How did you get started sharing your farming journey on social media?

Mcbride matti
Editor / Progressive Dairy

Ribeiro: Honestly, it was one of those, “Huh, I guess I’ll try this” kind of things. I did not set out to grow a following; I did not set out to make viral videos. My goal and intention on starting a page was to share my everyday life as a dad, a husband and a dairyman. My pages serve to humanize the dairy farmer, showing that we are not faceless. The fact that I can be a voice for the dairy industry and help set the record straight is definitely a plus, but if I can make you laugh or smile while doing it, then I know I’m doing it right.

How did you build such a strong following on your Facebook/Instagram page?

Ribeiro: My following really started to grow as I got comfortable sharing me. I didn’t know how people were going to respond to a goofy, sarcastic, sometimes dirty-minded farmer, but it seems just being myself just kind of works.

Social video

On which social media platform are you most active?


Ribeiro: I do a lot of crossplatform sharing; however, there are a few videos on TikTok that you will not find on Facebook and Instagram.

Can you share an example of a rewarding experience you’ve had using social media to communicate about your life on the dairy farm?

Ribeiro: The most rewarding thing I see is the smiles. I love to hear that people are happy. I love knowing that I have helped someone who was not having a great day, and I love seeing people surprised as they relate to the same things that I am going through and finding humor in it in their own lives now. It is amazingly rewarding also to connect with other people from across the world and build relationships with those that I would never have had the chance to meet otherwise. end mark

Facebook +21,400
Instagram +2280
Tik Tok +48,500