It is approved for the control of pain associated with foot rot and fever associated with bovine respiratory disease. Applied as a pour-on, Banamine Transdermal is easy to administer for pain and fever management. It is the first and only nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory (NSAID) cattle product available as a pour-on.

The pour-on application eliminates the time-consuming and stressful treatment process associated with intravenous administration, which is the administration route of previous NSAIDs.

The pour-on is a prescription product that meets the best management practices outlined in the industry’s Beef Quality Assurance program. The pour-on application eliminates injection site lesions within the carcass at marketing and reduces risk of residues, resulting in a higher-value end product.

The pre-calibrated packaging and red-colored solution help ensure the correct dose is given every time. The unique bottle design makes it simple to apply topically on dry skin in a narrow strip down the animal’s midline from the withers to the tail head.

Y-Tag tagger

Y-TEX Corp. introduces new Y-Tags one-piece ear tagging system

Y-TEX Corp. has launched its Y-Tags one-piece ear tagging system for beef and dairy cattle. Molded from advanced thermo polyurethane and acetyl nylon, Y-Tags are made to withstand extremes in heat and cold, as well as ultra-violet light, moisture and mold.


The PureLaser permanent imprinting feature creates a deep, clear laser imprint that is guaranteed to last for the life of the animal.

Another notable feature is the Surgi-Tip self-piercing tag tip. “Its unique four-sided design delivers a precise incision for less tissue damage, faster healing and improved retention,” says Stu Marsh, vice president of sales and marketing for Y-TEX. “Research shows that a clean incision and faster healing are two keys to better ear tag retention.”

The one-piece applicator is ergonomically friendly and combines with the Surgi-Tip to make tagging easier and more efficient for operators at the cow-calf and the feedlot level. The cow and calf tags come in packages of 25 and 100. Feedlot tags come in 1,000-count cartons.

TuffBoxx Grizzly

New Grizzly TuffBoxx provides lockable, animal-proof storage

The TuffBoxx Grizzly lockable, animal-resistant secure storage container is ideal for secure storage of feed and supplements, tack and assorted farm items. Constructed of galvanized steel for strength and rust resistance, the lockable lid ensures security in all environments. Textured powder coat paint provides aesthetics and durability. At 51 inches wide, 27 inches deep and 33 inches high, there is ample space for feed sacks, supplements, veterinary supplies, seasonal materials and supplies, firewood and more.

With a capacity for six bags of garbage, the Grizzly is suitable for curbside collection or for intermediate storage until garbage can be taken to a municipal waste management center.

Each design undergoes rigorous testing, including with grizzly and polar bears.  The base model will also keep smaller critters such as raccoons, squirrels and rats out, and will provide resistance to small black bears.

The containers are made in a ready-to-assemble design, and can be shipped unassembled in boxes or assembled on a pallet. All TuffBoxx products are manufactured in Princeton, Ontario, and available factory-direct or through distributors and dealers throughout North America.

American Akaushi Association introduces new breeding program

The American Akaushi Association in February announced the creation and implementation of their new stabilized hybrid composite breeding program, “GridMax.”

GridMax combines the strengths of other breed genetics with the American Akaushi.  The results produced are registered hybrid seed stock in the American Akaushi Association Infinity Hybrid Registry, complete with Akaushi DNA parent verification, pedigrees and EPDs. This enhanced registry for GridMax hybrids expands the range of crossbreeding solutions and genetic options that can now be offered to commercial cattlemen.

“Sellers have to be confident with the consistency of quality grade and yield grade on every animal sold from their herd when marketing on the grid,” said Bubba Bain, executive director of the American Akaushi Association. “Akaushi genetics already provide sellers proven recorded data clearly demonstrating that producing more prime is more profit. Our new GridMax program will offer everyone from producers to packers the opportunity to maximize those profits.”

Bain said, “We have clearly designed GridMax to assist a commercial producer to better utilize full-blood, purebred and percentage Akaushi genetics to take complete advantage of the carcass grid pricing system available today and in the future.”

Quatro Ranchero boot

Introducing the Quatro Ranchero: The horseback-friendly chore boot

For those who despise the rush to change boots when chores are done and it’s time to be back in the saddle, you may have met your match. The Quatro Ranchero is the new waterproof rubber chore boot the horse world has been waiting for.

Featuring the Quatro Comfort Footbed and a stirrup-friendly “Heel to Toe No Snag Safety Rail” outsole, this boot allows riders to do chores and ground work all day with the ability to jump in the saddle and ride safely without having to change boots.

Complete with a spur ledge built to support traditional and slip-on spurs, and a side gusset for larger calves or tucking in your coveralls, it's the perfect boot for the horse enthusiast. Sizes available fit men's 4-14 and women's 5-15.

Visit the Bag Man LLC website for more information.

GLA M900 thermometer

Introducing the M900 digital animal health thermometer

GLA Agricultural Electronics introduced the all-new M900 digital thermometer. The M900 thermometer features a completely new design and technology for GLA.

New features include a large, backlit LCD screen, an option for Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature mode, temperature accuracy to within 0.1 degrees and a temperature reading within eight to 15 seconds.

Other features include extended battery life with the use of a rechargeable lithium ion battery (five to seven days charge) and easy-to-see battery levels on the screen. It also records and saves temperatures as needed.

The M900 is smaller and lighter than previous models and includes a USB port charger, and a leather carry case is available as well.

The new model also features anodized aluminum construction and interchangeable probes.

Cat INV2000

Caterpillar introduces its first inverter generator

Caterpillar is expanding its Home and Outdoor Power product line to include its first-ever portable inverter generator. The Cat INV2000 includes consumer usability features like an easy start switch, along with professional performance and safety features (OSHA compliant GFCI), making it a versatile generator for both contractor and recreation use. Caterpillar will also offer a parallel kit, enabling users to connect two INV2000 units together, to double power output.

Along with two GFCI 120V 20A outlets, this generator has two built-in USB ports for charging sensitive electronics such as phones, tablets and Bluetooth speakers. The unit also features a 12V battery-charging outlet, along with a cable, for easy charging of automotive-style batteries.

The new generator adjusts the power output to automatically control fuel consumption and noise based on load, giving users six hours of continuous run time on one tank of fuel at 50 percent load.  end mark

—Compiled by Progressive Cattleman staff

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Merck Animal Health, Y-TEX Corp., TuffBoxx, Bag Man LLC, GLA Agricultural Electronics and Caterpillar.