets
  • Translucent walls that make it easy to assess product level without removing the lid
  • Fully removable lid that is easy to slide, making the bin easy to fill and clean
  • Measures 4 feet wide, 4 feet deep and 5 feet 9 inches high

Accuration Hi-Fat Block product line

Purina announces Accuration Hi-Fat Block

Purina Animal Nutrition introduces Purina Accuration Hi-Fat Block, a self-fed, high-fat protein supplement for cattle consuming inadequate or low-quality forage. The supplement delivers 10 percent fat to provide additional energy and balance forage nutrient deficiencies.

It not only delivers a higher fat percentage, but it also contains intake-modifying technology to help improve forage management.

This new product expands the existing line of Accuration supplements, which are available in block, liquid and tub forms. The Hi-Fat Block is available in 200- and 500-pound blocks and 200-pound plastic tubs.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Cattleman staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Boehringer Ingelheim, WD-40 Co., Pierce Arrow Inc., Jacky Bins and Purina Animal Nutrition.