The molded-plastic feed tub rotates with the wind to protect minerals from the weather. The tub features two bins with a total feed capacity of 25 to 30 pounds.

The pasture horse feeder with hay rack is ideal for feeding horses in pastures or paddocks. It features a hay rack over a durable double-tub poly liner with a 10.5-inch pan depth, making this feeder a great option for feeding both hay and grain.

Priefert’s single-horse hay and grain feeder features a welded metal hay rack over a feed tub, making it ideal for feeding hay or grain. Convenient mounting brackets allow you to hang the feeder from up to 2-inch steel tubing or lumber, making it the perfect feeder for use in paddocks, pastures and more.

HandyVac syringe cool box


The HandyVac is the new way to conveniently administer vaccine while maintaining proper temperature. A hole in the bottom allows for the use of an automatic draw-off syringe. Two syringe holders keep syringes protected between shots and frees up your hands. There is plenty of room for ice packs and extra vaccine inside.

There is a sharps container included for used needles and an extra pocket for new needles. The HandyVac is also very versatile. You can hang it over your shoulder, around your neck, on the chute or on the fence.


Norbrook launches Eprizero Pour-on

Norbrook Eprizero

Eprizero (eprinomectin) provides broad-spectrum protection against internal and external parasites in a convenient and cost-effective pour-on formulation. Eprizero Pour-on contains eprinomectin – a proven macrocyclic lactone parasiticide that has been used extensively in dairy and beef cattle.

In addition to killing 39 species and stages of internal and external parasites, Eprizero contains a weatherproof formulation that works in rain, cold or heat and is safe for any-age animals including pregnant cows, calves and bulls.

Eprizero Pour-on is available in convenient 1-liter, 2.5-liter, 5-liter and 20-liter sizes for economical per-dose application. For more information about Eprizero Pour-on, please contact your veterinarian or veterinary products distributor or visit online (Norbrook).

Barenbrug USA introduces PastureRX

Barenbrug Pasturerx

Barenbrug USA is introducing its newest product, PastureRX, which features Yellow Jacket seed coating technology. PastureRX is made for use on hobby farms because of the ultra-absorbent technology that can hold up to 600 times its own weight, making it ideal for drought tolerance, establishing good growth and overall longevity of pastures.

The balanced mixture of non-GMO grass and legumes is easy to plant and can be grazed as soon as the plants have taken root firmly. These modern varieties were developed through standard breeding and selection practices to establish quickly and produce palatable, high-quality pasture that will compete with undesirable species when managed properly.

Studies from accredited research universities demonstrate Yellow Jacket seed coating provides a layer of stability that increases initial growth by up to 14 percent, retains protective fungicide sprays longer and allows seeds to establish good growth. To learn more about how PastureRX can help you to healthier pastures, visit online (Pasturerx).

Cardinal’s Armor Portable Truck Scales with digital SmartCells

Armor portable truck scale

Cardinal Scale’s Armor Portable Digital Truck Scales can be moved to multiple locations for changing job sites. Their modular design with expandable bulkheads allows you to vary platform sizes depending on weighing needs.

The Armor Portable features waterproof digital SmartCell load cells, capacities up to 135 tons, heavyweight 50-ton concentrated load capacity, top-side access to all electronics and NTEP and Measurement Canada approval.

The Armor Portable Truck Scales feature an extremely low 18-inch profile, and the versatile design allows for easy setup for changing environments. The scale may be set on compacted ground surfaces or concrete piers.

The floating center module makes it easy to add or remove sections to fit application requirements, and the clearance gap below the lower frame allows for easy washout cleaning. Each unit is 100 percent assembled, pre-calibrated and tested before shipping and arrives ready for a quick, easy installation. For more information, go to the website (Cardinal Scale).

Berlon introduces its new Mini Forestry Claw skid steer attachment

Berlon mini forestry claw

The Mini Forestry Claw’s strength and durability allows you to load, unload and transport large logs and debris up to 2,000 pounds. It features high-visibility orange claws that allow you to see where the user is grabbing in brush or limb piles.

The claw features a 60-inch opening and is fully articulated, granting free movement without having to move the machine. The claw is designed with extra reinforcements in critical areas to prevent bending and breaking without adding additional weight.

Berlon’s design comes complete with aggressive teeth; you can find the teeth plates connected to the mounting plate. This helps stabilize and secure logs when transporting them straight out in front of the machine. A built-in tree pusher helps to assist in felling a limb along with two rope bollards to assist in directing limbs.

For the operator’s convenience, Berlon also included with the Mini Forestry Claw a saw scabbard to easily transport your saws with you when moving around the job site. Berlon’s Mini Forestry Claw comes standard with the mini-universal mount. Other mounts are also available, including Vermeer, Toro, Bobcat, Giant, Ditch Witch and Boxer.

IMI Global and IGS partner to offer Feeder Profit Calculator to producers

(not pictured)

IMI Global division has established an exclusive partnership with International Genetic Solutions (IGS) to offer the IGS Feeder Profit Calculator within its suite of verification services for beef producers.

The IGS Feeder Profit Calculator utilizes the largest and most comprehensive set of management and genetic data available in the beef industry to calculate the relative value of feeder calves in a one-of-a-kind, breed agnostic, independent manner. The evaluation and resulting value is based on both management and genetic criteria.

The relative value, as indicated on a formal certificate, enables producers to benchmark their work to continuously improve management and genetic decisions in their herds. For buyers of the cattle, it provides insight into projected feedlot and carcass trait performance and overall profit potential. Learn more about the Feeder Profit Calculator online (International Genetic Solutions).

Neogen and SGBI introduce Igenity Santa Gertrudis

(not pictured)

Commercial cattle producers using Santa Gertrudis genetics have a new DNA test to help them select their best replacement heifers with the launch of Igenity Santa Gertrudis, developed by Santa Gertrudis Breeders International (SGBI) and Neogen.

The Igenity Santa Gertrudis profile will help producers select replacement heifers that will be good mother cows and produce calves that perform well and have enhanced carcass-quality traits. The test will cost $25 and will be sold only through SGBI. DNA sample types used include Allflex Tissue Sampling Units, which are preferred for fast, clean and easy use at chuteside.

Hair follicle and blood cards also are accepted. Ordering information will be available on the SGBI website.