Entries were judged on creativity, topic choice, content accuracy and how beef was positioned.

The grand prize winner is Jason Girouard, son of Rebecca and David Girouard of Brimfield, Massachusetts. The Tantasqua Regional High School student receives a $750 cash prize and a trip to an annual Cattle Industry Convention.

When asked why he entered the contest he said, “This contest really stuck out to me because beef has been a huge part of my life.

"I've been really active lately with track and swimming at my school, and like I said in my video, eating right has been essential in my daily routine. In order to do everything I do, I need to eat right!

"There's nothing like the natural proteins in beef, and the other vitamins that it has. It keeps me in the best shape I can be! Basically, I run on beef. When I saw this contest, I just had to enter it.

"I don't want anyone thinking that beef is bad for you at all, because it's not. It's great for you and more people should eat it and know all the benefits that it has, and that's basically the message that I tried to make with my video.” 

Click here to view Jason’s video.

Second prize went to Sierra Shea Angell, daughter of Russ and Sally Thomas of Centralia, Missouri. 


The University of Missouri student receives $250 for her efforts to showcase the power of protein in her short video. Sierra has posted the video to her personal Facebook page and website and has received multiple likes, comments and shares.

Click here to watch Sierra's video.

Third prize was awarded to Parker Wade Crouse, son of Marion and Patricia Crouse of Woody, California. The Valley Oaks Charter High School student receives $100 for his video, which focused on the power of cattle as recyclers and firefighters. 

Click here to watch Parker’s video.

He shared, “This topic is very personal to me. I raise cattle, it is our livelihood. I don’t like it when people do not know the whole story. I love beef; I promote it everywhere that I can.”  end_mark

—From Beef Checkoff news release