Installing a UTV crossing guard can make checking cattle both safer and more convenient by offering human access across fencelines while keeping cattle where they belong without the hassle of gates.

The crossings are made of high-quality steel tubing and are originally designed to be 6 feet wide with a platform reaching about 2 feet off the ground and 4-foot-high posts on either side that will connect with the fence. These UTV crossings can also be custom-made to fit your operation. Contact Jon Smikle at (605) 830-6836 or email for more information.

Lock Jawz T-360 electric fence insulator

Lock Jawz introduces T-360 electric fence insulator

The Lock Jawz, T-360 is specifically designed for use with all 1.25- and 1.33-pound standard T-posts and smaller economy steel posts. Its 360-degree mounting options and ability to make tight 180-degree turns helps it function as well in-line as it does as a corner insulator. The T-360 insulator snaps in place around the post, so no tools are needed for either installation or removal.

The insulators fit aluminum steel wire, poly wire, ¼-inch poly braid rope and mini- and dual-strand barbed wire. Proudly made in the U.S. and “designed by farmers for farmers.” Insulators come in black, white and orange, and can be purchased in 25-count bags or in bulk. Ten percent off your first purchase before Sept. 17. Use promo code Progressive10. Visit Lock Jawz for more information.

AyrMesh WiFi

AyrMesh WiFi

The new AyrMesh Hub2x2 is an outdoor, high-power meshing WiFi access point. The new Hub2x2 is designed to deliver high-speed outdoor WiFi across large outdoor areas. Using MIMO, the Hub2x2 can provide broadband-class WiFi to hundreds or even thousands of acres of property.


The new hub has high output power, ensuring good internet access near the pool, in gardens or at horse stables and chicken coops. The Hubs can also be used to improve overall security through the use of IP cameras and other networked security devices.

Finally, the new Hub2x2 is fully compatible with the rest of Ayrstone’s product line, so it can serve as a perfect central “gateway” for an AyrMesh Hub network across thousands of acres to assist in production agriculture. All Ayrstone products are designed to be simple enough for any rural homeowner or businessperson to install – no networking experience is needed.

Merck Whisper stethoscope system

Merck launches Whisper Stethoscope System

The Whisper Veterinary Stethoscope System is the only tool specifically designed to detect lung health status for improved bovine respiratory disease (BRD) confirmation.

In eight seconds, Whisper provides users with a lung severity scale of 1 to 5, allowing veterinarians to confirm the BRD diagnosis and determine a more accurate treatment plan based on the disease severity of the lungs.

How it works: Whisper is placed on the animal’s right side (approximately 2 inches back and slightly up from the front elbow) for eight seconds. The electronic stethoscope wirelessly transmits the animal’s lung sound to a computer.

The software assesses the recording and provides a score – ranging from 1 to 5 – that reflects a sliding scale of disease severity. A lung score of 1 indicates no signs of lung tissue damage, while a lung score of 5 indicates permanent lung tissue damage.

A1 Mist sprayers presents the Cobra

A1 Mist Sprayers presents the Cobra

The Cobra – the sixth edition to the A1 Mist Sprayer lineup, has been engineered to be the best. “We have combined the best features of our other units to create a one-of-a-kind sprayer,” says Steve Nelson, A1 general manager.

The Cobra comes standard with a 40-gallon tank, 11-horsepower electric-start GX Series Honda engine and side-mounted safety control center, including a backflush system that allows a switch from herbicides to insecticides or just the changing of chemicals.

This unit is capable of a 60-foot vertical and 90-foot horizontal throw with a 270-degree fan rotation, the most of any A1 Mist Sprayer. The Cobra should fit in the back of most UTVs with the tailgate up, making this the perfect sprayer for all applications.

Double H Products - Oz Autogate

Double H Products releases the Oz Autogate

The Oz Autogate, originally launched in Australia, is now available in the U.S. after a 25-year wait. This product is safer for livestock than using standard cattle guards, requires absolutely no power to work and makes it possible for drivers to stay in their car when entering or exiting the property.

The Oz Autogate is simple to use. There is a ramp on each side, and the vehicle simply drives the front wheel on the ramp, which causes the gate to rise. Once the gate is fully raised, the car can drive through, and then it will immediately begin closing once the car passes. Within 15 seconds after the car passes through, the gate will be fully closed.

The gates were built to last in the tough Australian outback using high-quality steel with a galvanized finish, giving them a reputation of durability. Anyone in the U.S. or Canada can now go to the Double H Products website ( and purchase the Oz Autogate and have it shipped to the destination of their choice.

IGS releases multibreed genetic evaluation powered by BOLT

(not pictured)

The IGS multibreed genetic evaluation powered by BOLT provides more predictive expected progeny differences (EPDs), better use of genomics and more accurate accuracy reported with EPDs, all with weekly evaluations. BOLT is the most revolutionary and powerful genetic evaluation system in existence.

Its power allows IGS to leverage genetic evaluation methodology once thought to be untenable on large databases – methodology that significantly improves genetic prediction.

With the switch to the BOLT software, IGS will use single-step genomic evaluation on all EPDs. Single-step uses DNA markers, pedigree information and phenotypic data simultaneously in the prediction of EPDs. The single-step method squeezes more information from the DNA markers than the previous approach allowed.

Additionally, with single-step, the genomic information will not only enhance each EPD for the genotyped animals but also will be used in the EPD estimates of relatives.

By employing unique computing strategies that leverage both software and hardware efficiencies, BOLT performs what was previously unthinkable: utilizing a sampling methodology to calculate what is essentially true accuracy. Unlike approximated accuracies, BOLT-derived accuracies will result in predicted movements associated with possible change, holding true over time.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Cattleman staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of  Jon Smikle, Lock Jawz, Ayrstone Productivity, Merck Animal Health, A1 Mist Sprayers and Double H Products.