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Editor / Progressive Dairy

Each February, agriculture producers around the U.S. gather in Tulare, California, for the World Ag Expo (WAE) to learn from one another and about the latest and greatest technologies in each respective industry. This year, several new dairy products will be at the show and soon available for purchase. Get a sneak peek of these products here.

PortaReader – PortaCheck

It just got easier to integrate accurate, affordable subclinical mastitis screening into your herd management program. Introducing the PortaReader by PortaCheck.

  • Clear, quantitative results for subclinical mastitis screening
  • Integrates with PortaSCC mastitis tests to accurately detect subclinical mastitis
  • Conveniently perform milk tests cowside in the milking parlor
  • Easy-to-use interface displays clear, quantitative results
  • Increase milk production and premiums while reducing treatment costs
56702-mcbride-wae-products-3.jpgPortaReader by PortaCheck to be offered in 2023. Photo courtesy of PortaCheck.

High somatic cell counts (SCCs) shrink your dairy profits. Early mastitis detection may reduce the time bacteria is shed in the bulk tank and allows for rapid intervention, which is good for your bottom line.

Increase your milk production and profit: With the PortaReader from PortaCheck, the health of the herd is in your hands.

Ask for the PortaReader at your local farm supply store or visit their website to find a distributor near you.


TurboSpray 2.0 – Automated Dairy

56702-mcbride-wae-products-2.jpgAutomated Dairy to release TurboSpray 2.0 this year. Photo courtesy of Automated Dairy.

Automated Dairy’s TurboSpray is an automatic walkover teat sprayer that has been specifically engineered to ease the pre- and post-spray application process. It is powered by an industry-leading central programmable logic controller (PLC), DairyLink, which takes full control of your barn and its automation.

New features for TurboSpray 2.0 will be released early 2023. The system utilizes a unique design of air-to-chemical blend to apply an even coating of dip on cows as they enter and/or exit the milking parlor. A sophisticated set of sensors track each individual cow, and angled nozzles in the pod dispense chemical, ensuring all four teats are covered.

TurboSpray applies an even coating of dip on cows as they enter and/or exit the milking parlor. This system was the first to use a blend of air and chemical to apply the dip on cows, ensuring every cow gets the protection it needs with a minimal loss of product.

Visit their website for more information.

DairyLink – Automated Dairy

56702-mcbride-wae-products-1.jpgAutomated Dairy to release a new app in conjunction with DairyLink. Photo courtesy of Automated Dairy.

DairyLink from Automated Dairy is designed to enable producers to have greater insight into and control of their on-farm operation utilizing cutting-edge automation technology. The system can be as simple or as complex as desired. DairyLink is infinitely expandable to meet the needs of dairies today and into the future. Rather than having numerous stand-alone systems to maintain and monitor, DairyLink is designed to serve as a single point of control for your operation. Dairylink’s new app will be unveiled during WAE 2023.

This product gives dairy producers insight into their operations without having to step foot on the property. DairyLink will notify you when a system is down, which benefits dairy producers and the dealers who install the systems. Some of the notifications you will receive are hot milk, barn not milking, barn in wash mode, silos full and various other notifications to help run a dairy operation as smoothly as possible. It will notify milk haulers when silos/tanks are full and ready for pickup, and it makes the pickup process easier with a touchscreen interface.